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Sreenidhi S K

Many trainers struggle with their training not knowing what goes into designing a quality program. A top trainer understands that he / she is not just a courier boy. Since a top trainer knows the design process, he/she takes additional interest at the preparation phase itself. That’s how his / her ability to deliver a highly effective training becomes relatively easy.

The trainer, who learns to design the training, surely has an advantage to deliver better. The good design is the foundation of any good program but many trainers are not fully equipped in the art and science of training design. The design phase needs to be integrated with the development phase. The trainers learn to work from training goals and objectives to design a training methodology that can be implemented effectively to meet the learning goals and program expectations.

The design phase also includes identifying key learning objectives that helps in reaching the learning goals. So what goes into course content, lessons and the sequence of lessons, the flow, design of activities to suit different audience groups becomes highly relevant. The right approach to run the pilot program during the development and testing phase, to ensure the content is able to meet with program objectives. Design phase includes identifying evaluation criteria to evaluate if course content is understandable by learners.

The more complex the training, the more the effort needed during the design phase of preparation. The design pays particular attention to different learning styles, personality traits, multiple intelligence, communication patterns, leadership attributes and more.

You cannot go to war without adequate preparation likewise the design is the preparatory phase of the training delivery. Learn to prepare for your training by learning to design effectively and efficiently.

You now have an easy opportunity to gain an international certification in training design from the widely known industry experts. If you wish to progress to be a top trainer simply take the first steps by sending mail to for more details. This much sought after program is scheduled between 17 – 21 Dec 2010 at Bangalore. Get the best, become the best.

Oscar Murphy International - Help Empower Life Potential

From India, Bangalore
Sreenidhi S K

Behavioural Training Design …..the “ADDIE”(tude) Way!

(Certification awarded in Designing, Developing, Implementing and Evaluation)

Train for the Present, Educate for the Future, Develop to Lead!

Training today, has emerged as both an art and a science enhanced by new and exciting tools and technology. As people move through life, new information and skills are imprinted in the brain by linking what is being learned. The five stages of the ADDIE model encompasses the entire training development process; from the time someone first asks, "What do people need to learn?" all the way to the point where someone actually measures, "Did performance actually improve?"

What is your next step???

As a learner, what type of training makes you motivated to learn? Is the content relevant to you? Does the learning environment include practical activities and humour? Are they tailored towards your learning style?

Who should attend?

Professionals who want to apply a proven blended learning approach and optimize the effectiveness of their training programs. Trainers and personnel who are in charge of training & development and those who are required to design and develop training materials and conduct training programs.

You could also nominate key people from your organisation for this comprehensive training intervention which is highly interactive and experiential.

OMI’s Approach

Behavioral Training Facilitation is about HELP - To Help Empower Life Potential where both Awareness (knowledge) and Implementation (actions) needs are addressed through Learning and Unlearning modules and “Inside-out Behavioral Training”. Behavior is a symptom driven by glue-like mindsets, die-hard habits & concrete wall like attitudes. These behavioural aspects are difficult to address by routine training methods. Our approach of inside-out Behavioural Training is aimed to bring about long-lasting improvements in performance by inspiring a change from within the individual.

This is unlike the routine “Outside-in Training”; an outmoded approach that operates outside the individual’s environment of needs, goals, resources, and expectations, and presumes to know what the individual needs to know, and how it can best be learned. “Inside-out Training” starts “inside” the individuals measuring their strengths & needs, using powerful self assessment tools and psychometric tests.

Workshop Details:

Programme Venue: Bangalore

Date: 17th to 21st December 2010

Investment: Rs. 11,700/- excluding service tax of 10.3%

For More Details Contact:

Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt. Ltd.

Tel: +91-80-41718771/72

Cell: + 91 99019 83544


From India, Bangalore

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