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Thread Started by #rashmi77

Hi All,
I am working in a small IT company where 70% of the employees are at client side, either they are located permanantely or they are moving according to need arise or sometimes 2 to 3 days in a week, it is very difficult to track the timings and the leaves of the employees for the HR department , Management has asked me for some great idea for this so we can track this.
Please if anyone can advise me ??????
16th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hello Rashmi, I am also having the same issue with me. When searching the forum to post the issue i found your post. Good that someone else also having the same issue
16th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Provide some attendance and time sheet formats to all your clients, which is to be signed (with time) by your employees whenever they visit the place. Prepare with entire info such as date, time-in, time-out, purpose, reported to, work alloted by, etc.. etc whatever info you require and should make it mandatory with the clients, requesting for daily report update..
This might work... All the best..
16th September 2010 From India, Vijayawada
Hi, Its a great solution.. and it will work for it. But what about sales guys? both in IT an non IT. its very difficult to track their attendance. any ideas?? regds Dhannya
16th September 2010 From India, Alappuzha
Dear dhannyawilson,
For sales people also u can keep In call time..
An employee has to reach on field at given time.... And report to the concern person.
If they will not report then mark as Absent.. or late then as half day leave.
This may help...
All d best.
16th September 2010 From India, Ahmadabad
At the same time ask the report manager to approve our candidate timesheet. It will be an added advantage to track the employees.
16th September 2010 From India, Madras
Hi, You can give every employee an ID card with GSM facility, with which we can access the area they are in a particular date and time. Regards R.Vivek
16th September 2010 From India, Madras
Hey 1st decide weather you want the sales guys to come on time or do you want bussiness. Be clear before you make a policy.
16th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear all,
Please chek on nokia tej.
Hope it will solve your prob.
I'm on dry run with them in our org.but they need only nokia handset.
We are using it for diff purpose to suit our domain.
Pls do look on nokia tej.
16th September 2010 From United Kingdom, Preston
Hello, Please provided me some of the GSM I card supplier, also if possible explain how it works. Best Regards
16th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
In IT Field whenever the employee enters the client area and rectify their complaint you can ask them to call you and pass on the pone to the client and you can ask them about the service offered by the employee and ask them if they are satisfied with their service and also ask them to sign the manuel sheet asking about the service and their suggestions.
16th September 2010 From India, Kochi
well since ur IT companies having a modern approach to ur problem will be a best suited solution to ur needs........u can try out ID cards with GPRS in-built in it ........such devices are available in Mumbai...........u will jus need to expend cost in GPRS enabled SIM cards & monthly cost of around Rs. 150/ card.......if u need more info abt this do let me knw...m using the same technique devices for tracking my fleet of vehicles........
16th September 2010 From India, Nasik
Hello All,
RFID TAG is well known in developed countries and is also gaining popularity in India. This tag can be used to locate people/place movement via GPS. There is one company in Gujrat which is currently commerical on this project. I do not remember the name, if I do, I will surely mention it.
RFID will be the future for Logistics,Taxi tracking and adding to the list people tracking ( Big Brother is comming soon) :-)
16th September 2010 From India, Gurgaon
Implementation of a well organized Attendance Management SYSTEM can obviously help you to get rid of this kind of problems. I adopted such a SYSTEM (developed on the basis of organizational effectiveness) 3 years ago in my organization and still getting some very good results. I would like to share few bullet points of that system:

1. We use a Biometric Time Attendance device which is accompanied by a user-friendly attendance management software.

2. The employees who have to work mostly outside office and hence fail to record attendance in biometric device, have to fill up a form (format attached for your convenience). In this case a manual input of IN/OUT time is required.

3. Each team leader maintains a log book for the individuals working under him. Though it has some other implication, it also contains the allocation of time consumed by an individual in various projects in a working day.

4. There is a confidential tracking system to handle some special cases. As a corporate client we availed this service from our cell phone operator.

5. Provision of financial Award and Penalty for outstanding and problematic attendance respectively.

6. We have some flexibility at the managerial level and above. We call it 'FREEDOM THROUGH RESPONSIBILITY'. Their job has been designed in such a way that they are inspired (or compelled) to give their best. They might not face instant penalty but will obviously get some negative marking in Performance Evaluation System at the end of the year.

There are few more things. But the most important thing is that you have find out:

Which are the most effective for your organization and at the same time acceptable to the employees as well.

Please feel free to contact me for further clarification.

Kind regards,

R.K. Rada
17th September 2010 From Indonesia, Jakarta

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I would suggest you introduce a time sheet system in your organization for everyone. This time sheet can be sent on a weekly or fortnight or monthly based on your needs. This would help you to track their work as well as leaves. In general most of the IT companies follow this system. The time sheet of a particular employee should be authorised by the respective supervisor or manager so you need not cross check any more details.
17th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Dear,
U should to maintain a out door duty register in ur office and it duly signed by H.O.D and authorized Person in which when he will back then confirm by timing and sign. When he would move from home for duty then he will inform his H.O.D and HR Department Also.
I am working in a small IT company where 70% of the employees are at client side, either they are located permanantely or they are moving according to need arise or sometimes 2 to 3 days in a week, it is very difficult to track the timings and the leaves of the employees for the HR department , Management has asked me for some great idea for this so we can track this.
Please if anyone can advise me ??????[/QUOTE]
17th September 2010 From India, Delhi
I have been using the timesheets for all onsite employees i.e, weekly timesheet report but it is not feasible to track all of them on daily basis, since all of them resist to submit on daily basis. Due to frequent client visit they say, their whole days is consumed in travelling.
Most of them come late in morning and the reasons they tell is yesterday late evening meeting with client. But I dont have any choice just to believe them.
It is only feasible if their manager can track them properly as he is aware of their schedule and he should send all duty schedule in advance to the HR.
17th September 2010 From India, Delhi

we have fairly a small team of Sales and Support team of about 8 members in each team. since there is no fixed time frame for people directly working with the clients (sales/support team) we do not take into consideration their in/out time unless they take leave(half/full).

The system we are following is :

1. a common log register (just like the attendance/visitor's register) called "Movement Register" is maintained and available at the reception - employees going out on field calls (to the client/vendor/supplier/etc...) must enter the details such as date, name of client, time out from off, time in and time out at client's place, purpose of the visit, employees signature, reporting managers remarks.

2. the details of time entered(time out from off) should be checked by the front off exe/receptionist after each entry.

3. the log register will be checked by the respective team/Lead/manager every week end and remarks will be made in the remarks column.

4.suppose the emp is going on a direct call(mornings- from home) to the client place, entry can b made once the emp reaches office.

this way the employees' whereabout are monitored and makes calculation of leaves specially half days easy end of the month.


Priyadarshini R
17th September 2010 From India
If interested to invest in automation of your attendance system through 'EmpXtrack', it will provide you with the tracking features you are looking for. Please search for EmpXtrack. B K Bhatia
17th September 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi, Performance should be the only yardstick to the sales people!What will you do if the guy fails in ur tracking but gives good productivity?? Regards, Mathi
17th September 2010 From India
Do you have a budget for an automated software wherein the field staff can send mobile messages of their whereabouts like "IN", OUT, Sales booked / service done, for each day to HQ for easy monitoring..?
Contact -Sunsmart technologies, chennai. Mr. Sundar-9791013494, if interested to get more details..
cheers n goodluck
17th September 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Rashmi

You can have the following system

1) Before proceeding on tour, please instruct the concerned employee to furnish the details such as place he intends to visit, purpose of visit, nature of work, duration of stay etc. before they avail travel advance.

2) You can also request client's HR dept. to inform immediately the concerned employee report at their work and

request them to send their attendance ( time in/ time out , ) on daily basis - and the reporting authority of client side to certify the quantum of work done by the employee on daily basis - and for raising your claim bill, employees duration of stay and percentage of work completed details to be certified by the client and this can also be used as a tool to know where about ofthe employee.

3) Insist the employee to send their progress report daily and preferrably with joint report (with sign. of client)

4) You can seek the help of concernd DH for their whereabout, if no such details is furnished by the employee for long time.


17th September 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Rashmi,
You can have online HR Software which can be accessed from any place any time. Once the employee logs in and logs out it will provide you the IP information and you can track the current location of the employees. If an employee doesnt login a particular day then the software will mark the concerned employee absent.
For more details check for Beehive HR Suite which will provide complete solution to your problem.
Meenal Thakkar
17th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
1. Why a mobile employee should be treated as a conventional office staff?
2. The criteria has to be changed.
3. A mobile employee or a sales staff should be given targets to complete based on some parametes applicable to your industry.
4. Rather than a time sheet, it would be better to have a job card associated with targets given for particualr period (a week, fortnight or may be a month)
5. At any point of time, a mobile emloyee should not be allowed to be in the fields without a job sheet or sales call.
6. For instance, I have seen many companies who do not allow their sales staff, technical staff to be in office or in waiting.
7. They are only advised to report on the begining and end of the week with proper reports and call details. Of course with the target meet or with necessary backings.
7. Customer service representatives which is full time office sitting job is the support desk or link between the cutsomer and the mobile employees.
17th September 2010 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
This is a good idea. Are there ID cards with GSM facility ? Do you know of any providers of such IDs? Regards, Balaji
17th September 2010
We have some good products in the market. Eg a software that can be installed on company provided mobile phone which can provide full data including history of all places visited. You can also know when the person is calling from place A and stating that he is in place B. This product is available very cheap and can be well utilised in such cases.
17th September 2010 From India, Jamnagar
Hi rashmi, you need to provide them od slip which signd by client on daily visit basis and also confirm as sample checking wid ur clients to evaluate d performance of od slip. Regards Sunil Sharma
17th September 2010 From India, New Delhi
use a web based project management software... a bit costly though but ontime reporting and work progress can be calculated
17th September 2010 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Hi Everybody,

Tracking on field / out stationed workforce is challenging task for HR and their respective RM's

We have a solution for this. It's effective, very informative & timely.

Welcome to SatTracx

This is a service that will bring peace of mind to you at all times! Locate your loved ones, your field force, and your lost mobile.
How this Works?
Firstly you need to register with us (will take 1 minute flat), with registration, you will have access to FREE applications. Choose the application which is suitable to your phone and install. The application is a light weight application without any user interface; It will run in the background stealthy and will not consume your precious battery life. Once the application is installed, it transforms into a tracking device. Now, we can track this mobile where ever itís located. Even when lost or using a different number, amazing!!!.
Privacy is of this service hinges on the password, you should know the password to locate the mobile. You get the password as an SMS to your registered mobile.
1st Way
(By way of calling our Call Center @ 1800 103 5656 and asking for location )
One sec, before calling, you need to buy the subscription, Buy subscription Here. Your calling to 1800 103 5656 will only reach our support center after you buy our subscription
2nd Way
(By way of SMS to 5499964)
You donít need to buy the subscription again. One subscription is enough to avail 3 different and convenient ways of locating. Just send the following SMS string "LOC <space> MOBILE NUMBER <space> PASSWORD" and send it to 5499964. You will receive the Location. Please note that the SMS is charged @ 3 Rs per message.
3rd Way
(Through web by logging into )
Again, you donít need to buy the subscription again. The subscription you have brought will give you access to SatTracx Locator for Mobiles | Mobile Locator | Child Locator | Freight Locator | where you login with your registration credentials ( Email & Password) , once you have logged in Click Track Mobile link and type the mobile number and the password which you received to your mobile; you will be supplied with location on map. As simple as that.

For more details pls visit our website SatTracx Locator for Mobiles | Mobile Locator | Child Locator | Freight Locator |

Thanks & Regards,
Kavitha Setty
17th September 2010
Hi Rashmi,

We had the same issue earlier. Off late 'Timetrex' has helped us to an extent.

Communication is the primary requirement. This has to be made clear to the employees through the HR Manual.

Timetrex is a free software available online. This is used to punch in and punch out from whereever the employee is, provided he has a laptop and a datacard or a PC at clients place. The employee cannot enter punch in/out time according to his convenience. The server time is considered by default. Our internal policy goes like this:

1. An employee failing to punch or unable to punch due to technical reasons, has to communicate thru mobile to do it on his behalf. (The administrator can punch. Donot allow this to happen on a regular basis). If the employee has failed to communicate, it will be treated as leave as no info is available.

2. If the employee has punched in , but does not punch out and no communication is received, it is considered as half day leave.

I can help you with more details on this, if you could call me.


Sharath Narayan

17th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Its the best thing to ask for a screen short at the end of the day from the Client regarding the employes sing in n off timings.. insted of going for the print outs... I hope its gonna work out.
17th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Why not just trust them to do their job. Its not always necessary to micromanage people. Alternatively, get them microchipped :-)
17th September 2010 From United States, Chicago
Good idea friends, may be the suggested solution solves tracking. But there is need to think about the impression that we are giving on our employees before our Client. We can seek quality assurance about our service from our customer however we cannot ask client about our employee's sincerity in terms of our organization rules.
Try to explain and inject:
1. The importance of genuine reporting.
2. Adverse effects due to Misalignment of framed code of practices.
3. Cost involved when an employees plays a bluff game with organization.
Our organization has 210+ employees as service engineers deputed all over India. So, we have a proposal to provide mobiles with GPS tracking facility to our service & sales personnel.
17th September 2010 From India, Vijayawada
thats a good question how to track mobile employees
well i would suggest to go with some innovative ideas on reporting system as sales professionals are smart and to track them with GSM facility i feel so would not be fair as we should believe in our employees rather than spying
It could also lower their morale and they could also look for other ways how they can fool the HR people .
SO ultimately it is the loss of the company and we may loose good sales people
18th September 2010 From India, Bharat
It is very difficult to trace such employees.if any one have a good sugession pl tell vijay
18th September 2010 From India, Madras
hello rashmi
those who are in client's palce, ask them to follow the punching or whatever method those people are following, it is simple, once in a while u cna check them
those who are not in the clients place ask them to submit a diary, where they are going , how much time they have spent in that place etc. once a while you contac the person they have visited, this will give afaily good control
18th September 2010 From India, Bangalore
Hi all,
Thanks for the suggestions.Its true that for sales target is more important than attendance.But we need to keep a tab on them as well other wise we will be unfair to other employees.. i am sure all the others will have strict punch in and punch out...and are always accounted for the time that they spent working.
we need not cross check with client. a work log mainted by hod may be online along with a tracking system in the mob phone will be a good way to maintain the decorum.this will help us solve a lot of issues.some times sales fall because the employee didnt meet the client at the appointment time or he failed to meet him at all..once the issue is recognized we can help the employee improve his skills to achieve more .
18th September 2010 From India, Alappuzha
Dear Rashmi,
Good Morning,
Even the same problem persist to me as well, What, I did instruct them all to SMS me their whereabouts of the day schedule in the morning on the didicated Mobile no. of my HR department. Since, we have the clinests contact details, sometime we do mystry check of his schedule.
Morning and evening reporting with Daily sales report through E-mail is must.
Hope, you may come out of this situation of having fun while work.
Deepak Gehlot
18th September 2010 From India, Delhi
Give some attendance sheet to your employees and ask him to submit the same at the end of every month duly singed and stamped by your client with employees reporting head.
But problem is why client do this work for you? You are for them, they are not for you. So my suggestion is you make responsible your employee who is heading the dept of such person who works at client. Because his duty to get work done from them and control them and getting day to day feedback from them. Why client will do this thing for you?
Because in my company our more than 100 marketing employees are not attending office daily, but thier head is giving me their attendance on weekly basis.

18th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
We can take help of New Technology gadgets to track them, it will cost much but work in real time.
18th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Vivek, How? Could you please explain. Do you use any special software? Could there be any issues of privacy? Regards Anoop
18th September 2010 From India, Delhi
Tracking executive employees 1, Get report from supervisiory executive who should visit the client office by surprise and track all performance of so called mobile employees.
2,Instruct all the executive employees to call the head office from the client office landline phone and report their presence .
3 You should believe the executives report when they report their presence and absence which is good for the health of any company and companys owner
18th September 2010 From India, Coimbatore
I think you should implement a module / System software. This module to be uploaded in your company site.
Each employee must plan his daily movement before hand and submit the same in the module before hand, so that you can view the same. On the day of his movement, you can check with your employee where he is so that you can track whether he is moving as per plan. At the end of the day, employee has to submit the work done by him for the entire day, ie. place he visited with time, travelling time involved, matter discussed with the client, and jos accomplished. If there is any deviation, in the plan and actual work done, he has to report the same in the module and the reasons for the same. At the same time, he has to again submit his plan for the next day. This should become a cycle and he cannot ignore the same.

It must be made abanduntly clear to all your employees that in case of taking leave, they have to report in the module, so that you can track on his leave also. After availing leave, he has to fill in leave card which must also be available in the module. The module must also, at the click of button, display the leave avaialbe to the employee and leave balance.
You or your corporation must take up with the software consultant to develop this module, if your corporation is so serious with the movement of your employees.
20th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hi All,
I have gone thru' the post and the suggestions pouring in.
There is a solution to this; for the mobile work-force automation by enabling them, thru' Mobile application and tracking them, without their knowledge thru' integrated GPS solution.
we are in the process of implementing the relevant modules like process automation on travel, leave & attendance management, circulars, customer compliants etc.,
If anyone is interested, please share your details so that I shall request the concerned vendor to contact you.
20th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Web based leave management is a good solution please let me me know if you want to have look or quote etc. at ravindrapande at gamil dot com
20th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hi Rashmi Madam/ Dear Cool Thunder bird,
How to track mobile employees?
Why don't you go for SMS based Attendance System or reporting? I hope all of your employees have Cell Phone's.
Usually as and when Organisation goes for purchasing HRMS software should think all these aspects.
You can have one dedicated Modem embeded with one Sim card. For this particular number all your employees will sms.
consider morning 10 AM employee A is at Client Z after finishing the work he is visiting client Y or according to need arises ask him to sms again and so on for other employees. On finger tips you will be able to track all of them on single screen.
Thanks & Regards

20th September 2010 From India, Mumbai
hello Rashmi, u can also use out station duty forms, these should be filled and get signed by hr and hod by the person prior to go anywhere out side.and this should be submitted after coming back. this can help u. there should be mandatory that who go out side, they have to carry a od form and he have to submit this form so that his attandence can be marked........ chitranjan singh
22nd September 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Rana sir,
Many companies use OD form, of course our company also uses this OD -intimation procedure. OD form helps us to know that a particular person is going on Official Duty. However, here the challenge is to know whether our employee is engaged with customer/ official duty or simply misusing their OD privilege. So, for better systems our Cite Members are suggesting to use IT products to solve this problem.
23rd September 2010 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Sir,
One year back SMS charges in India are very costly compared to abroad ( UK, USA etc). Today bulk sms charges are only 15 Paise/sms. This INR 3 per sms can be reduced by using the modem with dedicated Sim and same service provider sims. The software is also very economical.
23rd September 2010 From India, Mumbai
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