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Hi! I need format of No dues Certificate which shows that employee has received all pf, gratuity,tds certificate etc. can anybody help me out? manisha
From India, Pune
Hi There
There is no specific format per se. The full and final settlement sheet once signed and accepted by the resigners, quite proves that he/she thinks that there are no dues pending towards the organisation. It also gives an indication on the PF submitted.
PF no dues cannot be given by the company because PF is submitted to the RPFC and further clarification can only be sought from there.
From India, Gurgaon
Hi Manisha
You can use the following format, if you find it applicable to you
Received from M/s. ------------- towards Full and final settlement of all my dues pertaining to earned wages, encashment, notice pay, compensation, leave or any other claim in connection with my employment with the management.
I have also received all my dues towards final settlement under PF, Gratuity act and Certificates due to me under Income tax
I have no further claim/Demand for reinstatement or re-employment.
I will not raise any claim or demand, whatsoever against the Company.
Name :
Designation :
Place :
Date ;
From India
Kindly click on the following link, it will give you some required information,
From India, Coimbatore
Hi Manisha, Find attached herewith the full and final receipt, this will help u a lott. regards
From India, Gurgaon
I need format of Annual mantanence Contact (AMC) aggrement/letter etc. can anybody help me out?
From India, Bangalore
dear... i need format of No dues Certificate for an insitute which shows that student hav paid his/her all 3 installment of fee including fine. can u send me? Bharti
From China
I want no dues format for my business. Please help( format will include no schemes,price protection and special discount.
From India, Bhubaneswar
Manisha, the object of No Due Certificate is to show what dues the associate has for his company. It is the prior operation for full and final settlement of the associates.

Make a format showing the fol. details

No Due Certificate

Name of Associate------- Location/branch:-----------
Designation ---------- Department:-----------

Depts Signature of HODs

Department Head





(you may add if there are any other relevant depts specific to your company.

Dept Head will clear when the associates hands over all files/docs under his control

Accounts Head will sign if there is no loan/advance

HR Head will sign if there is no notice periodservice/compensation pending

Admn Head will sign if cell phone/car etc handed over back

IT will sign once the employee hands over his laptop/data card/pen drive

You may issue the blank format to associate and tell them to go to concerned HODs and get clearance.

Once No Due clearance/ deductions are known then we can go for full and final settlement process



From India, New Delhi

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