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I am experiencing frequent last minute intimatino from my colleagues of not coming to office. Our leave policy states that atleast 3 days prior to be informed abt absence.
In case of emergencies, they are allowed to inform the same day morning. But this is happening over and over again. We do not want to keep it as unpaid leave as we do not follow such rigid practices.
Can you pls suggest some policy or some structure to restrict this last minute absence notification ?

From India, Mumbai

Hi ,
Even i have faced this situation in my career.
While informing the late to you , ask the reason , we can guess the genuineness of the reason . If it is a genuine reason we can excuse , other wise put absent for them, which will be treated as Loss Out of Pay .
To avoid this kind of situations , our policies should be rigid .
Other wise employees will take the things into their hands.
After implementing such a kind of things only sudden leaves dropped to 50% in my office.

From India, Secunderabad

Hi All,
I would like to inform you that I was facing the same situation in our process as well as in my team. So, I have clearly explained team about the leave policy, procedure and its pros & cons. It really helped alot and absenteism was less thereon.
Our leave policy is that if any individual is absent due to any genuine and valid reason than we must grant him leave (CL etc.), if he is having the leave balance in the account. Otherwise, LWP will be marked. If its not genuine then cancel his /her leave and mark NCNS (No Call No Show), if he/she didn't report. Monetary deductions will be made from the salary.

From India, Delhi

Dear Ashlesha,
I think your company employees are about make this as a habit. If this continues you are going to be in a bad situation because some or the other day you will be held accountable for their leaves. So call them to the conference and tell them that you had a meeting with the MD or CEO and he wants some modifications in leave policy and this time he has made a point that whoever wants to avail leave he has to give in writing before 3 days *ONLY IN WRITING* if not it is LWP... make this as a habit then see the difference.. this time you should be a different HR who is very keen on company policies...

From India, Mumbai
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Dear ashlesha.dere
Merely having "some policy or some structure" will not "restrict this last minute absence notification".
Who gets affected by such "last minute absence notification" ??
More than the concerned HR, it is the seniors heading different deptts. whose work suffers.
Rather than a problem at the individual employee level, it is a reflection of the company's culture. How can it be rectified ? Not just through some circulars or notifications. The culture and values of a company flows from top to bottom. Are the seniors setting an example for the juniors and subordinates to emulate ??
Some 'last minute absence notification' can be genuine, but it can not be a general practice unless it is the prevalent culture.
Do some introspection. Analyze the issue. Try to sensitize the seniors to bring about an awareness of the need for professionalism and seek their support in building an improved work culture.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

there is an attitude problem in almost all the employees of an organization, including the Teaching Professionals of a College/University. Unless and until the employees do not realise the responsibilities of them in the Organization, it is very difficult. If you wish to be rigid, again collpase could take place in the systems. To inculcate the culture, a training programme on the systems and procedures will be os use. Even inspite of it no chnage takes place in the attitude of the employees, please circulate an organizational communication intimating the employees that sanction of the leave would take place without pay for the untimely application of leave. That may brighten the employees. Make it as a Policy of the Organization compulsorily. Certain times. HR should be adamant also.
From India, Pune
Jerry Aunt Khaing

Dear All,

We are very grateful to you for providing us with the practical ways to improve the discipline and culture of the organization.
As we all are human beings naturally employees tend to take advantage of the flexibility allowed to them out of management's empathy & sympathy bestowed on them.
One lady employee was absent from work because of abortion and was allowed to enjoy medical leave similar to "maternity leave".And in continuation owing to her child's schooling problems she requested the management to allow her to attend the office only half day and at half of her salary.Since she had contributed much to the benefit of the company in the past - management felt pity and allowed her to enjoy full salary while attending the office only half a day - although she usually takes work back home to catch up for the loss of work in half day.
Now this has been going on for almost 6 months and when she was asked by her colleagues about her kid's schooling she said that it will go on till the end of her child's first year of schooling.
If I were asked by the management to provide with a kind of suggestion in her case - I do not know how to suggest as I am afraid that I will be doing something inhumane to the colleague or I am too weak to put up my suggestion to the management.

Dr. Jerry Aunt Khaing.

From Singapore

Dear All,

You need to do some research before framing policies as these can lead to controversies. Try and find out whether all employees in the organisation are acting so. If employees in a particular department is behaving so then you need to investigate to find out whether there is a boss - subordinate problem, personal problem in the employee family etc., If it is across the board then you need to frame a policy that the employee needs to obtain approval for leave (leave intimation also) personally from his immediate boss only. Leave intimation has to be made by the employee only and not pass on information through colleagues/ relatives. This way the Department head also gets involved into the matter and it is not just the baby of HR to inculcate discipline. Futher if you feel this trend continues bring this factor into your Performance measurement system (attitude) and clearly spell it out that if such instances are habitual (frame number of acceptable occasions in a year) then his increments will be affected. There is no single policy that will empower you with discipline, we need to try it out. But please note that it is important that you do not pass on information like this yourself not even once in a year before actually framing the policy.


From India, Madras

Thank You All for contributing to my Post. I have undoubtedly received good responses and will surely act in a similar fashion understanding which suits as my company culture. ______________ ASHLESHA
From India, Mumbai
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