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Basivi Reddy
Hi Good evening all,
I am Executive Trainee HR, i want know about the difference between the JOB PROFILE and JOB ROLES, on wht basis we prepare all these job profiles and job roles. How to prepare the job discription for each designation. plz assist me.
Basivi Reddy

From India, Mumbai
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Basivi Reddy
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My answer won't be a complete one...still, wud like to share what i think of the two terms.
Job Profile primarily consists of the job responsibilities entrusted on the person. Job description would define one's profile.
Job Role has a slightly broader implication. It is more of the expectations of the different stake holders- internal as well as external. It would define one's overall role in the organisation.
Hope u 'd find this helpful.

From India, Mumbai

Hi this is jINGLES,
joB PROFILING IS GENERALLY DONE FOR EMPLOYEES TO CHECK IF THEY FIT IN THE REQUIREMENT AND ARE ABLE TO DEiver performance.Various traits are profiled like behavioural profile to check how the employee would behvae in the organisation,his attitude,his entire behaviour,stress levels,motivational levels etc.
Based on a profile report his job description is prepared.I work in A swedish MNC and thts how we recruit people.
Hope its useful
gud day

From India, Pune

THE FOUNDATION DATABASE for developing job description, job role, job profile is the JOB ANALYSIS.


job analysis

Job analysis is the process of collecting, analysing and setting out information about the content of jobs in order to provide the basis for a job description and data recruitment, training, job evaluation and performance management. Job analysis concentrates on what holders are expected to do.

Job analysis produces the following information about a job:

overall purpose why the job exists and, in essence, what the job holder is expected to contribute.

Content the nature and scope of the job in terms of the tasks and operations to be

performed and the activities to be carried out ie the processes of converting inputs (knowledge, skills and abilities) into outputs (results).

KEY result areas the results or outcomes for which the job holder is accountable.

Performance criteria the criteria, measures or indicators that enable an assessment to be carried out to ascertain the degree to which the job is being performed satisfactorily.

responsibilities the level of responsibility the job holder has to exercise by reference to the scope and input of the job; the amount of discretion allowed to make

decisions; the difficulty, scale, variety and complexity of the problems to be solved; the quantity and value of the resources controlled; and the type an importance of interpersonal relations.

Organizational factors the reporting relationships of the job holder, ie to whom he or she reports either directly (the line manager) or functionally (on matters concerning specialist areas, such as finance or personnel management); the people reporting directly or indirectly to the job holder; and the extent to which the job holder is involved in teamwork.

Motivating factors the particular features of the job that are likely to motivate or demotivate job holders if, in the latter case, nothing is done about them.

Development factors promotion and career prospects and the opportunity to acquire new skills or expertise.

Environmental factors working conditions, physical, mental and emotional demands, health and safety considerations, unsocial hours, mobility, an ergonomic factors relating to the design and use of equipment or work stations.


Approach to job analysis

Job analysis is essentially about data collection and the basic steps are describe


Data collection basic steps

The basic steps required to collect information about jobs are as follows:

Obtain documents such as existing organization charts, procedure or training manuals which give information about the job.

Ask managers for fundamental information concerning the job, the overall purpose, the main activities carried out, the responsibilities involved and the relationships with others.

Ask the job holders similar questions about their jobs it is sometimes helpful t get them to keep a diary or a detailed record of work activities over a week or two.

For certain jobs, especially those involving manual or office/ administrative skill observe job holders at work even with managers or professional staff if helpful, if time permits, to spend time with them.

* Also you can use questionnaire to collect information.

================================================== ========

JOB Competency analysis

Competency analysis is concerned with establishing what is required of someone carrying out a role, in terms of, first, behavioral competencies (soft skills) the people are expected to behave in order to perform their work well and second, technical or functional competencies (hard skills) what people are expected to know a be able to do to perform their work well. Behavioral analysis defines the behavioral dimensions that affect job performance. Functional analysis or some other form of job analysis is used to determine the technical or functional competencies (sometimes referred to as work based competencies) required.

================================================== ===========

job description

A job description sets out the purpose of a job, where it fits in the organization structure, the context within which the job holder functions and the principal accountabilities of job holders, or the main tasks they have to carry out.

CONTENTS OF job description

-job title

-reporting to whom

-who are reporting to the job holder

-definition of overall purpose of the job

-principal accountabilities

-key result areas


-key performance indicators


job profile

A job profile or definition describes the part played by people in fulfilling their work requirements . It will spell out expectations and key result areas or accountabilities

What role holders have to achieve and what they will be held to account for (this is

called an accountability statement). The role definition will also specify behavioral requirements in the form of competencies. IT highlights all the features of the job position.

CONTENTS OF job profile

-job title

-reporting to whom

-who are reporting to the job holder

-definition of overall purpose of the job

-principal accountabilities

-key result areas/ amount of time allocated for the key result areas.

-competence for each key result areas.


-key performance indicators

-levels of performance / when it will be achieved

level 1 new recruit to standard performance

level 2 standard to established performance

level 3 established to experienced role model performance



ROLE focuses on the work the people do, and looks

at the part that people play in carrying out their jobs

rather then tha tasks they carry out. It is concerned with the

broader aspects of behavior expected of job holders in achieving

the overall purpose of the role , as well as work content.






From India, Mumbai
taghreed michael
Dear Leo
Thank you so much for your extreme clarification about the Job Analysis, it is truly very clear.
We are in the process of updating our Job Description for all staff, and I'll make sure that they all go in line with the mentioned requirements.
Our managing director has asked me to initiate a grading system to all our staff based on the education and experience so, can you please send me more information on how in general do companies grade their positions.
Again thanks for sharing with us your broad experience and knowledge.

HI, Very nice information. I hope the information you gave them will give them clear idea of JOB profile and JOB profile. Keep up the good work. Thank you Shravan
From United Kingdom, London
Job profile is created by HR team with the support of concerned Dept Head and Team. This helps to pick the right person.
Personel Profile : A person's profile, which may provide a rough picture of person. One can measured only, when we start working with him.
Me by profession a Logistics professional with International exposure, presently settled in Kerala. Employed with a Major Offset Press as G.M.

From India, Palakkad

Hi Leo,
thank you for the elaboratie reply..we are in the rpocess of defining the various job families that we have and i am stuck in defning ther oles of executive and support function..executives would be managers/senior managers and the like adn support would be officers/assistants etc. could you please guide on how to go about htis..thanks a lot

From India, Mumbai
raj rock
i m account officer in construction company what is our job profile sir ?
hare i m doing billing entries,payment,int. calculation,banking,administrative work,bank reconcilation,tds report, so this is the my job profile ????

From India, Pune

Thank you very much for your such a valuable information. Here is small request will you explain me this with a proper example for eg: Job description of Accountant. Thanks Archana

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