hi friends, I am sharing my feeling through this site my communication very poor ,so i am not stand any where in my life .I am 30 years old man .In mean time i have no job .Every time my communication came in my success because whenever i go for accounts interview my bad communication is come and in my success.I am very frustrate . Please tell me how can i improve my communication And writing skills.
Thanks & regards

From India, Delhi

Dear Amit,
Go as per the advice given by our Citehrian, but above all you should be glad that you have alteast understood you weak point. This is great that you know that your communication is your poor. I suggest few point which you can practice.
a) be a good listener
b) Take your time to speak
c) Speak in the style of Mr Vajpayee (Sorry) i mean speak slowly.
d) Use other mode of communication ie facial expression etc.
For writing skill
a) Write small and simple sentence avoid long and flowering language
b) Ask your friend to rectify the errors
Try these few method

From India, Haora

I agree with you Jitendra,

More than anything else he has to practice with someone who can correct him for his mistakes.

Dont wait to take time out to practice, practice all the time. You will run out of things to talk, create your talk.

Start by talking about whatever you see, describe them,

Some reading on grammar can help, Observation will surely help but beware, it may confuse you also, like watching TV channels where evey other individual has his own way of speaking....

I guess I agree with Jitendra, when he says speak slow... that is very important... let the thought come to your mind before letting it on your tongue..... a slow but constant flow of thought is very important.

Another thing, is learn to keep focus while speaking, example you are speaking and you have to look someone in the eye, you will get nervous and will not be able to talk further or make mistakes .... a good excercise to overcome this problem is talking to a mirror.... Practice it, it is really helpful.... look in your own eyes and practice not losing focus of what you are saying... in the beginning it will be difficult... but you will get it with practice...

Now understand that no matter what effort you make, it may all fetch you no result in absence of the following:

1. Passionate Intent

2. Observation + introspection + retrospection (While and after reading and talking to others, or observe others talking / TV watching etc.. Dictionary use is a must, as a matter of fact you should see a dictionary to check all the words you do not know even in this write-up)

3. Practice all the time

4. Create talks .. dont give up saying or thinking that you do not have anything to talk about.

5. Mentor - who can correct you.

6. Some reading (10 words a day is an over ambition if you do not crazily, passionately want to learn, even if you learn just 2 words a day, use them in your day to day speech, and can continue to do so for a year you will know 365*2=730 new words in a year that will change you as a person, and an English speaker)

7. Patience - this will not happen overnight, the only quick change people can see in you is that you have started trying -- that can happen right after you read this. but the real change in the way you speak will be observed in at least three months that too if you are passionate.

8. Start - First immediate change should come right now... I mean right now.. my friend if you fail to start you fail to learn.. start now... give yourself some time and it very easy...

9. Motivation - many a times you will feel things like , its ok, ///// what if I dont know English....///// I cant do this //// It demands too much of effort //// it is very confusing // or at the very thought of making an effort to learn English if you start looking for excuses to avoid it/// Tell yourself this is not tough ... each day takes you closer, and a day missed takes you five behind.. dont leave it.

10. Practice - Our tongue is used to producing Hindi sounds, and when we try to speak English we get stuck while saying what we want to, as the tongue is trying to produce a new sound that it has not made in Hindi.

Write a few sentences that you need to use more frequently make about 15 of such sentences and say then over and over again (the idea is not to learn the sentence, or to cram it, the idea is to make the tongue get aquainted with the new or stange sounds of a new language)

Try.. and with a focused persistent effort all of us have learnt it. Big Deal!!!

You can do it too....


Gagan Sharma

From United States, Irvine

Dear Amit
Hi, This is naveen, first i want dont think that you will not get English, think this is a new think that i want to learn ,like in our childhood we dont know how to ride Cycle, but now its different, inthe same manner English language also.
And in English we know already 70% of words, only thing is that we dont know how to articulate it, for that if you follow this hope it may help you
First read some editorial coloumns in English newspapers, buy one dictionary while reading we you find any word diffucult go through dictionary, make a note of it and try to use on that as many time as possible.
Always try to speak in English
Watch some English news
Read Children story books

All the very Best
NAveen Kumar.K

From India, Hyderabad
saraswati rawat
Dear Amit, I am impressed by the way , you have accepted your weekness. Good communication is of course very important for progress in life and in todays world english has become the key criteria, but my dear friend this is not the last language in this world . what I feel is wherever you go communicate your message with confidence, show your passion to work, every interviewer do understand hindi. what you need to do is to show your confidence and passion. and your determination to learn english if the job demands in front of the interviewer will be an added adventage. There are people who have acquired success without the initial knowledge of english and ofcourse we keep learning as we grow up.
But that dosen't mean you should stop thiking of learning english . Make a decent start and rest of the things have already been suggested by my friends above.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Amit
Everyone has a learning phase and so its you now. No matter what someone thinks tell them before hand that you are in learning phase and anycorrections you are open to accept it. Secondly, don't feel bad that you are bad in communication, as you are good in writing without mistakes which means that you can write but cannot speak upto that mark of expertise. So no worries, talk as much as you can in english and correct yourselves.
Within a month you will see your self doing much better than before. the links that are mentioned by our friends above are enough for you to proceed further.
All the best buddy
You will be the best communicator.

From India, Warangal

Speak english with full confidence within ten days.

Hi frns i agree with all ur comments on this topic, but ill assure u that u can speak english with full confidence within ten days......

If u do the following for continues 10 days very seriously u can do it...

Day1. Read the newspaper aloud(Only the headlines from page1 to the last pg) for four times

Day2. Slowly Read the newspaper aloud(First 10 pages with full of content (excluding classifieds)) For two times

Day3. Slowly Read the newspaper aloud (again First 10 pages with full of content ) for two times

Day4.Slowly Read the newspaper aloud (again First 10 pages with full of content ) for two times

Day5.Slowly Read the newspaper aloud (again First 10 pages with full of content ) for two times

By now anyone could read the passage with correct Pronunciation

Day6. Slowly Read the newspaper aloud (Now Choose a passage and try to explain it to urself in mirror) Thinking that u r in front of a third person.

Day7. Slowly Read the newspaper aloud (For four hours, can split the time duration)

Day8. Slowly Repeat what others say just like a parrot.Read the newspaper aloud (For four hours, can split the time duration)

Day9. Slowly Repeat what others say just like a parrot.Read the newspaper aloud (For four hours, can split the time duration)

Day10. Think that u r abroad and the only language u can spk is english for communication, so talk with everyone in english and feel that u r the master in it and don bother what others say. Coz dey r not going 2 help u in ur interview.

This is not 4 any1 in particular, but this can be practised by any1 2 improve there english communication and u Can even download toung twisters and practise that too for good Pronunciation.....Cheers:-)

Serior HR,


From India, Madras
Mayank Kukreja

1. Its good you understandin your limitations. many of us cant, ever.
2. Your english is not 'very poor' as you feel. this i got from your written communication. ofcourse,there is good scope of imporvement.
3. As others told, read, read and read good. listen english. speak english and only in english.
4. dont hesitate to join any good eng. speaking institutions. but research well before joining any.
5. Dont be negative dude. you are just 30. both, professional and personal life has
to go a long way ahead.
6. Keep on searching jobs, and work simultaneously for improving english. If you will keep staying at home, your frustation will keep on increasing
7. Be cool man. just smile, and chill :)

From India, Bhilai
Dear Amit follow the advices of all. Please try the following points also:
1: Think in the language in which u want to be proficient. Let ur thoughts arise in the desired language in ur mind.
2: While going to bed and before u sleep do a short revision of what u learned; u did; the whole day. Our brain is a super........ Computer; for a day's revision it will just take few seconds or more. Then gradually u can increase the revision process for 2days,then 3456789.......==

From India, Delhi
Dear Amit Have condidence & U will do it. All the advice that you have received will really help. If U know yr weak point u can definitely correct it. All the Best! Pratibha
From India, Delhi
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