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Please find attached answers of the following questions for Personnel/ HR management which i had prepared for my PG course.

Q1) Define Personnel Management. Write the Philosophy of Personnel Management.
Q 2 ) What are the Principles of Personnel Management?
Q 3) Write in detailed manner with examples the Objectives of Personnel
Q 4. What are the features of an organization? Explain the organization process?
Q5) What are the types of organization structure.
Q6) What is Manpower Planning? Write the Characteristics and Objectives of Manpower Planning.
Q7) Explain the Manpower Planning Process with the help of a diagram.
Q8) What information will you get by doing “Job Analysis”?
Q9) What Steps are involved in Job Analysis?
Q10) Explain about Recruitment Process. What Factor effects Recruitment?
Q 11) What are the latest Sources for Recruitment?
Q 12) Explain Recruitment Problems in India.
Q 13) What are the steps involved in Selection Procedure?
Q 14) Write the types of Selection Tests.
Q 15) What do you understand about Induction? Write the Objectives.
Q 16) What are the Requirements to be followed for a Good Transfer Policy?
Q 17) Explain the difference between Transfer, Promotion and Up gradation.
Q18) What are the main Features of Promotion Policy?
Q19) What measures will you implement for “Control over Absenteeism”
Q 20) Draw and Explain about Employee Turnover.
Q 21) Define Personnel Policy. Explain Aims and Objectives of Personnel Policy.
Q 22) What is the Significance of Employee Turnover?
Q23) Explain Features and Causes of Grievances.
Q24) Write the procedure to be followed for Grievance Redressal.
Q25) What are the Important Steps you will consider in Industrial Health
Q26) What are the Objectives of wages and salary admin?
Q27) Write the essentials of Sound Wage and Salary Structure.

8th June 2010 From India, Mumbai

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