Hi everyone,
I have a young workforce in my office (all between 25 - 35 age group).
It is been some time since we have done something exciting to motivate the employees.
The last activity I did was to organize an activity called"Find a gift for yourself". We had got few small but unique gifts and hide them in the office premises (few fake wrapped gifts were also there).
The gifts belonged to those who found them. It was exciting and was appreciated by everyone.
I want to do something similarly exciting activity to cheer up my employees.
Could anyone please help me out with some suggestions.
Thank you!
5th May 2010 From India, Delhi

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Really a nice one Jyoti, we will also try this out.
We played this quick game on Valentine's day - everyone was given a pack of Frooti / juice and underneath few packs we had made some symbols. Now the game was to go and find your partner. Some one who had LOCK as a symbol should find the one who had KEY as a symbol on his/her pack.
This game did not take too long but was really enjoyed.
6th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Hey Vinove, Indeed a quick and interesting game (find your pair - symbols)! The ones who found their pair were given some prizes or was it just finding your pair?
6th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Yes Jyoti,
They were given gifts. On Valentine's day we distributed heart shaped chocolates to all these pairs. And a movie show together to the first pair which found each other.
On similar lines, we played another game in last monsoon season, we printed several pictures of things related to monsoon which could together complete a scenery representing monsoon.
Like, raining clouds, raincoat, umbrella, pits with muddy water, swings in farms, kids playing in rain, tea cup etc etc.....
Then these pictures were hidden in various corners/ areas of our work premises....teams were divided and they had 10 minutes to go around the entire office area and find these pictures.
The first team which could complete the scenery was declared the winner.
6th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Balloon Tower

For a large number of people, in teams

Equipment: About 20 uninflated balloons per person, Plenty of tape

Optional: Stopwatch or timer, Tape Measure

This is a great game both for teambuilding and just for fun.

Separate players into, preferably, 3 or more teams of about 3-10 persons each. Each team is given a pile of uninflated balloons and a few rolls of clear tape. Instruct the teams that they are to build the largest free-standing balloon tower possible in a certain amount of time. Give no further restrictions on the game. Start the clock, and everyone begins building the towers. When time is called, look at the towers (measure if necessary) and declare whose tower is tallest. If at a leadership retreat, you can go on in detail about what went well and what didn't, and shock (and slightly annoy) the players by suggesting that it would not have been against the rules to combine resources with each other to make a much taller tower. Note on location: Be advised that carpet works quite well, but surfaces like concrete tend to pop the balloons. Experiment ahead of time to make sure the surface is satisfactory.

Blindfolded Mobile/Bag/Shoes &Sandal Shuffle

Required: Blindfolds and Mobiles/Bags

Players: Medium to large groups

Each person puts on a blindfold and will give his Mobile to instructor. Instructor then keep the same on table and then jumbles them all then shouts GO! The first person to find his Mobile by touch will be announced as winner.
6th May 2010 From India, Thana
Hi Jyoti,

We had conducted a team building workshop in our coll. which comprised of 6 different team buliding activities. We had divided the students in groups of 8 and thus had 6 groups. They were as follows:

1)Mega Jig-Saw (Mumbai map jigsaw to be arranged in 3 minutes)

2)LEGO (MAke a construction in 3 minutes out og given LEGO pieces)

3)Team Drawing( One sheet of paper given to each team and each partcipant given 20 seconds to draw and pass on the paper to the next team member, next member should continue from ther and so on for 3 minutes)

4)Absurd Storyteller(Team members are given a scenario and then, they have to pick up chits having pictures of random objects and famous people and they have to make a meaningful story out of that)

5)Trip Planner(Participants given a budget, places to visit and activities to be done in a given time span of one week and they have to plan the trip... this had many specifications... if u want i can mail it to u)

6)Continous passing(Team members had to pass a ball by allowing it to bounce only once befor passing onto the next member.. each member can touch the ball only once at a time)

We had time constraints and so each activity had been alloted 3 mins.

you can allot 5-10 mins as per your wish.

Hope this helps.



For any queiries please revert to :
6th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hi Jyoti.... Please find h/w games which I have found on cite hr only.
6th May 2010 From India, Delhi

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Yeah Giridhar...
I have that on my list....or to ensure the answers does not leak out...make the teams of the employees(like we use to make houses in school times)......
Get the childhood pictures of the Managers....this wud even help in maintaining healthy relations b/w managers and the executives/associates.
I have some more ideas...will put them here shortly....
6th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear All,

This is a game for interaction and awareness we have conducted with our MBA students.

Perceived VS. Real SWOT.

This is just a simple Strength, Weakness, Opprunity and Thrait identification game.

Ask the participants to first write down their own SWOT openly and simultaneously ask the other participants to give their opinion without mentioning their name.

Collect all the feedback and suffle it (so that the participant could not guess who may be the person behind each feedback). Pass it to the intended person.

Continue the same for all. Its better to do with average size (7-10) teams.

Instructor plays a significant role of adding humor to the training-hall. Unless the work may be onotonous. Remember to add your experiences (stories may be interpreted as your's experience, tactfully). This will help in overcoming the weakness in the participants.

Instructor may keep a track of what development is coming because of this game.

It work amazingly....

Thanks a lot for this discussion to all the participants.

Expect we will have more sharing...

7th May 2010 From India, Calcutta
Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your valuable suggestions and ideas..... These will be helpful for everyone here on citeHR..... Keep the boll rolling !
7th May 2010 From India, Delhi

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