I am facing many problems in the office...i am working as a consultant in reputed recruitment firm,they are making us to work in public holidays and no holidays on saturday,if you go late for 1 min also they will cut half day sal.they wont allow interacting with the colleagues.they wont allow to answer the personnal calls
it is as good as jail.i cant even leave the job as i have certain commitments in the house
i dont whom i have to address this problem
any suggestions guys
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29th April 2010 From India, Bangalore

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Thanks ruchika,i am working in Bangalore...i have around three plus of exp in recruitment.my company is treating like us blue collar workers...they have kept camera in the workstation and will be continiously monitoring us
really im frustrated,,,,,imagine they are making us to work in labous day
i cant even address it to my senior as she is also like tat
29th April 2010 From India, Bangalore
Best of my knowledge you keep seeking other option as well to get better position, in meanwhile try to persuade your immediate reporting officer if possible. Do not get loose your temper about these kind of problem be faith on yourself and be confident to cope the problem.
Good Day
Ram Kishor

29th April 2010 From India, New Delhi
hi dear,
In jobs you will find such environment commonly. But you's case is definitely like a jail. You cannot fight with the systems, do one thing keep working with the present org and start looking for job in other companies.
All companies are not similar, so send ur resume to other good company's. As and when u'll get the opportunity quit this comp.
29th April 2010 From India, Lucknow
can any one help me,as i hav got married and is bound to relocate at my husbands place.Where there is no scope for me as i m working as HR executive in Hospital cum medical college since 1 yr.But after leaving my job nothing will be in my hand and my husband is govt dr.As anywhere i will go experience is must and i m havng only 1 yr exp,drawing good starting package but after that i will need to even compromise in that.Should i change my industry or my field like Voice over,RJ....?
29th April 2010 From India, Vadodara
Hi i would like to suggest you one thing you r in the filed of recruitment, it meance you have an good contact and communication skills better u quit the job immeditely and find for other openings. you are working as a hr recruiter in the organisation which doesnt know the Hr polices and procedures you cant learn anythig there instead of getting frustrated. Now the market condition is good better to work in a garments industry instead of such recruitment agencies.
all the best..
Life is short make it sweet.
29th April 2010 From India, Bangalore
Hi Renuka,
Unfortunately, you did not mention the number of years experience you have. I presume your experience is limited (2-3 years perhaps?).
If you have the capability, and the right attitude to work, jobs are certainly available and, being in Bangalore, you should be able to land another job in 3-6 months, quite easily.
However, my strong advice is: Don't quit the present job until you have a firm offer in hand, as your chances of landing a good job improve dramatically when you are already employed. Moreover, good employers will immediately see your point of view, and probably also sympathize enough to consider you for an opening.
Lastly, try to live by the rules of the organization no matter how painful, while you are still there. And when, you are finally ready to leave, speak your mind or put your thoughts down to the CEO in writing. Thus you may do a world of good to your colleagues who are still there.

30th April 2010 From India, New Delhi
the problem you are statting is very common in current scenario however as far as your personal calls are concerned the company has every right to restrict you to take personal calls during office time n a leave on saturday is also not obligatory for the company,however if they call you to work on sunday then you can ask them to give you a day off in coming week as weekly off as it is your right conferred on you by shop & establishment Act of the conerned state provided your organisation is registered under that Act.In last half day salary deduction is concerned you can only request your Hr manager to give you a grace of 15 minutes mentioning your reasons for delay.i can hlep you if you elaborate your problem and commitment you have given to the company.
Ashish Mittal
30th April 2010 From India, Delhi
@ Renuka
Maybe others seem to pacify and sympathise with you but have you ever noticed that you are being paid for your hours in the office and not for personal work. Every Minute is a cost during your office hours. How good a performer are you that you would want to be treated in exception to other employees? Are you good enough to hold on and make your superiors realize that they can relax in your case??...I dont think anyone objects to a minute or two of personal calls or in case of emergency calls or maybe calls during lunch time...apart from that its your commitment to deliver in your area of expertise and built on that before you can claim that you are a prisoner...remember that even prisoners have a daily task like reporting to jailer and doing mundane works ...so instead concentrate on your performance and all the rest things will follow automatically....
regards SS
30th April 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Renuka,
Seems you are not happy with the work culture of your concern.
I would suggest to look for an suitable opening in concern having vibrant culture.
Mail across your resume

Prashant K
30th April 2010 From India, Mumbai

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