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I am facing many problems in the office...i am working as a consultant in reputed recruitment firm,they are making us to work in public holidays and no holidays on saturday,if you go late for 1 min also they will cut half day sal.they wont allow interacting with the colleagues.they wont allow to answer the personnal calls
it is as good as jail.i cant even leave the job as i have certain commitments in the house
i dont whom i have to address this problem
any suggestions guys
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From India, Bangalore
Thanks ruchika,i am working in Bangalore...i have around three plus of exp in recruitment.my company is treating like us blue collar workers...they have kept camera in the workstation and will be continiously monitoring us
really im frustrated,,,,,imagine they are making us to work in labous day
i cant even address it to my senior as she is also like tat
From India, Bangalore
Best of my knowledge you keep seeking other option as well to get better position, in meanwhile try to persuade your immediate reporting officer if possible. Do not get loose your temper about these kind of problem be faith on yourself and be confident to cope the problem.
Good Day
Ram Kishor

From India, New Delhi
hi dear,
In jobs you will find such environment commonly. But you's case is definitely like a jail. You cannot fight with the systems, do one thing keep working with the present org and start looking for job in other companies.
All companies are not similar, so send ur resume to other good company's. As and when u'll get the opportunity quit this comp.
From India, Lucknow
can any one help me,as i hav got married and is bound to relocate at my husbands place.Where there is no scope for me as i m working as HR executive in Hospital cum medical college since 1 yr.But after leaving my job nothing will be in my hand and my husband is govt dr.As anywhere i will go experience is must and i m havng only 1 yr exp,drawing good starting package but after that i will need to even compromise in that.Should i change my industry or my field like Voice over,RJ....?
From India, Vadodara
Hi i would like to suggest you one thing you r in the filed of recruitment, it meance you have an good contact and communication skills better u quit the job immeditely and find for other openings. you are working as a hr recruiter in the organisation which doesnt know the Hr polices and procedures you cant learn anythig there instead of getting frustrated. Now the market condition is good better to work in a garments industry instead of such recruitment agencies.
all the best..
Life is short make it sweet.
From India, Bangalore
Hi Renuka,
Unfortunately, you did not mention the number of years experience you have. I presume your experience is limited (2-3 years perhaps?).
If you have the capability, and the right attitude to work, jobs are certainly available and, being in Bangalore, you should be able to land another job in 3-6 months, quite easily.
However, my strong advice is: Don't quit the present job until you have a firm offer in hand, as your chances of landing a good job improve dramatically when you are already employed. Moreover, good employers will immediately see your point of view, and probably also sympathize enough to consider you for an opening.
Lastly, try to live by the rules of the organization no matter how painful, while you are still there. And when, you are finally ready to leave, speak your mind or put your thoughts down to the CEO in writing. Thus you may do a world of good to your colleagues who are still there.

From India, New Delhi
the problem you are statting is very common in current scenario however as far as your personal calls are concerned the company has every right to restrict you to take personal calls during office time n a leave on saturday is also not obligatory for the company,however if they call you to work on sunday then you can ask them to give you a day off in coming week as weekly off as it is your right conferred on you by shop & establishment Act of the conerned state provided your organisation is registered under that Act.In last half day salary deduction is concerned you can only request your Hr manager to give you a grace of 15 minutes mentioning your reasons for delay.i can hlep you if you elaborate your problem and commitment you have given to the company.
Ashish Mittal
From India, Delhi
@ Renuka
Maybe others seem to pacify and sympathise with you but have you ever noticed that you are being paid for your hours in the office and not for personal work. Every Minute is a cost during your office hours. How good a performer are you that you would want to be treated in exception to other employees? Are you good enough to hold on and make your superiors realize that they can relax in your case??...I dont think anyone objects to a minute or two of personal calls or in case of emergency calls or maybe calls during lunch time...apart from that its your commitment to deliver in your area of expertise and built on that before you can claim that you are a prisoner...remember that even prisoners have a daily task like reporting to jailer and doing mundane works ...so instead concentrate on your performance and all the rest things will follow automatically....
regards SS
From India, Mumbai
Dear Renuka,
Seems you are not happy with the work culture of your concern.
I would suggest to look for an suitable opening in concern having vibrant culture.
Mail across your resume

Prashant K
From India, Mumbai
Hi Renuka,

1. First and foremost - you have a choice. Let's accept it - working in this condition is your choice, other choice is resign and look for job, which you have not chosen - rightly so. So, you must accept that you have two choices and you have decided to make this choice. Once you accept this - you'd not feel helpless.

2. Having accepted that this is how your organisation works - work as if everything is right - since you have chosen to work in this environment, why not work with positivity and be happy than work with negativity and be sad & stessed? Your being negative and sad does not change the environment for better anyway. While you are there, perform as best as you can, hopefully, you'd be in a position of strength and there are better chances that your boss will listen to you/your problems.

Whenever you are sad again about your condition, remember, you have chosen to work, no one has forced you to work here.

3. Your organisation must have gone thru tough times during the lean phase - and might have prompted them to focus internally on productivity. Many companies are strict about wasting time in chit-chat, personal calls etc. If you look at the BPO industry, cell phones are simply not allowed. You submit your phone when you get in and get it back after your shift! Every organisation has it's compulsions, let's not label them as jail. You do not go to jail by choice!

4. Having said this, I do not mean that you should stick to this organisation. Obviously this is not the best place to be in. With market opening up, changing job is going to be easier - but do not expect anything overnight. Keep trying.

Sorry to sound so harsh.

Be happy *always*
From India, Mumbai
compromising it doest mean that some one is right and some is wrong... its only values the thoughts of other by killing our ego... in your case you are compromising with your job.. if you want compromise for some more days.. you stick over there or else believe your capabilities and go in to market and prove your self. all the best...
T.Laxmi Murthy.
From India, Hyderabad
thank u guys for ur advice....i know i have to work....but sitting continuosly for 9 hrs in front of the desktop is not good things....it will be really good if u speak with ur colleagues
its really annoying keeping ur mouth shut
From India, Bangalore
dear renuka
it is good that your company is giving you lot of work and not much time on personal talks ,,because they may have tight schedules . you can hone your skills better when goal are challenging. try to raise your concerns by requesting for a scheduled meeting with your boss, where you can diplomatically raise the issue of your growth,likely schedules and role expectations.then decide future course of action.
From India, Delhi
Thanks renuka, all are facing the same problem. we must not run away instead we have face it. i am working in delhi...i have around fiftenn plus of exp. my company is treating us very well. they have kept camera in all the corners of the workstation and will be continiously monitoring us and feel frustrated can u imagine.
more at https://www.citehr.com/250292-how-ov...#ixzz0maDt4KPs
From India, New Delhi
Hai Renu!
Search for a alternative.Job market is too BIG.
Quit from the current employment.It is as simple as that.
Mercury outsourcing too based out of Bangalore.Do reach us if ur interested....

From India
Hai Renu!
Search for a alternative.Job market is too BIG.Quit from the current employment.It is as simple as that.Mercury outsourcing too based out of Bangalore.Do reach us if ur interested....
Note:No one can work to their potential if the atmosphere is nt good enough

From India
Hi ,
take every thing as positive , because we always want to go in comfort , but you can,t learn in comfort - no pain with out gain
1. On 15th Aug , 26th Jan & 2 Oct - no company can take work from you .
2. Saturday off is not compulsory in every firm
3. 1 minute late - you can discipline your self ,if you will follow this i think you never late in your life at any where .
4 . discuss with your colleagues on business focus , how to achieve targets ...you can get good incentives
5. Up to a certain extent Personal calls allowed in most of the company , but you cant go beyond this ..........
6. you cant compare with jail , because its totally different ....... take it positive
Every Exp brings out something good , Good time become good memories
Bad time become Good Lession ,We never lose , We only gain from life..... .
Best wishes................!!!!!!!!!!!!
From India, Delhi
i came to know the problem, yes problem is there but it is better to find a good job first, whatever the situation may be the best thing is you should remain calm about the situation. secondly, are others also feeling the same problem or barriers ? if no then check yourself whether other commitments of home are overlapping your official job ? if you get the answer as no then you must think for a job change, if the answer is yes then be a professional and separate your official and personal problems, till that time try to work according to organisation's norms and it is a fact that one situation or incident you discuss again and again, situation will be more worse, so try to find solution own your on, it will help you.
From India, Delhi
Dear Renuka,
May be a Public Limited Company or a private firm, it can't go beyond the set industrial and shops & establishment norms. You can send complaint to the Company Law Board if it is a public or private limited company, otherwise, if it is a private firm, you can approach to the Inspector of the Shops and Establishment of the state concerned. They will conduct an inquiry in to the unfair practices being adopted by the company and punish the directors of the company or the proprietor of the firm, as the case may be.
Besides, I must advise you to leave such a company where inhuman behavior is adopted and try some other company, which observes the set norms of the industry.

PS Dhingra
Vigilance & Transformation Management Consultant
Dhingra Group of management & Educational Consultants
New Delhi

From India, Delhi
Dear Renuka,
Most of the middle level executives face such issues in some of the organisations.Try to to be sincere to what you do.Ignore pains.Think of those who suffers more than you.Its temporary phenomenon.The science
and the proverb never goes wrong-Whatever you do -you will get back with
interest-do good good happens- think bad bad happens- soon Law will take its own course or some courageous persons may change the attitude of the employer.keep trying.Learn the best till you work with them.Try your best to change the culture through someone who can hear you.One small step will make a small change.
KEEP TRYING FOR A CHANGE.Our best wishes to you to get a better job in the immediate future.I stand with the cooments of PS Dhingra regarding Act and actions are concerned.
099444 79275
krubaa associate
chennai600 004
From India, Madras
Hai Renuka,
Its common in most of the consultancy firm where they work under pressure
with lesser staff and to give results quickly .We have to see the working conditions
of unorganised sectors and those below us. Even in public sector working conditions
are poor for temp workmen.
Do the best till you serve. Learn more.The proverb and science never goes wrong -You get
for what you do-applicable to employer too. Try to chnge them little.Some one
will defintely come to pull it or the Act may take itw own course.Work hard and
do justice to your role.Keep trying sincerely.You have 24hrs a day.comeout soon
from this organisation.Who knows oneday you may become a good consultant.Wish you
Good luck .Try to comeout and work a plan with schedule.Peace is more important .
without interest and with pain do not work shift even if you get little less.
Krubaa associate
Management consultant
099444 79275
From India, Madras
1) first off all dont feel helpless.2)try to start resisting little bit moderately.3)dont think that they will terminate you immediate.4)do you really feel that you can work smoothly under such stressful conditions and remain happy?then why to continue? 5)are you gaining so much little,at to loose self- esteem,physical & fitness?you may commit mistakes.in this way naturally they will terminate you.then why are you afraid of what.6)resistance will teach you a lot ,you will find that your fighting spirit has started increasing.
al d best yaar! dil chota mat karo!

From India, Pune
Hi Renuka, Surprised to see the office environment.
Accept the Reality & take the Responsibility to solve the issue.
for some other job you can also send us your resume to:jailani@alchemywin.com,www.alchemywin.com,"Worl d is a field of Unlimited opportunities" for those who are ready to utilise.
when you take action step by step, keep PATIENCE keeping the end result in your mind.(Believe that you have been given the ability to solve the issues arising in your life,we are designed in that way).
are fed Everyday but the food is not thrown into their nests,We strife everyday to overcome the obstacles we face.
this as an opportunity to be a model for your peers too.
Wishing you all the best.Have a Great Future.
From India, Coimbatore
Hi Renuka,
I can understand your problem very well as I have experienced the problem which you are facing right now.I would like to know one thing whether,are you keen to make your career in HR or you are just working in a consultany for earning money?
Please ans to this question might be I will be able to help you out.
Thanks & Regards
Meenu Tyagi
From United States, Lincolnshire
Dear Ruchika ,

This is clearly a problem of Employee harassment or Mismanagement of thoughts at employee level . I think you have some kind of Bonding /Contractual Relationship with the organization for which you cannot leave the organization . Correct me If I am wrong. However , following any kind of contract relationship the employer has to provide an employee a suitable environment to interact , learn , safety and growth .

I think looking at your problem these things are quite absent from your current job.

You have to first report it to your immediate supervisor in writing and wait for his/her response.If anything does not come in concrete , you should approach the HR Department in written and wait for their response. I hope the things will come in concrete . However , if still no one took corrective steps for improvement you can leave the organization with breach of contract. But first search for the good job opportunity as well.

if you still need my help please write to me at


Rahul Dwivedi[/I][/I]
From India, Jaipur
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