Dear All!
I have few queries in core hr and administration.
1. What can be considered in core hr. (As per knowledge i think payroll, employee attendance & absenteeism, will come into core hr), can you please suggest what topics will be covered in this core hr
2. Is administration a part of core hr and it should be considered as a different module.
3. Will recruitment will be consider into any of these above topics.
Can you please provide me some information regarding these.

From India
Core HR functions will include, Recruitment & Joining formalities, Performance Management, Compensation and Training & Development. Employee Relations is also a core HR function depending on What you do in the function of ER..

In the recent days, I have seen people discussing that Recruitment is no longer a core HR function, because in most of the organizations, this process is more frequently outsourced, when compared to other functions of HR... In some of the Organizations, we can hardly find a Recruitment team... But personally I feel that Recruitment is still a Core HR function and is a function which can be best performed by HRs...

As far as the Administration roles are concerned, I will have to admit that this is a tricky question... In some of the organizations, HR role will also include, taking care of the transportation facilities for the employees, Security, Safety measures, etc., whereas in other organizations, this is considered purely as Administration functions... This is a topic which can be debated on and still end up without a clear answer... Some of the HR professionals argue that these functions are core HR functions and hunt HR aspirants into these functions and when they look for a career change, they may end up in a situation, where the HRs of other organizations may not consider it as appropriate HR functional experience and reject the applications...


From India, Madras
I would say "Payroll" does come under HR function, sometimes taken care by the Finance department directly, but in most of the organization it is taken care by HRs... It may not be a core function as such, but definitely is a sub function which has to be taken care by HRs..
I would agree with you that Employee attendance is taken care by Admin, but again Absenteeism is taken care by HR...

From India, Madras

Hi all,
Please consider the following:
a) Core HR : Includes ; 1) Talent managemnt - aqusition, retention and development
2) Compensation and benefits- designing and implementing pay
strutures, varibale/deferred pay/ bonus. Pay roll is just one
part of it.
3) Employee engagement 4) employee welfare
5) Training
6) Based on nature of the indsutry evn industrial relations is part of Core
Admin Includes: House keeping, security, transport and any other facility managment areas travel and hotel arrangements, front office management come under the broad reference of administration.
Hope the basics are clear.
Kind regards
Dayanand L Guddin

From Singapore, Singapore
Syed Shahzad Ali

Core Responsibilities of HR are;
Recruitment & Selection
Training & Development
Organizational Development ( Compensation & benefits, ETC )
Admin Core Responsibilities;
House Keeping
Asset & Office Maintenance
Front Desk( Reception)
Petty Cash Management
Statutory Compliance
Syed Shahzad Ali

From Pakistan, Karachi
Thanks a lot for all these informations. Just want to know that Group Medical Insurance and Group Personal Accidenta Insurance will come under which vertical (Admin or HR) Thanks
From India, Delhi
Since Employee welfare and benefits concerns are covered under the core hR functions then accordingly Group Insurance (Medical or personal) will processed by HR people itself in collaboration and coordination with Insurance company as well as finance department at the time of crediting the salary accounts of the employees.
From India, New Delhi
When it comes to Core functions of HR, We tend to miss out one of the most important function of HR, the Legal aspect of HR... Particularly in manufacturing sector, a HR plays a very important role in the legal aspects like Labor law, factory act and other statutory compliance... A Human resource professional is better known as Industrial relations professional in a manufacturing sector, if he deals with the statutory issues...
From India, Madras
Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Payroll, Joining formalities, Employee Relations, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Comp & Ben, Training & Development all these will come under HR.
Housekeeping, Security, Transport, etc...will come under Admin

From India, Bangalore
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