I had a query regarding issue of salary slip every month to employees. We are a software company and are thinking of emailing every employee their salary slip i.e. soft copy instead of printout. At present also the salary slip we provide - it is stated clearly that 'it is a computer generated salary slip and does not require stamp or signature'.
I believe that if any employee wants to alter facts of his salary slip he can do even in the hard copy which has been signed and stamped, so what is wrong if a soft copy of salary slip is emailed to employees every month. also by providing soft copy we save paper which is required in today's world and also part of corporate social responsibility.
I would be glad if you all can provide insights on the same issue.
12th February 2010 From India, Vadodara

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Hi varsha,
This is a very good concern. You can give soft copy by email, but only in printable format. You have to confirm that no one can ammend this. Rest if they want, they can do it from out side also. But you are safe from the management view.
Best regards,
12th February 2010 From India, Mumbai
Just add this line at the end of pay slip
"This being a computer generated payslip, no signature required".
Use Mail merge with word and excel where u can send 3 types of format like word,plain text and html..........
12th February 2010 From India, Nizamabad
Dear Varsha,

Greetings for the day :)

I have a better suggestion for you, why dont you use format converter i.e u can create a salary slip in excel or word but when u want to send these copies to employees just use format converter and convert these copies into pdf format so that there will be no possiblities of ammendment

I hope it can resolve your problem

12th February 2010 From India, New Delhi
Hi Varsha,
The concern you have is one that most HR managers have. What ever you try there is no way you can stop a person from changing/altering the electronic salary slip ( even with pdf or any other doc ). A simple screen shot and modification with MS paint , you can do anything. There is no way you can stop this. If the person does submit the pay-slip to another company, they should verify it with the issuing company. If you can use free pdf converters like Cute pdf Writer or others as send it as an attachment.
All the best

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13th February 2010
Hi Varsha,
all are right. we give them in pdf format always. thought it can also amend but with lot of efforts. so not everyone will do that.
exceptions are always there in every case, technology can be hacked by many ways. so dont think so much but use only printable formats not word or excel formats which are easy to edit.
13th February 2010 From India, New Delhi
Hi Versha
have trust on the employees. In my Company we are using it since last 6 years and there is no disclaimer also.
It's in the inetrnal web site which one access by personal password for his own salary slip.
There is no issue involved in providing salary slips through e-mail. This in turn enables centralization of salary preparation and at the same time sending it across to employees positioned anywhere in the world .
(Rajiv Ranjan)
13th February 2010 From India, Faridabad
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14th February 2010 From Pakistan, Karachi
We use to convert to pdf and send it our employees. As mentioned by Mr. Kapil of Siemens, Nishu and others, it is always better to send it in pdf rather than in excel or word.
14th February 2010 From India, Madras
their is no harm i giving salary slip in soft copy, now a day all major companies are doing the same, and wherever SAP is available they are generating in SAP. Kapil
14th February 2010 From India, Delhi

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