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Hi Saher
I agree with you. Now a days even graduate is having the designation of AM - HR though that person really doesn't know the ABCD of real HR. Just handing basic stuff like Induction and joining formalities makes him/ her feel that he is doing HR work though I really don't think that comes in HR as to get into HR you need to uderstand the people, their behaviour and their needs etc.

From India, Faridabad

Dear Sujata and Saher,
One possible way forward is certification for HR professional on the lines of CIPD, UK which provides several routes and levels for Certification of HR Professionals.
However, in India there no such certification body/institution. It's time the industry/ HR/business professionals in India come together and think about it.
Faizal Haque

From India, Vadodara

Hi Sanjeev,

What you said is having some sense. Of course some are asking questions for which they can get the answers by themselves. But the thing here that has to be focused more is that you are asking to restrict this forum especially for HR professionals only. I am a student now. I am pursuing MBA. If there is no access to me into this forum how can i learn and what's the need to run this forum, if all the people in this forum are those who know everything. Certainly ther's no need to run these CITEHR forum if this is only for those who know everything. No need of postings and all that. Its better to stop this forum. Is recruitment not an activity of HR. Does it not belong to HR?

Ofcourse consultancies are recruting Degree qualified people as recruiters. So then what. As somebody is saying, you just don't respond to those questions which you feel are ridiculous. There's no compulsion here. Whoever wants to answer they will answer, You don't answer.

Don't bring the differences unnecessarily without an appropriate reason. All will not be alike or intelligent or know everything.

So, this is useful for all.

Thank you



From India, Hyderabad


To add to the idea, i am putting hereunder a article on Executive Coaching:

Excerpted from "Executive Coaching Questions & Answers" published by WJM Associates, Inc

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one training and collaborative relationship between a coach and an executive interested in improving him or herself primarily in career or business related skills. The process typically lasts between three months and one year, depending on the type of intervention, and consists of face-to-face developmental discussions aimed at performance improvement or developing a particular competence. The coaching is meant to be practical and goal-focused and may concentrate on avoiding professional derailers or working through organizational issues or change initiatives.

The arrangement is an alternative to classroom-style training, and is individualized, focused, and tailored to a single individual. It is also different from “consulting”, which focuses more on results of a group within an organization or the organization as a whole.

At the heart of any effective coaching intervention lies a relationship of trust and honest, helpful feedback between the coach and coachee. Coaches provide executives with feedback they would normally never get from those they work with. Coaching should help people discover and embrace the truth about themselves, the good and the bad, so that they can change and grow. Too many people stay stuck and static in their personal and professional growth, repeating the same old patterns, because they have a distorted view of who they are, and in the case of work, how they are performing. Unless people have a realistic view of who they are, including their strengths and weaknesses, they can’t move to a new heights.

Once the executive has been made more aware of his or her personal style and areas of needed development, it is the coach’s job to create an emotional environment where positive things can happen. It is the coach’s job to collaborate with the coachee to set a limited number of well defined, performance related goals and then help the executive achieve them. The coaching should be targeted and practical.

Over sixty percent of the Global 100 companies around the world increasingly provide their most valuable executives with executive coaching to fast-track achievement and extend much-needed competencies. Executive coaching can assist an organization in achieving competitive success by translating its high performance vision into clear, actionable steps to be taken by its executives.

Executive coaching is typically used to address:

Development of high-potential leaders who are looking for improvement and/or feedback

On-boarding of new leaders

Merger or restructuring

Change in strategy

Change in required competencies or job skills

Change in management

Succession planning

Cultural alignment

Improvement of under performing executives

Managing relationships

Addressing breakdowns

Creating breakthroughs

Handling turnarounds, slow growth, stagnation, and hyper-growth

Initiating growth

Thinking outside the box

Surpassing perceived potential limits

Leadership effectiveness

More to follow.



From India, Hyderabad

Hi Sanjeev,
Gone through your comments about who is a hr person and who is not.I firmly believe that what we need is a cat that catches the mouse.In other words we need people who can deliver goods.Who can work under pressure.Evenif he/she happens top be a graduate , then I do not mind calling him/her a hr person.

From India, Bhubaneswar
I'm not sure how this thread has taken the turn of the 'standard of questions raised' on CiteHR but in a way I am glad that it has. This gives me a chance to raise a concern that I have had for sometime now.
It's regarding the number of 'Humour' postings as wells as the 'tragic love stories' that have been posted and reposted on this site to death.
People please think it over in regards to:
-What is the purpose of this forum?
-Are we using this forum for HR discussions or what?
Trivia is fun to exchange but use the appropriate forums or personal mail ids for it.
I leave it upto the moderator to make a call on this, but to move to the next stage in Cite HR all of us need to show a level of maturity in the quality of posting we make here.

From Australia, Melbourne

Thanks everybody for sharing your views and thoughts.

The purpose to start this discussion is not to belittle anybody but to standardize the "Role of HR" and identify perquisites required to work in this profession.

We are living in the era of certifications and standardization of processes and procedures to fulfill the expectations of our customers and clients. Having CMM Levels, Six Sigma, PCMM, COPC etc is a must. So, it is just obvious to have similar standards in HR as well.

I have seen people working as Recruitment Managers, who are not able to explain the Business of their company, even the job profile to a consultant.

I have seen Training Managers, for whom training is nothing more than grouping certain number of people and showing them a nice presentation, without even making an attempt to identify the impact to that training.

I think, in India...time is right and ripe enough to Standardized the role of HR and let HR Professionals go for Certification.

Kindly share your views.


Sanjeev Sharma

From India, Mumbai


I do want to understand at first whether HR is about wellbeing of Human or for the person who takes it as a profession. If the first is true then first thing is we need a human face. If rest all is trues I will accept that MBA's ........ are required to become a HR.

This not the first article which I find where some one is expressing their regrest about the Non MBA's in HR profession. I would like to tell this people that there are lot of Top HR professionals who are basically graduates with 15 and 20+ years of experience in multiple functions.

To through a light on the subject Mr. Mohandass Pai who was a CFO with Infosys has taken over the HR department. I would like to know your comment on this. This is one case I have seen atleast few dozens like this.

We at Chennai networked though cite hr and we are happy to share with you that we have learned a lot and every one in the network are trying to help each other rather than pulling the legs. We want this to spread out as in Delhi and other places also.

I would recomend the moderator to warn the people who place such hurting comments.

Lets make this as a place to learn and not for display of EGO please.

Thanks and regards


From India, Coimbatore

Vijay...I don't know what you are referring to. If discussing about "Professional Approach"...if incresaing the level of thinking is EGO...then yes it is. There is no EGO involved in this posting and discussion points. It is just a difference of opinion and perception.
Kindly highlight those sentences or phrases, which you think shows the EGO.
Sanjeev Sharma

From India, Mumbai

Hi Vijay and everyone,

I think I agree with Sanjeev in what he is saying - in today's world certifications and theoretical knowledge of things is extremely necessary if you want to provide quality service to your clients. I don't think Sanjeev brought it up as an "ego" issue. He is right in saying that certifications will only help HR professionals improve in what they are doing.

For example I also worked as a recruiter for some time - although I didn't have any HR certification my knowledge of IT was handy in helping choose the right people for the final interview with our big-boss. Of course if someone had asked me to design the compensation & benefit's policy I would've had a really hard time - it doesn't mean I am incapable of doing it - it just means I'm not equipped with the knowledge necessary to do the job well. So yes, I agree with Sanjeev that every HR professional should be looking to improve their knowledge through such courses - it'll help them grow in their profession.



From India, Gurgaon
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