I am doing my final year project in WORKPLACE STRESS. i have collected the data, i used chi-square, Anova for data analysis.now i want to use t-test & z-test for data analysis.How to use it? I have used 5 rating scale in my questionnaire i.e Agree, Disagree, Neutral, Strongly Agree, Strongly Disagree.Which one i have to use in order to support my hypothesis.

Example1: For T-test

out of 100 samples, 10 of them are dept. heads

Null hypothesis: All dept.head are feeling stress due to job responsibility.
Alt. hypothesis: Not all dept.head are feeling stress due to job responsibility.
Collected data
Experiencing stress due to job responsibility.
Agree-7, Disagree-1, Neutral-0, Strongly Agree-2, Strongly Disagree-0

Example2: For Z-test
Null hypothesis: 15% of the employees are feeling stress when working in shifts.
Alt. hypothesis: <15% of the employees are feeling stress when working in shifts.
Experiencing stress when work in shift.
Agree-6, Disagree-26, Neutral-38, Strongly Agree-10, Strongly Disagree-28

How to solve this??
23rd January 2010 From India, Madras

Sona Jaisinghani
India, Pune
United Kingdom
Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
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Please see The T-Test where you find some info.
The discussions at One Sample T-Test with Likert Scale Questionnaire - Statistics Help @ Talk Stats Forum will highlight the deficiencies with your approach to using t-test to Dept. Heads problem.
Likert scale@Everything2.com this site warn against the use of t-test when Likert Scale is used.
All found at Likert scale + t-test - Google Search
I am sure you were capable of finding this info from the web before posting the query.
Have a nice day.
A retired academic in UK
23rd January 2010 From United Kingdom
Thanks for giving me suggestion
So far what i have done is everything wrong.
how to interpret likert scale data?
What i have done is i added every samples,so i got this.
Agree-6, Disagree-26, Neutral-38, Strongly Agree-10, Strongly Disagree-28
What should i have to do now.
24th January 2010 From India, Madras
Can you tabulate all the results on an Excel spread sheet and send it to me? Use 5= Strongly agree and 1= Strongly Disagree sort of codes when entering data for each of the respondents for each of the questions. Questions at the top of the colums and the respondents in each of the rows.
If the data is confidentials, please drop me a private message and I will give my email ID.
Have a nice day.

24th January 2010 From United Kingdom
Dear Kani, Please search the web for the info. Also, Kindly give more information about what you are doing and why you aree seeking the information. Have a nice day. Simhan
24th January 2010 From United Kingdom
what i done is similar to percentage analysis. I didn't use excel sheet, i have done everything manually.For each statements in my questionnaire i got the results similar to this.
Agree-6, Disagree-26, Neutral-38, Strongly Agree-10, Strongly Disagree-28

i used this data for analysis of hypothesis with anova and chi square,
for ex: relationship exist b/w no. of family members & employees experience stress when their expenses are more than income.
for the statement "I experience stress when my expenses are more than my income" i got this result.
Agree-38, Disagree-6, Neutral-26, Strongly Agree-28, Strongly Disagree-2

i categorize the data according to the no. of family members, like this.

family mem. |Strongly Agree |Agree | Neutral | Disagree |Strongly Disagree
</=3 ............. 2................... 9.......... 2.......... 1................ 1
4 ..................11................. 22...........8 ......... 3................ 0
>4.................15.................. 7.......... 16......... 2................ 1

is it correct?

How to apply this sort of codes to my statements.
strongly disagree 1
disagree 2
not sure 3
agree 4
strongly agree 5
24th January 2010 From India, Madras
Yes, using such codings please tabulate the data. And also read the material at the weblinks provided for analysing data collected using Likert Scales.
24th January 2010 From United Kingdom
thank u sir for ur rply
i've done my project in India Cements Ltd. now i'm in the position of preparing the report
i thought of doing the sign test for the facilities provided by ICL to the employees
so i've collected the data with the scale of yes, no and no option
but i've some difficulties to analyse
for doing sign test we have to eliminate the no option
and cosider only the yes and no for calculating n value
then how to find out the z value
can u explain the way of doing sign test...... pls........
27th January 2010 From India, Madurai
You are a super moderator., I suppose you can help ne.
I m doing project on stress management in an IT firm.
Could tell me on whch things I shud focus.
Hw I hv to carry d research n wht I shud do at d !st step.
Thanks in advance
21st May 2010 From India, Pune
hi someone help me, how to do chi square using the collected data.... I used five point scaling but i dont know how to use chi square for interpreting my data Karthi
11th July 2010 From India, Tirunelveli


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