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Hi guys, please view the attachment of Toughest questions in a HR interview Regards
19th July 2005 From India, Madras

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Hi Ronnie, Pl check out your mailbox... have sent you the required file... :) :) :) Regards
20th August 2005 From India, Madras
Hi Arushi Jain, please check out your mail box... i ve sent you the required document :) :) :) Regards
23rd August 2005 From India, Madras
Hi Ronnie, sorry i ve sent you an different file(previously)... any way now i ve again sent you the specific HR questrions... previous one is an xcellent guide u can use it.... Regards :) :) :)
23rd August 2005 From India, Madras
Hi Atomleaf,
How are you and thanks a lot for sharing such an excellent write up and i am sure that many would have got benefitted with your mail.
Hoping to read more such things from you, so keep postings such brilliant stuff.
Nimit panpalia :D
23rd August 2005 From India, Mumbai
hi atom...i couldnt find the link to the above mentioned topic on my page...can you please send the attachment to my mail ID. I shall be grateful to you. Thanks.
My Mail ID is:
Yash Badial
23rd August 2005 From China, Guangzhou
thanx dear looking some more disscussion from ur side like that. Ritesh Recruiter- Consultant
25th August 2005 From India, New Delhi
Thank you Ritesh... would surely discuss ... and hope to view more from ur side too...
Guys Sorry ... im unable to send doc to personal ids... litlle bit busy... anyway i have uploaded again... if u haev porblems ... let me know
:) :) :)
25th August 2005 From India, Madras
Hi Jefferson..
Its very simple... go to the first page of the topic... I believe you can find a table with the name of the document mentioned... click on the right side of the table... on the download logo.. you would be asked to open or download the file... select dowload...
You re done...
Let me know ... if you have any problems...
:) :) :)
28th August 2005 From India, Madras
Hi praveen, If u could provide ur mail ID .. i can send you the file as attachment... Regards :) :) :)
9th September 2005 From India, Madras
hi atom leaf thanks a lot for the interview questions. they are definitely an eye-opener and a good learning for beginners like me in the job field. thanks and regards :) kankana
17th September 2005 From India, Delhi
While we are on the toughset questions for interview, some suggestions for the interviewer from hrdoctor!


The most common form of employment testing is the interview. It can be useful in assessing candidates for any job classification in any type of agency. However, because of how frequently and diversely it is used, it comes with a package of dangers for employers.

Here is the HR Doctor’s "owner’s manual" for practicing safe interviewing and using this powerful tool effectively. There are 14 essentials that go into the practice of safe interviewing.

Here is the lineup:

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T every applicant, co-worker, subordinate and supervisor.

2. Focus on the problem, not on the person.

3. "Anchor" all interview questions and actions in "job-relatedness" – using job description as the best source of essential functions.

4. Use "directed imaging" to anticipate.

5. Prepare questions in advance.

6. Use open-ended, situational, behavioral questions rather than yes/no questions.

7. Document interview responses.

8. Be consistent with all candidates in major subject areas for questions.

9. Use "semi-structured" interviews – as opposed to "chaotic" or overly structured, "robotic" interviews.

10. Anticipate possible responses and issues that may come up.

11. Understand HR liabilities, such as unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, ADA issues, threatening acts, and ethics issues before interviewing.

12. Review interview approaches and questions with HR in advance.

13. Recognize "anomalies," challenges and challengers – respond with great care.

14. Don’t be the Lone Ranger in trying to handle HR risks on your own – rather, disclose your concerns, fears, uncertainties to your supervisor or HR and get advice and help.

The essence of every one of these guidelines focuses on the concept of job-relatedness. Any question asked of any applicant that cannot be anchored back to something required to perform the work is a dangerous path to follow.

Some of the 14 points above are self-evident, but here are some comments that may help in applying a few of these points.

The second item will help keep a manager from unintentionally leaving a candidate with the impression that they were personally attacked or demeaned. Asking a female about how many children she has may seem like a logical question to some interviewers. The intent was most likely to ask about whether a candidate will have consistent, strong attendance. Attendance is job-related in this scenario, not the number of children. By asking the question as described above, the interviewer has just entered the Olympic event called "jumping to conclusions." The interviewer assumes that having children is an immediate impediment to effective attendance.

Attendance is an essential element of most jobs. It is proper to ask about it. However, the interviewer who wants to know if a person will be on time and will be able to work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. should first make sure that the candidate knows that the hours of the job are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and that punctuality is important.

After that, the candidate should be asked directly if he or she will be able to report to work on time and be consistent in attendance, rather than asking about family, or how old the car is, or other questions which may have no bearing on the real subject. In this case, the interviewer means well, I assume. But, the question came out in a way that focuses on the personal rather than on the issue or the problem of proper attendance.

The best source for job relatedness is described in Point #3. Refer to the job description. The minimum qualifications and the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the essential functions of the job are housed in the job description.

Human Resources has an obligation to maintain up-to-date and consistent job descriptions. This is often difficult when HR staffing is not at an effective level, and the organization or the technology for performing work keeps shifting. Nonetheless, effective job descriptions are at the center of all other activities in Human Resources, including deciding what training to offer, what is the best basis for performance evaluation, how to take disciplinary action and much more.

"Directed imaging," refers to the idea that the interviewer should place himself or herself in the position of the candidate. Think about an interview question from the standpoint of whether it will be clear to the applicant and whether it would convey a job-related message.

To avoid a disconnect between the candidates and the interviewer, it is a very good idea to prepare the questions in advance and rehearse, attempting to anticipate the range of possible answers.

Open-ended questions, which are situational in nature, will produce more insights for the interviewer than a string of robotic questions requiring a "yes" or "no" answer. This is not, after all, a medical history form in which the doctor asks patients whether they have had the following 27 diseases. Asking the candidate to "Describe a situation in which you and your supervisor strongly disagreed. How did you handle the situation?" will produce a more valuable response than "Do you get along with your supervisor?"

The types of interviews available generally fit a continuum where one side of the scale involves structured interviews in which every candidate is asked the same questions and the answers are noted, rather robotically.

On the other end of the spectrum is an "unstructured" interview in which the questions will vary between candidates and may, in fact, be ad hoc in nature. The most reasonable position on the scale for an interviewer will be near the middle, using the technique of semi-structured interviews. In this case, questions are asked consistently to each candidate. However, a particular answer may be the subject of follow-up questions that differ between candidates.

No agency representative should ever be allowed to conduct an interview without basic training in HR liabilities and how to prevent and mitigate them. Unlawful discrimination, ADA issues, the importance of job-relatedness and more should all be the subject of a training program.

The HR Doctor recommends strongly that such training should be mandatory, with regular refreshers, for all supervisors, managers and others who will be representing the organization in doing the interviews. When someone understands the liabilities and then sees an unusual candidate response, which may be regarded as an anomaly, the interviewer will be far better able to respond quickly and effectively to clear up any misunderstanding.

A candidate who announces in the middle of an interview (even though he was not asked any question about medical conditions) that he has uncontrolled narcolepsy and that employer accommodation to sudden lapses into unconsciousness is required, should alert the interviewer to the need to follow up on such a statement in a very sensitive and respectful manner, understanding the Americans with Disability Act responsibilities.

Without that training and sensitivity, the interview may not only produce a less qualified new employee, but the interview may be the future subject of other interviews with court reporters in subsequent discrimination or other complaint procedures. Before the interview, not after or during, is the best time to take the steps to keep out of trouble while fulfilling the agency purpose of gaining insights which are job related.

Finally, no one should "walk alone" in doing interviews of potential candidates. It is better for a candidate to be interviewed by a panel or by two interviewers. It is always a good idea for a trained human resources professional to be part of the process. An interviewer who tries to handle unexpected problems or anomalies without knowing where to get help, and, in fact, asking for help, coaching, or backup from HR is really doing a rather flawed imitation of the Lone Ranger. That imitation will not help the agency, the candidate or the employee.

Interviewing offers a great opportunity for an agency to select a new staff member whose performance or behavior will be spectacular. It offers the agency the chance to promote great employees to positions in which their skills can grow and their contribution can likewise expand. Don’t blow it by doing what all of us do too frequently — trying to operate the equipment without reading the owner’s manual!



25th September 2005 From India, Madras
hi mohit this is kankana, ur fellow cite hr member i have mailed u the attachment u requested pls check ur inbox for the same cheers!! kankana
10th October 2005 From India, Delhi
Hi Chunnu, Prajyakti, Mohit Sorry for the delay.... Please check your mailbox for the required document... Thank you for your interest.... Suggestions are welcome... :) :) :) Regards
12th October 2005 From India, Madras
Hi Atomleaf: Better late than never!!!! :idea: Finally I see the topic. Simply great!!!!! :D Looking forward few other good tips for finding a job...................... :roll: Thanks and regars,
23rd October 2005 From Malaysia, Ipoh
Hi Orange .... Please check your mailbox... Hope you would like it... Suggesstions please :) :) :) Regards
2nd November 2005 From India, Madras
Hi That was really a useful literature. I am sure this will give more incite to the Interviewers and Interviewee amongst us in the group. Vikrant
8th November 2005
Hi Harikeyel, Srini, Vikrant, Jamuna ...............Thank you guys for your interest... Please check your res. mailboxes for the required file.. Regards :) :) :)
8th November 2005 From India, Madras
Hi, The interview questions stuff was really good one and quite informative also. Keep posting such good work. Varsha S
6th December 2005
HI, this is really a very very helpful document, all must read. Really a good one.............. Richa :P
6th December 2005 From India, Bangalore
hi all, i would be happy if some one mail me attachment as well. i really appreciate the work done for this. regards Nishant
16th April 2006 From India, Bicholim
hi kiran,
thanx for reply, actually im new to this field as well as on site also. and im glad that friends like u help newbies like me. plz mail the file 64 Toughest questions in HR interview on my id
have a nice day. and hope to stay in touch with u.
17th April 2006 From India, Bicholim
Hi It would not be an exaggeration if i"ll say this is the bible for any one looking for commensuarte position in the organisation . thanks for sharing this useful piece of information. Regards kapil
17th April 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Dear, It was really a great Piece. It is usefull for candidates who are looking for job as well as recruiters also. Ver well presented. Keep on sharing such idea. Regards Anuradha singh
15th February 2007 From India, Gurgaon
Hi The following links will help as well. Regards, Shyamali
15th February 2007 From India, Nasik
namste haila e to bahut accha hai re ye hamare sabhi karmchario ko acha lagega. apka bahut bahut DHANYWAD SAGAR
15th February 2007 From India, Kochi
Hi, This file was created and uploaded by Mr. Rajeev some time back in this forum. It would have been better if you could post it with additional questions or new type of answers. Thanks Binu
13th July 2007 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Can you send me "64 Toughest questions in HR interview" as an attachement on my mail ID. As i tried hard but unable to have the attachemet to the topic.
Request you to please mail me in details on the subject on my following e-mail
30th March 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Member,
I joined recently. This is very useful and courageous handbook.
I have learned what type of pace of mind the the HRs have when they interviews. It will help me to get psychological analysis of them.
14th June 2008 From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Atomleaf, Thanks a lot for this wonderful and useful post it will really help some like me to prepare for the Interview. Thanks & Regards Chetan :)
17th June 2008 From India, Pune
Hey! Why don’t you put your thoughts for sample answers for these 64 toughest hr questuions, it will help others. Thanks for the posting. Regards, Jagadish
30th June 2008 From India, New Delhi
Hi Atom, This is an amazing information ......... Keep sharing many more like these..... Regards Shweta
2nd July 2008 From India, Coimbatore
Respected frd, this is realy very usefull and good. its benefited to all hr person. regards mahesh parmar
21st January 2009 From India, Surat
hii frnds...i m abt to take the interview of a finance i really need basic hr interview ques and tips so that i could b able to crack it...plzz help
1st May 2009 From India, Mumbai
Ask, Why did u leave the earlier company? How would you justify your requirement and job fitment for this company? How you would contribute to this Company?
Stuff like this will help you to judge the candidate psychological in HR Perspective..Apply some Transactional Analysis technique by asking question to judge his behaviour to predict his personality, whether he is fit for job or not?
If you are taking interview of HR Professional then ask about Competency Mapping and Performance Management in industrial perspective...:wink:
1st May 2009 From India, Haryana
Plz tell the level of employees so that appropriate questions could be provided....:p hi ,nisha here plz help in preparing a questionaire for promotional polivy:cry:
1st May 2009 From India, Haryana
hi mr atom leaf..........its really an atom bomb......excellent stuff.........thanks yaar.....keep sharing such valuable informations.........thanks a lotttt.......
14th May 2009 From India, Kochi
hi atomleaf, these 64 questions of hr interview are indeed helpful. regards, monikasrivastava
20th September 2009 From India, Delhi
hey Atomleaf,
It is simply ossum... good i realy like it alot,
i m sure it will realy help to i m fresher, i always search this type of information....
pls share with us more information you will realy help alot to many people..
9th October 2009 From India, Pune
thanks for providing such helpful content. it can help the freshers in facing the interview for the first time and probably getting the job. thanks again.
10th October 2009 From India, Jaipur
hi It is extremely very very good . thank you for the support to Job seekers . Please Please send and help to the jos seekers. Thanks and regards satishwr
22nd August 2012 From India, Madras
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