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Hello Everyone,
We have a huge bulletian board or say notice board in office. I have recently joined as HR Executive. I have a suggestion of using the notice board as of now its not in use.
So i need suggestions as to what has to be included in notice boards.
How can i best use it?
From India, Pune
It's like motivating the employees to take part in that, of course all may not be interested.
1.You can write thought for the day.
2.Acheivement of the employee of that particular day with wishes from senior people.
3.Companies Vision, Mission, Targets and employees contributions etc.
4.Funny photographs, taken when they are eating, Snawling etc.
and many more
I request all members to add few more points to it

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Namita,
When I typed 'HR Notice board' on the top of this page and searched, it fetched 10 pages with loaded details. All related to your question. You can patiently study them and need not wait for the reply here. This is an ocean, jump and swim through the data already available here.
From India, Madras
Hai Namitha, Birthdays of employees can be written Wedding days can be written Holiday list can be pinned Vid
From India, Madras
for your notice board you can do the folloeing:
1. since its a begining of the new year you can put new year wishes to all employee on behalf of the CEO of the company.
2. you can paste list of holidays.
3. last year achievemnt of the company to boost up the morale of the employees.
4. good quotation related to team work, creativity etc can be put on.
there are many things which you can put it on. This are the few things which we follow regularly in our company.
From India, Mumbai
i maintain a notice board in my organisation as well, as mentioned above by others there are topics like:
company values, mission etc
Employees of the month, recognised employees
employee birthday list
happenings and activities
chairman's wishes, notes
guest comment cards (since my industry is in Hotels)
From India, Panaji
Hi Madam,
In Notice board you can do the following points:
01. Quality objectives.
02. Last ten years achievement - Improvement
03. Future plans for the organization
04. Last year Attendance details, i.e., - Whose take Least amount of Grace, Late, Permission and Leave (name of the person should be indicated)
05. Birth day & wedding day wishes
06. List of Persons are trained for First Aid, Fire Fighting (Name, Department with Mobile no. should be indicated).
07. Safety & Quality commitee name should be furnished.
08. Location of First - Aid Box should be indicated.
09. Any other important news should be indicated - on daily basis or your own wishes.
10. List of Holidays in the year.
With Regards,
From India, Bangalore
You can also show following -
1) various articles from newspapers, books, magazines etc related to your industry
2) Yearly company paid leaves
3) Information related various Acts related to your industry like PF, ESI,
4) Information of Some good investment plans like NSS Certificates etc
From India, Pune
You can display on notice board following points:
1.Post any latest achievment of the employee in his social field
2.Encorage the people for safety slogans
3.According the type of industry informative articals
4.Birthday greetings
5.Day special like women day(Picture of greetings)
From India, Pune
Hi Namita ! You must also post on notice board all statutory compliances as required under law. V.K.Gupta
From India, Delhi
Hello Namita
The best thing to display on the board is the periodical appreciations of the staff members. This will help them and others boost their motive and perform further better. Appreciation displayed so prominanently is always the best motivator. You can also put a big poster of photograph of the entire team (if it is not too big and there may not arise ego issues due to not inclusion of some)
Other things you can display is your company mission, vision, core purpose, values etc. You can display any certifications, awards your company has won or some best feedbacks received from your customers. You can also display the graphical pictures of the company progress etc.
But note the most important and prominent should be the first thing (of employees) as they are the key resource for the company growth and future.
Vinod Gosavi
From India, Pune
1)You can place a notice saying that the notice board will be used by you from now onwards.
2)You can place thought for the day.
3)You can place birthday notice for the employees those who are celebrating their birthday
4)Any decision that was taken by the top management provide the top management think that it should be conveyed to the employees also
5)If any employee gets promotion also can be displayed by saying congratulation to them
6)Any public holidays that was considered as holiday by your concern can be displayed that the particular day was holiday
7)Any informative thing like new technology invention,general knowledge information, any thing it could be which will be helpful to the employees can be displayed
8) you can also display notice regarding any vacancy in your concern. People who are all read that notice can give suggestion
Muthu Lakshmi - HR
From India, Bangalore
Dear Namita,
Office Notice Board (Bulletin Board) may be used for one or more of the following
  • For official announcement of Events, Meetings,
  • Formal Announcements of Shifts, List of Holidays, etc.
  • To put up Greetings Messages-Birthdays, Festivals
  • Inform Lost & Found Articles
  • As a creativity corner
  • Important Newspaper Articles
  • Photographs of Picnics and such other official events
  • Common Invitation Cards for Wedding of Staff
Ofcourse above are only a few suggestions.
It is important to note that any material put up on Bulletin Boards must be only after obtaining authorization.
Outdated materials should also be removed
From India, Mumbai
Hi Namita

There have been many suggestions on here and on the citehr in general, which I am sure you can adopt and adapt. In addition feel free to give ample scope to your own creativity and that of your colleagues to make the bulletin board come alive and be vibrant. As a media company, I am sure there will not be any dearth of ideas, content and talent.

Here are few suggestions from me.

1.Have a theme of the month and let the posts be related to that theme and ensure that at least 50% of the material is updated weekly. Encourage your colleagues to contribute, but try and ensure that the material is different an unique.

2. The material can include - paintings, posters, photographs, news items, contributions from family members particularly children etc.

3. You can run a monthly contest with a token prize for the best contribution weekly / monthly etc. To get involvement and to motivate the staff, appoint 3- 5 different staff members as judges each month.

4. To make it more participative you can explore possibilities of making a particular department in charge of the board contributions for a particular month

5. You can even put up inspirational material maybe blog posts, recommend youtube links, run an awareness campaign on global warming, environmental protection etc.

There could be numerous such suggestions...and I am sure you will be able to expand on my suggestions/ ideas!! Please also note that initially you will find it difficult to get contributions but donít give up in frustration. Your enthusiasm must be infective enough to get the others catch the idea bug and contribute.

You are also welcome to visit my blogs listed below for more inspirational and motivational content.


Personality Development, Corporate Training, Communication Skills - Website

Academy for Creative Training - Blog 1

Actspot's Blog - Blog 2
From India, Mumbai
You can also put up greetings on the occassion of :
New year, Gudi Padwa, Dassera, Diwali.
- You can also display any achievements of employee's children like academic, sports, dance, essay writing in school/college.
- Good wishes on behalf of the Management - in case any of employee's children going abroad for higher studies.
Kalyani Suri
From India, Hyderabad
You can divide the notice into medical, technology,fun etc. and then accordingly pin up the articles on the notice board.
You can arrange for small competition using notice board such as suduko, clear vision etc.. etc...
Beside this you communicate to the employees regarding the talks, which you cannot directly impose such as
- No Gossip
- Smart Attire
- No Smoking etc...
From India, Hyderabad
u can add some news release which is imp for ur industry or any article on current changes of market which can affect ur business can b added. u can give this corner a name like "Industry updates" or anything else.
From India, Haldia
seperate your notice board into colums say using a ribbon, at the top of each column put a name of that colum eg. SHE for safety, health & Environment (it is in that colum where you are going to put SHE information like SHE policy, Fire fighting team etc). another colum you may call HR where you will put all HR info like routing symbols, internal telephone list etc.
From Botswana, Gaborone
Being in IT industry you can put some interesting facts related to technology
Believe it or not strange interesting facts
Simple and Crazy puzzles
Brain Teasers
Thought of the day
Useful tips ( health, beauty,daily life etc.)
Thank you notes, birthday wishes....
Fun trivia games
Special days reminder like world health day, women's day etc.
New HR policies that people should be aware of
Positive customer feedback. Employees will feel good having their accomplishments publicly recognized
Handy informations like area that highlights where to find great food or drinks (especially for those who are from out of the city)
You can try even sudoku in notice board
And one think to notice is ,change topics regularly to keep employees engaged.
Thanks & Regards
Neenu Vivekanandan
From India, Khopoli

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