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Dear Rashmi,
First of all let me congratulate u for being cool under such stressful situations.
Coming to the problem in hand, what i would like to suggest is that people will not resist the introduction of any new systems if they are communicated properly and given a chance to air their feelings .I would suggest u to talk to your superiors without revealing the problems u are facing,the fact that it would be better if u have a meeting with all the concerned people in the presence of your superiors about the system u are going to introduce thereby u can clear their doubts.they will be given an opportunity to air their feelings and without u mentioning anything, your superiors will get a fairly good picture about the difficulty you are facing.
Even then if u face any difficulty u can v. well inform your superiors.
Maintain the cool .Things will definitely work out in your favour only!

Dear Rashmi
I have also faced the same kind of situation. First thing you need to have in your bag is the loads of patience ..
First send the mail to your Directors. Meanwhile you get the permission from your directors try to have a chat with people who are going to act against your policies ..
so that it gives you insight into their ideas about the policies & you can look to them as the first step towards building a confidence in them about your work .

I can imagine the situation u r in, but what i would tell u is involve the management in any policy, or anything that u r making or trying to implement in the organisation, atleast send a mail to get some inputs.
So that they would feel that they are given some importance, and our suggestion or advice is also taken into consideration.
In this way u would also come as to what they are expecting from u.
Try to be cool, be careful while speaking to any director of the company.
Till the time u actually feel hurt in such cases try to search for something else, but try to resolve it in a different way.
Jennifer Isaac

From India, Mumbai

I have read the posts of many HR professionals regarding your query.

I agree with the person whosaid that "everything is like a game being played, you just have to play your part better than others". Once you accept that we are are enacting our corporate roles, it becomes easier to tackle such isues.

Also, pls remember that any company will have various 'power centres' pulling employees in different dircetions and the bigest challenge for any HR is to dismantle these power centers. It will take time & a lot of patience. Just find out if the 2 directors who instruct belong to any power centre Or if there is any internal war going on between these directors & other managers. You may be getting caught in this battle. (Happens all the time)

My advice to yo is not to lose cool & at the same time show the other managers (power centeres) that u r the boss when it comes to HR issues. Its important to gain respect from co-workers Rashmi, and let me tell you that its toughest in the first 4-5months.

But keep working on it and dont lose heart. Who says HRs have nothing to do !!!!! :)

Wish you best of luck.


From India, Bangalore
Dear Reshmi,
To be practical
Make a written down document mentioning all HR procedures produce it to the Directors and get it signed, then only follow what is written (no sentiments and soft corners) to be on the safer side.
Do not initiate anything,
I'm a person who was in similar situation I would rather say same situation as my seniors were Guju's.
first follow the procedures what is been followed there, then one by one take initiatives. Your prime task would be in gaining the confidence of others. This could be done simply by asking the person who opposes "pls advise how to make it better sir " in most polite manner.
Hope things will get better

From India, Mumbai
Dear Rashmi,
First I will explain that HR is the nerve centre of the administration of the organisation. Adopt the Henry Fayol principle and all the policy related with HR implement that. The movement you will implement the all the policy related with the employee e.g. discipline, punctuality, working hours, KRA, job responsibility, tasked assigned, counselling the employee, leave rules, PAN Card, income tax related office memo automatacally their mind will go in your policy only. It is your morale responsibility to signed register, document, letter of intent and leave application. if you obstruct any where please write email to me. At any cost you have to survive and tackle the situation.
K D Pandey

From India, New Delhi
Dear Rshmi

This kind suitnation happen to all. be patient. As a HR we should know implication before intoduce any thing . Before introcuce any policy if it older company we required to follow the following.

1. All policy should be approved by the TOP management

2. Circulation of those through CEO

3. Before circulation you should judge organizational behavior/ climate

4. Indentify the employees to supportive and no non sportive

5. call the meeting and explain the importance of the policy infornt of the CEO.

6. gain the confidence of the all

7. Build up good rapport of all.

8. very careful with relative of the Director make them understand the policy make then he can adapt frost.

9. step by step you introduce the policy

it is very difficult to say. i had came across this kind of situation sever times but it all depending upon how you strong enough to sustain and manage.

use common sense and deal with diplomatically.


Shiva Prasad

if you required any further clarification pl feel free to ask

From India, Bangalore
Hi Rashmi,
I feel strongly about this point as I went through the same situation; This is what I did: I tried various strategies like being civil and nice when people where rude to me, using persuasion to get the difficult matters sorted out, taking the president of the company into confidence when any new policy was being formulated and implemented etc etc.......
but when I realised that my self confidence was at stake and I was loosing it, I decided to quit because if you lose your self confidence then you are not going to make it elsewhere till you work at restoring it
My sincere advise to you is stay and give it a good fight;it may or may not work, but the moment you feel it is taking a toll on your confidence quit b'coz, it is not worth it
Wish you all the best !!!!!

From India, Bangalore

Congratulations for the new job.

Understand one thing; you are very much new to the organisation, so everybody will take you very light. Your job is to implement HR policies and other administration guidelines. It sounds very easy that every educated professional will follow the rules, as rules are made to abide by. But my dear every person sees things in different ways. You are new to the organization and others are experienced. I will give you one example i.e. every part in the body are well adjusted in the body. Suppose you operate and made some changes in the body, it will treat those changes as foreign body. It will be adjusted but yes! It will take time. So, take things bit light. This is the most important thing. As many well-wishers are guiding you so understand those ---concept wise. Donít copy the advise or statement, please understand the advices. It will be very helpful. Give yourself some time. Do your homework and implement at a smaller scale, Do collect the feedback and then show it to Director with reason into it. I mean to say, make him understand how this thing is going to help and ask him for necessary changes as to suits for the organization. Do not make things easily accessible to everybody. If you want director needs to check in and out timing then make sure it is known to other staff. Give him some weightage. Understand the difference. You can contact me at 09871295325. I am in noida. I am also from South but it makes no difference in my working culture. You can mail also at .

Best Wishes


From India, Delhi
Hi Rashmi,
I can understand your feelings because I also passsed through the same way.
In this regard I want to tell you one thing.
If you think that you are doing something good to your organization, first put your thought in a correct way, and put them before your management.
Then you should be ready to answer to the management questions.
If they get satisfied with your policies & rules, then without any hesitation you can implement those policeis into your organization. Then you need not worry or answer to any bodie's nasty questions.
I did like that only and I got succeed also.
I think this will help you in some way.
But don't give up.
Try & Try until u get succeed.
Believe in this and move on throughout of your life.
Have a nice day.

From India, Hyderabad

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