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Thread Started by #ptlpreeti

plz anybody help ,,,,,im a fresher mba graduate joined a company where recently HR Dept has opened so i too dont have MD has much hopes on me,but im not getting wat to do & from where to start the work last day he shouted on me i felt very bad thought to quit the job but its nt the solution na,,,so plz help me out of it
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Preeti,
Post the profile of your company. Also, post your role in the organization i.e., your position / designation.
If the above details are posted then further discussion can be done.
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Company name is Elite Engineering & construction ,situated in Hyd ,have sites & branches in Tamil Nadu, Pune & B'lore.Its a construction Compy so now Planning Of HR Dept ,to collect All staff's details from all sites, And my position is as HR Admin/Exe........
im waiting for ur Reply sir plz
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
[ Company name is Elite Engineering & construction ,situated in Hyd ,have sites & branches in Tamil Nadu, Pune & B'lore.Its a construction Compy so now Planning Of HR Dept ,to collect All staff's details from all sites, And my position is as HR Admin/Exe........
im waiting for ur Reply sir plz
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Preeti,
Please find attached SAMPLE EMPLOYEE HAND BOOK here with for your reference. Go through the entire hand book thoroughly and revert back, if any doubts.
If you want, you can call me to this number: +91-9885375038 for further queries.
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad

Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Emplyee Hand Book.pdf (658.6 KB, 2968 views)

Dear Preeti,
Follow the following:
1. Identify the departments in your Org.
2. Prepare a Org Chart - Hierarchy & reporting.
3. Preapre Employee Database for all the locations.
4. Define job responsibilities for all emplyees of your Org. (Including temporary & contractual workers).
5. Compile a Employee Handbook & other HR policies & procedures.
All the above has to be done in consultation with the departmental heads & your top management.
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sowmya,
Forwarding you an attachment for employee info. tracking.
First Talk to you MD and get the info of onsite managers/workers and pass this to the concerned with a time limit to get u with the information
Hope this would workout.
Good Luck,
9th October 2009 From India, Nizamabad

Attached Files
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File Type: xls EmployeeMaster.xls (24.0 KB, 2092 views)

Dear Ms.Preeti,
What is that you are looking for. First of all create the employee database, find out from all HODs about the skill sets what they want, prepare the organogram, fix the working hours and leaves etc.
Job application form of the company, salary structures, travel and local conveyance policy nedd to be worked out.
For any further help pl. feel free to contact on mobile No. 9618204511, it will be easy for me to support as I am also stationed at Hyderabad.
Thanks and regards - kameswarao.
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Start off with one step at atime. Sit with your boss & ask him what he expects from you.
First step is to formalise the process & prepare the HR manual of the oragnisation.
Mention & formailse each aspect of HR starting from:-
Joining formalities
Performance appraisals.
events Organisation
grievance handling etc.
Prepare the formats of various letters.
Attandance management
9th October 2009 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Narednra,
I have gone through the Employee Hand book which you Posted.Its very intersting and really helpful to all the HR persons.
As i am working in a promotions and event management company, i just want to know the same kind of Handbook an be modified according to the company. Is there other content need to be mentioned in the Handbook for pomotions and event managemetn industry.
please help me out.
9th October 2009 From India, Bangalore
dear first wht u have to do is
1- create list of employees with their designation and maintain file for each employee
2- create hr document which you want to use in your organisation(u can take example from citehr)
3- leave standards
4- Attendance styles
you can start your hr department like this
trainings:- induction training maunal
go step by step if you need any help send me a msg
9th October 2009 From India, Panipat
Dear Rameshnaidu, For the time being, the Emp Handbook that I have posted is sufficient to start with. Later on you can include few more new policies to that on a need basis. Regards, Narendra
9th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
dont b confused go 1 by 1 step ahead. first work on HR amanual and then make excel sheet mentioning all employees data.n then start preparing letters ,formats.
9th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Preeti,

First of all find out whether employees database is available with company or not? if yes then upgrade the same and if not then start with this first. Collect all credentials of your employees, maintain database or their personal files which will help you in future.

Secondly prepare Organizational chart both for HO n site. Ask HOD/ concerned site incharge to send you the necessary detail and accordingly you prepare it or you can even ask them to send you the chart. This is what we do in our Company. Even i am from construction company and we have approx 45 site all over India.

Then prepare format of Manpower requisition, Offer Letter, appointment letter, transfer letter, termination letter etc. whichever you feel is required from company's point of you but consult your MD/ Sr. for this.

Job Description of Technical/ Non technical staff. For that you need to consult concerned HOD/ Site Incharge. Which will help you in recruitment process for finding right candidate.

As mentioned above there are other aspects also you can start with like Induction, Confirmation, Performance Appraisal, welfare activities for employees etc.

Preeti i feel you are too fresher for all these activities, and to form a Dept. your company need to appoint Sr. level person. You can do this but being fresher you need guidance from seniors so you prepare action plan for your dept. and have word with your MD. If possible suggest him to appoint Sr. level person, under which even you will be able to learn many things which will definitely help you for your career.

All da Best ..
10th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
Dear Preeti,
Before initiating, I advise you to prepare the Employee database, for that you need to collect the data. I am enclosing an attachment of that,which I am using. From that your concept of organizational hierchy, salary systeam, Departments, Designations will be clear. Then prepare accordingly HR presenation show to your MD, which represent current Vs. proposed & cover entire section of HR viz.Recruitment, Training, Payroll, Employee welfare, Legal etc. Next step basis of your report you can discuss the priority with the management & prepare a Policy book for all employees.
Amit Ranjan

MOb - +91-9540-317-351
10th October 2009 From India, Chandigarh

Attached Files
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File Type: xls Emplyee Database Management.xls (17.0 KB, 950 views)

The "Employee Hand Book" which you have attached will be very much helpful for Ms.Preeti.
Thankyou very much for your support.
I could find that all are very much helpful for her.
Really appreciate and feel very comfortable with this site nad its members.
Comfortable like asking advise and doubts to our close friends.
10th October 2009 From India, Kochi
Hi...............I would like to suggest one thing try to know wt are ur boss expectation from you and wt the company wants.
1. Prepare the Organization structure and reporting structure , then you will come to know the places which are vaccant and then try to search the database.
2.See wether the policy's are underplace if not then try to make it in place.
3.And HR responsiblity is to see both about the employer and employee
basic responsiblity are :- Recruitment ,Joining formalities ,Exit formalities , Employee apprisal , employee grievances and many more
if you will feel bad and will think to quit then you wont be able to perform............try to read more HR books.
Plz feel free to ask more questions- Hetal
10th October 2009 From India, Pune
Dear Preeti, I am atteching the HR tasks which will definately guide you with complete tasks of HRD and will help in setting up the HR. Thanks Navin Kumar
10th October 2009 From India, Ahmadabad

Attached Files
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File Type: xls HR Tasks.xls (26.5 KB, 463 views)



Review the current practices/policies [ if any]

Audit all hr activities that are performed [ even the crude format]

HERE ARE THE CORE HR KRAs [ key result areas]

KRA 1 : Recruitment/Selection

KRA 2 : Workforce Planning and Diversity

KRA 3 : Performance Management

KRA 4 : Reward Management

KRA 5 : Workplace Management and Relations

KRA 6 : A Safe and Healthy Workplace

KRA 7 : Building Capabilities and Organisational Learning

KRA 8 : Effective HR Management Systems, Support and Monitoring


• Understand the organization

• Understand the organization structure

• Understand the organization systems

• Understand the organization politics/influential people

• Understand the organization/individual roles

• Understand the organization/positions

• Understand the individual job descriptions

• Understand the job/ job specifications etc…


• Discuss the values/beliefs with senior management/CEO and the need for HR department.

• Discuss the expectations from HR department -short/medium/long term.

• Discuss with CEO, the organization's corporate objectives/strategies and how HR can contribute to the corporate objectives.

• Discuss / seek consensus on organization structure / management process.

• Discuss the current organization culture with senior management.

• Discuss with CEO/senior management the core activities/competences and business drivers of the organization.

Hi, there are some other stages also, i have mentioned only few stages of beginning . It would be too long write here. If you like to get compleate details than contact me . I will guide you how to set up HR dept.
10th October 2009 From India, Mumbai
You can refer the above postings and get good idea about the HR Team formation. More over be specific in forming the below verticals under HR.
1) HR Admin - Administration / induction of new joiness / Employee records and complaince / Employee data base.
2) Corporate HR = Policy , Process, Compensation Management, Performance management.
3) Benifit HR = Insurance, Leave Management, Payroll.
4) Line HR or Account HR = Employee Grivence, Relations, Engagement activities, Initiatives roll out ect....
Manoj Elanjickal
11th October 2009 From India
Dear Preeti,
Please find attached LEGAL FORM AND RETURN as per Act here with for your reference. Go through the entire file thoroughly and revert back, if any doubts.
If you want, you can call me to this number: 9975491937
11th October 2009 From India, Pune

Attached Files
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File Type: xls statutoryfactorybeforeafter.xls (53.5 KB, 217 views)

Hi preeti,

Considering you as a fresher , i guess you might have to get more understanding & output from lot of seniors in this forum on various activities of HR & also from your boss what role you have to play & what is the mission,vision culture you require in organization..

Let me go step by step to make you some understanding on the activity of HR in organization.which is newly setup (based on my experience )

1st will be mostly the work related to admin activities such as leave & attendance tracking , statutory works , system & workplace allocation , preparing letters etc, employee file maintenance, maintaining data related to employees (HRIS)+Recruitment (hope you are doing it)

2nd phase will be more of policies drafting(various ) ,employee hand book ,Grades & designation framing setting salary bracket for each bucket,organization chart , process making ,framing balance scorecard,KRA & KSA identification & preparation for each grades & designation for rolling out PMS in the company

3rd phase will be more of metrics , effective PMS, Modification of policies & process & etc
chalking out T&D training plan & execution ,competency mapping (optional)

4th will maintenance of organization activity with view to sustainability & growth enhancement succession planing , mentoring & buddy system , bring employee engagement activity here for exchange of ideas & fun.

Note: Once an activity is rolled out it should sustain else again rework will kill the system & also for each document keep history if any one who wants to review or add can go though the different phase or implementation at your work.

I am suggesting you this activities on outline bases but further if you require any help , give me call at 9790926889 / mail to .

All the best
Sujit kumar P
11th October 2009 From India, Madras
Dear Friend If you can call me on my number ... i ll be able to help you very accurately. My number is : 9849940050 My Present Company is : MTAR Technologies Pvt Ltd Lakshman Kumar Grandhi
11th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Ptlp
Do not worry about forming HR department
Please,follow up on your job description on what is the requirement or roles of the job title
Make sure you take 100% of all HR issues by ensuring that all HR working tools are in place i.e department structure,objectives of the HR department,roles of each staff,make sure all personnel files are well maintained and updated,staff regulations is in place,monitoring of staff discipline,give guidelines on the issue of recruitment,training and development of staff,follow up performance management and establish job descriptions document for your company,this will help you to know every at the company and what is his/her roles.
With best regards
Elisante Yona
12th October 2009 From Tanzania
first step is to give a shape to your orgnaisation by defining the various roles and function in the organisation.
Get all the statutory formalities completed especially under the employment of contract labor Act.
an effecient payroll system that comprises of attendance, leave, salary, benefits etc...
You can think of a employee handbook once you are through with the above.
12th October 2009
Dear Preeti
This is a great challenge for you and if you are successful then you will experience a steep growth in your career. But at the same time do not forget your "intervention" lessons. You must interact with your MD on daily basis on your planning and implementation part and take him in confidence before you go ahead with your plans.
I am myself working as an HR for an IT hardware company where the HR functions are independently handled by me. I have put in my 4yrs of experience into practice and have introduced lot of new policies for my company.
The information provided by Narender is of vital importance and is a base line on which HR functions. The vital statistics for HR is the employee database. You must collate and work accordingly.
Rest if any further information required, you can contact me @
All the best.
12th October 2009 From India, Delhi
Hi Guys.

I am new here and in South Africa. Maybe the way that you guys do things is different from us. However, I belief that HR is HR regardless where you are.

My understanding is that you are starting an HR department from scratch right? I hope my insights will provide some inisght.

1. As you have learnt from your studies, you probably have to understand the role that HR plays within an organisation. There is TRANSFORMATIONAL and TRANSACTIONAL HR.

The two complements each other. With Transformational HR you deal with HR as a Strategic Partner - The Dave Ulrich's model - HR as Strategic Partner, Human Capital Developer, Employee Champion, Functional Expert. I will briefly explain

Strategic Partner - You will have to develop an HR Strategy that will drive the overall Business Startegy and Business Objectives. Your MD is probably interested in seeing how much your division will bring to the overall business. The first thing will be for you to understand what the strategy of the business is. Once you do that, you are home free. My experience has taught me that the Business Executive needs someone who speaks their language. For example, if we talking leave maladministration, you need to quantify how much it cost the company etc. I have attached a file that will guide you through the HR strategy development session.

HR as a Human Capital Developer - Focus will be on Talent Management, Succession Planning, Organisational Structure etc. Still driven by the Overall Company strategy and Objectives.

HR as an Employee Advocate - that deals largely with how you will keep your employees happy, motivated etc. This will be informed by your HR policies

Lastly, HR as an Administrative Expert - As much a other people within the organisations are experts in their field of specialisation, what's stopping us from being the same? Make sure that you use HR Best practices. I call it "Cradle to grave"- We should be expert in the processes involved from recruitment to exit (retirement or termination)

The Trancational HR will be that dealing with issues such as your Administrative processes. Your HR Maintenance - most of the things our collegues have metioned in the preceeding responses.

I hope this helps.
12th October 2009 From South Africa, Johannesburg

Attached Files
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File Type: doc Human Resources Strategy.doc (37.5 KB, 471 views)

Sorry guys, I meant Functional Expert.
Over and above, find yourself a MENTOR. Someone who has been in the HR Field for quite some time. They will give you guidance. Your MD can only take your questions to a certain level, as they will remind you why they chose you as the best candidate for the job!!!! The best place to start will your Lecturers from Universities...
12th October 2009 From South Africa, Johannesburg
Dear Preeti,
It has been almost 03 - 04 days since you have posted a thread regarding the start up of a HR dept in your Org.
So far you have received 19 posts regarding the same.
Have you started / initiated anything based on the inputs / posts that you are still receiving???
Try to give your feedback over the effectiveness of the suggestions / inputs being given / posted by the members of CiteHR.
The feedback is requiered as it helps the members to guide others confidently & efficiently.
Don't forget to post your feedback after you implement the inputs posted by CiteHR members.
12th October 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi, plz help me, i Have joined an organization as a HR Executive & i hv been asked 2 make HR policy as it is setting up a HR dept. for the first time..
12th October 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear All,
I am working in HR Department for manfacturing industry. We would like introduce the the system of Working from Home for staff members. In this regard we would like to have the policy / guidelines for implementation.
Kindly help us in this regard.
Thanking you,

16th October 2009 From India
Dear PTLPREETI, Please go through HR department start up. you will get massive of information in this regards and moreover more resourceful. Regards, Robin
14th December 2016 From Bangladesh, Dhaka
Thank you for sharing good information on Strategy. Your contribution to CiteHR Community is useful and i appreciate the same.
6th January 2017 From India, Mumbai
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