:icon9:However i m a mech engineer of 2008 batch.
I m desperate to go to gulf by ths jan for my future career
but so far i ve an exp of just 9 mnths & by dec it would b 1yr max.
But i m planning to show an exp of 2 yrs as most of gulf comp needs a min of tht.I m a site hvac engineer.Do u ppl thnk d gulf comp will have a background check & shall i show an exp of 2yrs. Or will 1yr exp wil help me????
If yes can ne1 plz tell how it would...plz reply as soon as poss guys.m much eager for it & in need too.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mohsin,
While people here are good at suggesting the right way - I am not sure anyone would support the fact of you faking the documents.
When we are true in representing ourselves - anyone can boldy suggest you the way, becuase even if something goes wrong in between - you have the side of the truth. When you are true you need not fear anyone.
But when you fake yourself, and get into trouble one day - you will have nothing to support you. No one online / or any forum or even people who once supported to this decidion of faking documents will be there to support you.
The easier way to achieve success and climb up in career / life - may be by faking your profile. But when you fall from greater heights, it will leave you as a "Worthless piece".
When you have tasted success, through real effort/hardwork - no one can push you down, and you always remain Original.
Try gaining the required experience, and always be a "real" material.

From India, Madras

Its always better and safe to represent the real. Normally companies do adopt background checks in the selection process. regards, shijit.
From India, Kochi
just remember if they found you good in interview your exp does not matter but if does not able to perform good wht will be use of fake exp. dear HR people are not fool they can judge person easily
so be real they defiantly check your background as you are outsider person
so be real

From India, Panipat
And even otherwise - they will only consider experience after you have graduated. Since you are a 2008 pass out, it would not be difficult for them to judge.
Wait for some more time - after all you are a Mechanical Engineer - a qualification which is much demanded anytime. :-) good luck. You will go great heights as far as career is concerned. No worries.

From India, Madras
hi mohsin,
don't provide any fake details. the repercussions in the gulf will be bad. they can detain you, revoke your visa rights and blacklist. try to enhance your skillset. also keep working at one end and at the other end keep trying for jobs which match your experience and expertise. something better will turn up.
a bit more patience will help you. don't ruin your career in a hurry.

From India, Madras
most of the gulf orgs do background verifications so please do not take any risks....i personally receive quite a few
From India, Mumbai
Do you want to be true to your "inner self"? Listen to your inner voice; usually it shows you the right way. But when you yield to the "demon", which we all have, and do not act according to the inner voice, we fall by the way side. An expert Psychiatry consultant lost his job, just because he copied a few passages from some other doctor and published it in his book.
Have a nice day and wish you all the best.
A retired academic.

From United Kingdom
Dear Mohsin,

(This reply is meant only to you. Others may not understand what we are talking about)

Here we find the main difference between the job offer system in Gulf Countries and India.

All the above said replies are NOT related to GGC. In fact,You will be given some on the job tests. Even I (I am not a mechanic) can say, by the way you approach the machine, the way you start inspection, the way you open the parts, the way you diagnosis & summarize the problem, HOW MUCH experienced you are! You got the point?

The FACT is, your certificates may even not be demanded by your interviewers! Really!!

We have some skilled HVAC mechanics who are really experts than B.Techs. I dont think they are educated more than 8th. If I show them a peice of steel, they would say: 'Oh Sadique, this is not from this machine, it's a broken piece from your car!'. If they are provided a load of parts, a complete machine will be assembled.

The difference is... They are NOT able to explain you HOW it functions!:( The Mech. Engineer could give you a lecture on how the Hydraulic System works in a Shovel. When it doesnt function properly only an expert mechanic can diagnosis where the problem really lies even without opening the machine.

So, Are you really experienced? Do you have experience with any of the machines of DUCT, METAL SHEET BENDINGS, PROFILES, Cut & Bend, Wire Mesh, Fabrication, PAPER TISSUE, PET PRE FORM, Machines of Krauss Maffae (Italy), Heavy Generator (50-110 KV)?

If yes, reply me with a copy of your CV.

If you are not, Dont apply for a Mechanical Service Engineer in Gulf Countries. Better you start as an Assistant Mech in Gulf, get experienced all machines, get promotion later, resign and look for another companies if not promoted.

Since you are a Mech. Engineer, may I ask you one of my long time unsolved curiosity? In 'Enfield Bullet' bike, people say "correct ambiar befor start". What is this funciton? How it functions?

Late reply means Not Replied


From Djibouti
What made this person to post such a stupid question here?? Is he with an illusion that this forum members are "420-consultants"!! Moreover will anyone undercut their own profession by giving a tricky advice??? No chance....So Mohsin be real.....
From India, Kochi

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