i feel communication is a 2 way process because - it is the expression of ones views and the understanding of the other.
From India, Pune
dear frnd
according to me communication is a two way process because if we are talkin to some one and he or she did not understand what we are saying than how we will communicate with others so to communicate with others both parties have to be response

From India, Gurgaon
Why has given us Mouth and Ears - for the same reason.
Communication is different from speaking or telling because communication is not complete unless it is heard / understood / interpreted by someone else.
Communication may not always be verbal.

From China, Leizhou
Dear Malini P., Thanks Thanks a lot for the information. I have searched a lot on this topis in web but I couldnt find. Your information was really very effective. Thanks again for all your efforts.
From India
Very simple explanation. Communication is a message between two people - a SENDER and a RECEIVER. John in Oz
From Australia, Melbourne
hello dear friend According to me communication is a two way process ,because it completely depends up on sender and receiver and also common need of both. ravinder.d
From India, Hyderabad
Great ppt..its very very useful to my work nature..for me its upward and downward communication in an organisation...i have planned to hold get together with my team on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month..In this connection , i am collecting as many as ppt related to motivation,team building,personality etc.,dealing with civil engineers..planned cricket match, art of living sessions ...please share as many as ppt to show them when we all gather...

From India, Bangalore
It is the same as what we called "monologue" and "dialogue". Monologue is when you are talking to yourself. And dialogue is when you are talking to someone else. That's communication. What is the purpose for that? There are four step to clarify it. First - build up a good communication. Second - build up the understanding between those two parties. Third - persuade each other to get acceptance. And fourth - this is the result of the three previous steps ... TRUST.
From Indonesia, Jakarta
Yes Ashmita

Good answer !!!

(Generally) communication IS a two way process.

Even if the information or data is coming from one way; the receiver must acknowledge the receipt of information - which is indicated by the FEEDBACK loop in the diagrams.

Technically, communication can be a one-way process, like top to bottom in organizations (chairman's address, circular, notices), broadcast media (TV, radio); or say, a protest (down to top) etc. However there is always a provision for feedback, making it a two-way process.

In Communication technology, mobile phone etc. offer TWO-WAY communication, simultaneously; and are called FULL-DUPLEX system; whereas Walkie Talkie Wireless System offers HALF-DUPLEX communication, which is again a two-way communication, but at one time only one party can speak/listen.

Example of true one way communication is when astronomers send messages/signals to distant stars in distant galaxies. Another example could be your communication with God, :-D , but i don't think many would agree that it a one-way communication. :icon1:


From India, Delhi
Dear CITEHRIAN PUNEKAR, I have attached 3 Slides to explain how and why communication is a two way process. Nazir Ahmed Vaid
From Pakistan, Karachi

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