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Hi Friends,
Sharing a PPT on Customer Service with you guys. Thought this will help you in building good CS training program for your organisation. If you like it, kindly add replies and give feedback so as to improve my further PPTs.
4th December 2006 From India, Mumbai

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File Type: ppt day2_customerservice_new_199.ppt (106.0 KB, 25324 views)

Hi Himanshu,
Have just downloaded the presentation. Have'nt gone trough it in detail but it appears to be pretty comprehensive at first glance. Lets see if I can add any value. With your permission may I add to your presentation if I find something with me and upload the same?
4th December 2006 From India, New Delhi
Hey Ajay,
All yours.. nice to see that people are really professional and courteous enough to ask permission. You can add and update it.. it's a kind a share which should grow with each download.
5th December 2006 From India, Mumbai
hi, thanx a lot for the PPT. It’s good though there is always scope for improvment. thanx for sharing. regarads DK
5th December 2006 From India, Mangaluru
Downloaded ur ppt., very comprehensive..and good stuff.
wud u mind if i do end up using it for some very basic level training workshops ?? also, mite end up adding some stuff to it, and with ur permission may i upload d same,here for ur perusal ??
5th December 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Himanshu, To let you know that I have not yet downloaded the ppt. of course ill do it right away, but first will say thanx to you for posting it. Reason- Your message Regards, Pooja
5th December 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Himanshu:
Thanks for sharing this with us. A good presentation on customer service. One suggestion I have - May be you can add a tips to handle difficult customers and at the same time they understand what the other side is intending to say, without spoiling the relation.
Thank you very much.
5th December 2006 From United States, Sylmar
Hey Richa, The presentation is shared for the above mentioned purpose only.. i.e. for you guys to use it customize it and add to it at your will.. Thanks for asking anyways Rgds Himanshu
6th December 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Himanshu,
I really appreciate your content especially customer turnover statistics, but if you could add some pictures which is relevant to your content may hold a big impact to your PPT.
Human Resource
6th December 2006 From India
Dear Friends,
I acknowledge the comments and appreciation by all of you.
Thank you very much.. your comments and appreciation have really motivated me a lot and I will keep up the good work going.. I have rolled the ball not it's all of us job to keep it rolling and not to let it stop...
So to add to the kinetic energy of the ball I have posted another PPT on email etiquettes as a share.. also let me know how did you find that one..
(the ppt is by the new post named PPT - Email Etiquettes in the Training Forum)
6th December 2006 From India, Mumbai
hello mr.Himanshu ,
the ppt on topic customer service.......and it was a nice extract.......a customer is very important for us and we r dependent on him....the presentation is very important during the training that they can realise the "importance of the customer and his role for a company"
plz come up with good articles with same spirit
- manikumar
7th December 2006 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Himanshu,
I could down load your ppt. just now.
Found interesting & good piece of work. Sufficient for upgradration of service skills in employees working in any service organisation.
Keep it up.
Anil Kaushik
7th December 2006 From India, Delhi
Well made... That what i can say... I would really like to use it in my organisation too.. Warm Regards Davis John 098496 21182 / 098855 97149
7th December 2006 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Himanshu,
It really nice going thru ur ppt. I shall re-read it and get back to with some additions so that manufacturig industry too is addressed.
Warm regards & keep it up with the good work :D
9th December 2006
Hi !
it's a very very GOOD presentation. A good idea to share info and skills with us. i really appreciate this and i hope this process will continue. and YOU HAVE DONE A VERY GOOD JOB. :wink:
10th December 2006 From Pakistan, Islamabad
A very good comprehensive presentation on customer service. Vergy good for CC guys in general and CC guys of service industry - in particular. good work himanshu.. and thanks a lot.. regards sathya
11th December 2006 From India, Madras
Hi, The presentation was good, should be more specific. Thanx for your work. Regards karthik
11th December 2006 From India, Madras
Hey Mate, excellent ppt. would be definately looking forward more such fabtastic information. regards Veinud Sharma 9967067774
21st December 2006
Hi Himanshu, Just viewed toyour PPT..some of it too congested. Add some quotable quotes to add zest to it. With regards, Coach Randawa
22nd December 2006
Dear Himanshu
Hi! I have seen ur presentation and I think Iit is good. A very clear message. Some suggestions:
How about less words and a few pictures to make the message more effective. Think abt it.
By the way Iam a vocational trainer by profession. iam therfore very interested in presentations and Iam informally conmductinmg a survey to find out what makes presentations effective?
23rd December 2006 From Oman, Muscat
Hi Himanshu,
I have been a irregular on this site. This was one of those days when I managed to go thro your ppt. First look very interesting and well laid out ppt. Thanks for helping me refresh some of my memories.
Your effort seems to tell me why customer service is important, and how internal customer orientation might be of help to exceeding the exteranal customer requirement.
On the other hand, I thought we could have added some aspects on behavior related stuff such as interpersonal negotiation to yes, in order to overcome internal barriers / conflicts in the interest of customer service.
I thought there were some scope for examples as well.
Trust my perspectives help.
Rgds - Sairamesh
23rd December 2006 From India, Bangalore
Wonderful ppt, very exhaustive and self explanatory.
I felt that the content on some of the slides is a bit on the higher side, to be comfortable to the eyes of the audience. Probably we can consider splitting up of a few slides into smaller content clusters.
Overall, the PPT is a great compile, which can readily be used even by a novice trainer in the CS industry!!
Cheers, keep up the good work!!!
27th December 2006 From India, Bangalore
hi, this is what i is more content oriented....may be you should have added a couple of pictures also to express ur views :wink: ..good compilation! :)
6th January 2007
15th January 2007 From Nigeria, Ibadan
Dear Himanhu, Very good PPT. Please add advantage / disadvantage of communication or customer handling. Regards, Kiran Rane.
14th February 2007 From India, Mumbai

As I am developing a C/S framework for my new hospital, I discovered your slides while browsing through C/S-related topics. I could use this off the shelve when I decide to train new staff and am time challenged to develop a deck of my own. You had put in a lot of efforts to put it together and it is a commendable effort.

My little reservation and concern I had organised/attended vendor programs which included similar concepts during my 10-year stint in local and regional HRD Department in my previous organization. I am still working with at least 2 of these vendors. I would like to avoid them thinking that I had taken anything out from their program design as many C/S concepts are similar.

We all recognize that we have our own capabilities in developing a C/S program and it is hard to avoid from making it seem like we had adopted from somewhere even if it was from our own understanding/experience/creativity/research and knowledge.

I would like to use most of your slides and build on from there when I am ready to deploy our C/S programs.

Many thanks.
16th February 2007 From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Himanshu,
That was a real good presentation on Customer Service, which provides details on even how to identify the customers. Good job....
Sure will be useful for most of the members of this forum.
Thanks for sharing this.
Mohammed Azmath
20th February 2007 From India, Tiruchchirappalli
It encompasses most of the issues of custoemr service. Problems faced in customer service and hoe to overcome them could be considered and included. Anyway, great stuff :D
11th March 2007
Hi Himanshu,
Good inputs on Customer Service and appreciate for sharing it with all. I feel more examples or simple case scenarios can be added to make it more interactive as well.
Good work!
14th March 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Himanshu, I recently joined this group and yours was the first PPT i downloaded. I was looking for something like this to help me out in my training. I guess i owe a Thanks. Regards, Nazia
16th March 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Himanshu,
I appreciate your effort in putting your thoughts together to make a wonderful presentation and sharing with fellow members.
I have gone thru' the PPT and impressed the way it is made.
We are doing a program for Retail guys on Customer Service Excellence and I really liked some of the slides and with your permission, i would like to use it in my PPT and lecture
Appreciate if you can share any more PPTs / inputs on these lines
You can reply to my yahoo id: . Lets stay in touch
Thanks and Regards
Shyam S Mantha
9949 610033
30th March 2007 From India, Hyderabad
i am new to forum(one month) . believe me, it is good and well covered ppt. i could not open your fist one. iwill cary out detail analysis later, will send some productive suggestion.
keep on doining fine job,
31st March 2007
Hi Himanshu,
Your ppt has some really interesting stats that can help establish interest and need in an audience. I would put that slide right at the start of the presentation for maximum impact - just a thought.
- Nita
17th April 2007
hi himanshu!! its a good ppt!! worth reading and a gr8 motivational one!! thnx regards kinjal
5th June 2007 From Egypt, Cairo
Hi Himanshu, Good Presentation. The issueof internal and external customers often confuse me. Am sure its gonna help me out. Regards, Santosh Verma.
6th June 2007 From India, Bangalore
Dear Member
Congrats; It's really presentable
with your permission may I present in my org
ple say so on my email
thank u for sharing with our comminity of HR
11th June 2007 From India, Visakhapatnam
I just saw your posting. Its indeed a very nice one.
Keep it up. I am sure you have really worked a lot on this presentation. The flow, content, graphics, are awesome.
Keep it up and keep posting such informative presentations.
Dr.Shanti Rekha
18th June 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hi there,
Great PPT. The content and the flow is great.
Some quick suggestions:
Add some visual images/ effects to the text (helps in breaking the monotony)
Add source of Data (Makes is more credible)
For E.g: Slide 22 - Surprised
The data is based on research conducted by Michael LeBoeuf for writing "How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life".
All in All, Very Engaging.
Keep up the good work!
19th June 2007 From India, New Delhi
Hi, Thanks for the PPT. It’s good Keep Posting more ......... Do you have any PPTs for selling skills or for train the trainer’s program. Rgds Binaz
9th July 2007 From India, Madras
Dear Himanshu,
The presentation slides are informative, however i have a suggestion with regards to the flow of slides / program. The presentation flow should be based on the design.
Some suggestions are Slides on Business / Market Trends, Branding, Customer Retention / Brand Loyalty statistics to generate discussions that will ultimately focus on Customer.
Looking at expectations from Shared Services is another aspect of culling out Internal Customer benchmarks. The inputs then could be channeled to customer service, customer care, customer delight and customer life time value.
The customer charter of rights or the concept of SLAs and case studies on how mystery shopping statistics have revealed the impact of customer or after sales service could also be highlighted.
9th July 2007 From United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
your presentation is complete in terms of text but add few animations to it .good job meghna
13th July 2007 From India, Chandigarh
Hi Himanshu, Good ppt. But bit lengthy. Very informative and thought provoking Regards, Priya
13th July 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Himanshu,

Thank you. The ppt is very well done...

I may rearrange as required but use it I will!

Have a GR8 day.

Have you heard of TTI? They have come up with time tested assessment tools. Many reports can be generated out of each tool,such as Customer service ,sales, Talent assessment etc. We are following one which reports

1. How a person behaves.

2. Why He/She behaves like that

3.His /her Competencies.

The tests are evolved by TTI. This is proving effective. When large numbers are involved the price is reduced considerably.

Incidently TTI happens to be the first company to develope and introduce computerized and personalized reports.

Interestingly enough they are conducting a program, first time in Chennai.

Course name:CPBA- Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst

Venue & Date: Le Royal Meridien, Chennai. 3Rd & 4Th August '07

Cost: 12,000 + taxes for 1 and 10,000 for two or more.

This has been found very useful by Trainers, HR personnel in many fields,

Recruiters, Heads of institutions. I would request you to contact me for any clarifications Sujatha-98408 54301. Do inform people who will benefit form this program.Read the attachment regarding details of Course & Cost.

TTI-Target Training International.LTD.
27th July 2007 From India, Bhilai

Attached Files
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File Type: doc cpba_invite_103.doc (77.0 KB, 142 views)
File Type: doc cpba_invite_103.doc (77.0 KB, 58 views)

Dear Himangshu,
It's good one. I'm in multiplex industry so using few of the part in my presentation from our business angle.
Hope i can get your permission for the same.

24th September 2007 From India, Pune
Its a wonderful work from you and your effort is really commendable. Let it be helpful to all...
I request everyone to atleast give feedback about the material you download as it'll be of great help for the person posting it to make necessary changes if required any for future postings.
24th September 2007 From India, Madras
hi HImanshu The ppt is very good. Do you have any format for a questionnaire on Know Your Customer??? Rgrds, Sandhya.
11th December 2007 From India, Mumbai
Hey! The attachment is good(Content). I apreciate if you cud have presented it in a attractive way. Any way thankx for the conribution. Keep posting. Cheers, Karthik.Ghali
11th December 2007 From India, Coimbatore
Hey, excellent pres, thanks a lot for it, wanted to start some cust servc initiative in my organization, and this pres seems to be the perfect start :) Regards, Kanhaiya
22nd January 2008
Kind words of Thanks to all of you who have found this ppt useful and have shared their important feedback in form of thanks, comments, critics and motivation.
I would be soon posting some equally good material, once I get settled with my own tasks..
Thanks once again
22nd January 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hey Radha, It’s indeed a good suggestion.. you will see this reflecting in my new material.. and I would definately quote you as a motivator.. ha ha ha Thanks and regards, Himanshu
22nd January 2008 From India, Mumbai

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