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Ash Mathew

There is no point in going so emotional. Infact you are looking for a response that satisfies your views.
There is a certain purpose behind imposing this dress code correct?
WHen you are saying that we need a lot of experience and understanding, ity does not mean that nodding the head at every single request means "Experienced"
:-) I hope you understood.
Its absolutely silly to think Saree is much dangerous than Salwar! If you think so, kindly make arrangements to be picked on the Monday.
The reason why I asked why your parents are not concenred abt the 10:00 pm time is:
You agree that you have to work extra hours (which is not required at all - and you can even demand it from a Woman';s point of view that its not safe to work late hours)
And when asked to wear a Saree - if you go and talk abt safety and inconvenience... Hello there is something else in the big picture. So they will definitely tell you that its just about comfort you are talking about

From India, Madras

Hello Pallavi,

Let me put my view "it may be like putting the cat among the pigeons". As a male of South Indian origin, I consider saree to be the most elegent and versatile form of attire that our ancestors created. Even in UK, when my wife started work in a manufacturing plant as a technician, the locals admired the saree and even today my friends do not like when my wife wears western dress. The like to see her in a saree.

From the discussions above I find that you were looking for support for your view, like Asha has aptly pointed out. Any view that did not support it, you have just brushed it aside and said close this discussion. This discussion is useful to others too who may face such a situation.

Coming your point about male colleagues having to wear suits, please tell me how many men have you come across wearing dhothi in the south or pyjama kurtha in the north. Over 50 years ago, I had seen workers in Bengal wearing dhoti to work. I had not seen that elsewhere.

Have a nice day.


From United Kingdom
Hi friend,
I can understand your discomfort. And I have one solution. You can contact some one from the Human Rights Commision or Labour Law commission, where in you can get advice regarding dress codes under The Companies Act, 1956. Have a great time. If some change happens, inform me about what has happened. It may some of my friends.

From India, Erode

Dear pallavi,
management reserves the complete right to impose dress code in order to ensure smooth conduct of the house and for business necessity as long it suits our culture but not your freedom.
Dont site occasions to substantiate your claims and it may
occur in any form of dress.
I have comes accross many corporates imposing dress code for all the employees because of one or two employees' dressing pattern.
You are lucky enough to follow the dress code only on monday as most corporates impose dress codes from monday-friday and casuals on saturdays only.
I hope every parent will be comfortable with sarees.
I am of the opinion that you are uncomfortable with some other issues and this is a relative outburst.
Take care

From India, Madras
Hi ...
Im Annie who just joined as Asst Mgr HR . All my life i have not even worn a Suit let alone a saari and now my job demands me to wear saari 6 days a week. I was upset at first but in the corporate world one has to follow the norms and rules laid down unless they are rules that are absolutely unacceptable.
So now i have to drive an hour with a saari on even though im leasttt comfertable. But with time ill get comfy im sure. And yeah i know there is no law that i have heard which we are talking about here. But im new to HR. So any information is more then welcome.
Take Care
Annie Mathew

From India, Delhi

It does not look like a HR malfunction. Pallavi had you mentioned that you were forced to wear a suit - and you were not comfortable with it.. you might have still had some empathizing responses...
My girl too complains that she is uncomfortable in a Saree - but she perfectly carries herself well. I dont think that putting up an issue makes someone look bold on these kind of issues.
And talk about safety - she travels frequently and until now she has never said that it was dangerous for her (she has enough material in a big cute bag - even criminals may not think that deep ;-) )
Its just a matter of change in mind and the way you look at it. Why do you think that the other girls have just told that they are uncomfortable - its just like a style statement. Comeon!

From India, Coimbatore
hi Pallavi,
I m sure by now u must have been clear on this thing that there is no law for deciding and following the dress code........Just try to have a different approach for handling this issue........I am sure u'll surely get through in the nicest possible way.........
All the best!

From India, Pune
Dear Pallavi,

After reading all replies and your concerns regarding your dress, I would like to say few points:

Please try to understand that it is a basic human nature to resist change at first instance, especially when it is against one's wish. In your case, unfortunately, both options (trousers & shirt, saree) are not matching with your wish.

First of all, please note that no company will change the policy for the interest of one or two employees.

So, we have to think for solutions from different angles. I feel that there are three ways to resolve this issue. You please try with all or analyse all and choose the best, as we do normally in HR.

1) speak to all female employees, get their ideas and opinions regarding this issue. If at least 80-90% are supporting your idea to wear Salwar, then foward an application to the management with all supporting employees names and signatures. Normally, the management won't ignore a request from the majority. If your female colleagues are nor supportive, it is not advisable to make a mess-up with this issue, as you said it might reflect in your appraisal.

2) Try to convince your parents to allow you to wear trousers and shirt. Afterall, it's not a bad dress. It's confortable, covers the entire body. Tell them that it is the policy of the company and you should either take it or leave the job. I think your parents will allow you to wear trousers. Which is an easier task, convincing your parents or convincing your company? think about it.

3) Take it as a challenge for change and start wearing saree. Of course, I agree with you that Saree is uncofortable for office job and long journey, but remember that saree is our traditional dress and it's beautiful. Make up your mind and convince yourself.

In short, to resolve this issue, you need to convince anyone of the following:

1) your company,

2) your parents,

3) yourself.

think which is easier.

Best of luck

Sunny Mathew

From Qatar
Ash Mathew

Dear Sunny,
Great observation in the following comment by you:

In short, to resolve this issue, you need to convince anyone of the following:
1) your company,
2) your parents,
3) yourself.
think which is easier.

Pallavi I vote the 3rd option for you :-)

From India, Madras

Hi Pallavi ,
Really i accept ur ideas try to convience the management look out for work not abt dress .
bcoz u r all not a college girls wearin expossive dress and you must create that trust you will maintain your diginity to ur mgmt .

From India, Madras
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