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There is an issue in the company that regarding giving the farewell party to the employee who is leaving the company.
We have an employee who is associated to the company from the inception and has given her whole to the contribution & to the growth of the company.she is leaving as getting married.
Now what i feel is that if an employee is leaving the co. its loss to the company and it cannot be celebrated.other thought is that she has contributed so much to the growth , al least when she is leaving she should be given a party giving her the feeling of importance.
Now if its given to one then it has to be given to all who are leaving which i suppose is not feasible.
I want your opinion and suggestions regarding this issue....what can be the right way???
Thanking you,
Bhavna Bhadka
From India, Vadodara
I want your opinion and suggestions regarding this issue....what can be the right way???
From your narration my humble opinion is she sure does deserve a party considering her loyalty, contribution, commitment etc. I know her leaving the company is nothing to celebrate as you’ll are losing a valuable employee.
But in my observation, farewell parties are not official. It is rather a tribute to her which is organized by her set of friends or the department. When you are leaving a company, if you are leaving the company and you are a worthy person, then your co-workers wish you good luck with a bash.
As far as I am aware, there is no written down policy with regard to this in any company and these parties are not officially organized by the management, hence no conflict.
I am no pro, so comments and criticism is welcome.
From Sri Lanka
Dear Bhavana,
Its nice to give the farewell to a person. some times the company doesnt support to it. even samething happend with me too. but i dint bother.. but my colleages did it.. by collecting the amount from themselves from each person, and they made the company to feel shame on their part. And now I hear that the company gives the farewell party & other too.
From India, Mangaluru
Two sents fro me...
Giving farewell parties...is the area to concentrate for departments and not for company. It is a private affair and companies or management don't get involved in this.
Giving farewell party to one does not mean that it is for all. Usually, length of your association with the company and your contribution towards the growth of the company...decides if you will get farewell party or not.
I hope this will help.
Sanjeev Sharma
(Blog: http://sanjeevhimachali.blogspot.com/)
From India, Mumbai
I subscribe to the views of Ashra
And from your query i understand that your colleague is leaving because of her marriage. So why not given her a party.
We also need to take care of them so that they have pleasent memories with our company.
We never know we might rehire them one day.
SG Vignesh
From India, Madras
Thank you very much Ashra, Daniel, Sanjeev & Vignesh for your valuable suggestions & opinions.
We have done the same thing , all of us have contributed and we are giving her a great party.
And may be it is that company never gets involve but we as individuals can always get involved and give great farewells to our colleagues.
Thank you all
Have a great time...
Bhavna Bhadka
From India, Vadodara
In my view point an organization should specify its view point / policy pertaining to farewell parties in its policy manual.
Ideally the organization should arrange for a farewell party to any employee who has served it for five years or more. This will create a good impression about the organization with the parting employee and also with those continuing with it.
The ticklish issue arises when an employee is retrenched or is parting in a not too friendly situation. Hence a company can always state in their policy that it will arrange for a farewell party at its discretion.
Colleagues may be allowed to arrange for a farewell for its colleagues in the premises of the organization after the working hours at their expense.

In my opinion she deserves the party becos she has worked with full dedication for the Co. and she is leaving not becos she got some better offer in monetary terms but she is leaving becos she is getting married so you all are giving her all your wishes through this party.
As far as losing a good employee part is concerned its a part of life and we all have accept this. Atleast she will feel good when you all will arrange party for her as it will show your concern and affection towards her.
From India, Ghaziabad
Dear Bhavna,
My view point is that you need to have clear guidlines mapped out for farewell party in your organization; you can frame a policy where any person serving the organization for 5-7 years will be given a farewell party and get it approved from the top management. You can decide upon the budget for the same.
From India, Nagpur
Hi Bhavana,
The fact is that your colleague is leaving as she is getting married. Had it not been for her marriage she would have stuck on. The company may be at a loss due to her resignation, but then the employee is moving on in life.
There is no doubt that a farewell is in order. Whether its at a departmental level or at management level, thats a policy decision. It would depend - Heads of Dept may be given a farewell by the company, other levels could be departmental with the company chipping in financially and laying down scales. Anything beyond the laid down scale would be shared by the dept. Even if its a loss to the company, the employees feel happy that the company cares for them.
Slightly off the topic though related - is she leaving town? Is she willing to rejoin after a month of two? Why not keep the option open? I have come across a number of cases wherein a lady resigns due to marriage only to return a few months later wanting to rejoin.
All the best
From India, New Delhi
Farewell parties are usually not thrown by employers (these days). I have come across an instance where the MD threw a party bidding farewell to an employee on his last day of service by taking the concerned department out for lunch.
That's about it!

From United States, San Diego
Hi All,
We have faced this issue some time back and decided the following.
NO farewell party to the people who have resigned and getting relieved from the company
Farewell party to the person, who are retiring from the company, irrespective of their period of association or rank, Cash reward/ Item of employee choide up to a limit and departmental get-together expenses paid by the company.
Generally in any other case, the group can organise the party by contribution as they share a personal relationship.
Pankaj Patodi
From India, New Delhi
We had this farewell party organised in our company for two personnel who were with us for the complete duration of a major project. It is a certain morale booster to have this party. We also got the senior project manager to give a few words to the two employees.
It is really a wonderful opportunity to bury all the misgivings we have with the employee and also ensure that you will have friends in the industry who may at some later date may come back to work for your or refer others.
This is an excellent trend as it will increase the morale in the organisation and also give the employees who are in the company a feeling of security.
I think you should start this and make it a habit. Parties need not be lavish just some tea/coffee with some snacks will also do. You can make this party an informal one.
From India
Thank you Dixit, Pankaj & Praveen for your comments on this..
It can be done that employees getting retired can be given parties......and those you resign the company cannot but individuals can always get togather and give the party....
Thank you all
From India, Vadodara
There is no reason to think so much over this topic. As this is a natural process that if some one new comes in the family then that is ejoyable and when someone left then it is also.
All this makes moment lighter and give us (company ) a chance to say thanks for his/her contribution whether big or small it is..
This also cosidered a good HR practise...
Well there is no written policy over this depends upon the family and culture.
From India
Hi Bhavna,
Have read everybody point of views.
According to rules therez not on paper that the employee who is leaving the Company or Organization should get farewell.
My saying is that the employee who has worked with the Co. from last 5 years, 10 years etc. should get farewell. Actually their going to other co. or getting married is our best wishes to them.
Its a small get together for all of them.
In my company two of the employees have left the job because of better opportunity. By contributing we have given them a farewell. Whether you wish or not.
From India, Surat
Hi Bhavana,
In my opinion we have to give the farewel to the left employees, other wise employee will not carry a right opinion about the company.
But how to do, what should be the forum etc., depends upon the size of the company and policy's
Idealy Department HOD should call for farewell on the last day of his/her working and speak about his contribution etc., and give him a gift (with company logo) appreciating his/her service in the company

Dear Friends,

Let me put this across in the HR point of view.

By not giving a farewell gives raise in the minds of good, talented, target oriented employees that "how hard they work, company will not recognize, it always thinks a better replacement always available in the market," which will inturn lead to just sticking on to the targets. Innovative desires to improve working atmosphere is nailed down. Company will be a place of marking debits and credits and no point of talking about mutual welfare. As a result, people will leave the company without giving notice, not enough time to find a suitable replacement, attrition problem, etc.,

Giving a farewell: Keeps the employees feel that they are relived with dignity. This will also helps people leaving the company are relived properly by giving notice, will help to find a suitable replacement with a comfortable time limit.

Well in your case the possiblity of the employee rejoining the concern back after marriage at some point of time is also possible, which again is an advantage to the company for it gets a hires a person who is familiar with the policy and procedure.




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