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M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

Let us get ready to watch an enlightening show on few tips for leading a simple life.
Alexander's last words
Bury my body, but don't build any monuments. Keep my hands outside, so that the world can know
"The one who won the world has taken nothing in his hands
except a six feet land when he died".

We may not be able to lead a life like that of Alexander but definitely in our own little world, we can make our life simpler and happier.
Have a lovely day.

From India, Coimbatore
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its ok... but i cannot agree your first point . Who said money is not important.I request one thing pls leave the dialogue if you have a more money you lose your happiness its all speech of lazy earn more money and be happy always.
From India, Madras

My Dear,

If u read carefully, it is not written anywhere that money is not important in life & more money makes u lose yr happiness.

Read it carefully. It says don't compare yr happiness with the amount of money u have. Be CONTENT. The importance of anything in one's life is fully dependent on the individual. We only decide that which things are important & prioritize them. The points made in the presentation are proven facts experienced by most of the people.

Mind you, all the people who believe that more money makes u unhappy r not LAZY.

Still I respect yr P-O-V. But pls give yr comments after understanding the contents of the post.

Dear Mr. Peer Mohamed Sardhar,

Looking at this ppt, at first instance I felt that it is written by me. I have adopted all the 11 points in my life since I realized my existence in this world. Nobody has ever taught me all this or I never heard this in my life from anyone. I kept on making my own points to live a simpler life. & here I can see all of them are coinciding with the points shown in yr ppt.

Extremely grateful to you for reconfirming my ideas. It will be a great booster to live life further & to make the most out of it.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear M. Peer
Hi Again
This is the second ppt.,I came across in a single day;and am impressed.
Money matters but can not ensure happiness which comes from within. The butterfly in your presentation is very symbolic. Happiness is like butterfly.The more you chase it,the more it evades you.But if you sit comes and sits on your shoulder..!
With lots of thanks,

From India, Delhi
munir bhatti
hi this is munir , sir i need your help. so i request send me any idia to hendal the empoleys,and make sure hit the target ,, this is my need
From Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Beautiful ppt. on real life needs. I firmly agree & would really act on it....Money can never be winning upon all the sources of happiness.Yes its imp. in life....But cant be the only source to live a life.
From India, Delhi

This means that you become a saint..... An ordinary man would have all the charactersitics that are shown in the slide to do away with and if u give up those U BECOME A SAINT...
Thanks for posting and keep posting ....

From China, Leizhou
Dear Mr. Peer Mohamed Sardhar,
It's good to see nd read but little tough to adopt in real life. well, i am already trying such these type of good habits...
Thanks for reminding me again & all of us...
If you hav any information on spiritualism, than plz help me...
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Chandigarh

Dear sir,
After reading the ppt, i remember many people
spend more on fashion and for shopping experience ..These
11 ways are the key points we shoul keep in mind while making
a family budget of a month.

From India, Madras

Found some cool tips here... May be helpful for you too... Naukri Tips
Cheers, Vyshali.

From India, Hyderabad
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