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Hi friendz,
Attendance simply doesnot shows howmuch the employee has come to office, what time he comes n leaves d office etc., but it emphsises more on how much disciplined d employee is. including attendance in pa becomes more important, when d presence or absence of an employee matters to his/her colleagues, ie, his colleagues are depending on him on some or other way. it could be like wrking on similar projects, or depending for getting some reports, etc etc.
attendance becomes more vital in education industry, where absence or late coming of a faculty cud effect d schedule of a number of students a day.
moreover, if employee wont b interested or happy wid d present employment, he may be more keen to take leaves from d office. dis again effects his own wrking as well as dat of d company/organizatoin.
so, be it any industry, attendance is a vital factor to be kept in p.a., but ofcourse, its weightage cud differ from one industry to another..
Mayank Kukreja,
Operations Manager,
Blue Planet

From India, Bhilai
Dear Debashisroy,

Please see the answers to a few of your questions:

What would you have to say for an employee who overachieves in terms of his/her targets but doesn't have a 100 % attendance ?

He is definitely a performer.

The standards that the company sets, are in geeral. That is assuming that a majority of people take leave from the days work due to the following reasons:

a) Personal reasons (attending to family needs, functions etc)
b) Leave due to ill health
c) Leave due to lack of commitment to work

Well the above are just a few reasons I have quoted. Now the appraisal system that is created newly with the attendance being incorporated - it makes the employee think: Is my purpose of taking a day off from work so important that I have to take a break from my work? Is this something I can avoid?

If he can avoid - well and fine, its good for the employer.
Else - there is a real reason behind him taking the leave.

I guess, its for helping them curb their practise of being absent for no particular reason. (to a certain extent)

An employee achieves 80% of his targets with a 100 % attendance, whereas another employee achieves 80% of the targets with 80% attendance. Who do you rate as a better performer ? How would you rate their performance

Performance is at the same level. Considering that everything else other than the attendance part has been gauged, I guess when it comes to the final part of appraising and in giving them the points, the person with a higher attendance ranks first, because he has been able to be there full-time and also complete his target. He is a more reliable source.

Whereas the other person had personal reasons and could not attend work for a few days, but still managed to acheive his target. He is a performer, but how far he is reliable - compared to the other person may be the question they would raise.

And Its definitely not a ploy, but I would say a strategy they would use as a method to seek commitment from employees.


Asha Mathew

From India, Madras
Well yes, Not really abrupt for attendence to be a parameter.... It is appropriate that it shud hold a small percentage in the performance measuring parameter...smthng like say a 10% value....
From India, New Delhi
Performance is not attendence............
See the definition of performance and isolate attendence from this evaluation process. Attendence can be a criteria for assessment to overall loyalty, punctuality, discipline related criteria. If you say this attendence is criteria then question arise what company policy states for absenteeism and low attendence are they excused if not then, why employee's are punished twice for one offence.

From Saudi Arabia
Dear friends,
As we all are pondering upon the issue attendence a part of appraisal system...
taking liberty to ask one question please reply.
can attendance or office policies be part of kra for the department or a individual as i am in the process of formulating kra and adherence to the office policies is one of the main issue in my company....
plz suggest.

From India, Delhi
Dear Swati,
Dont confuse yourself with KRA and the appraisal system. KRA is not appraisal, but gives info to the appraisal sysatem. Likewise, attendance is another tool, that gives info to the appraisal system.
Adherance to office policies can come in the annual appraisal form.

From India, Madras
Dear asha,
thanks for reply,i know kra is for appraisal system,
but you would be aware that few days back i asked information from all cite member to provide their inputs on kra....
so i developed kra for the org so i want to know could "adeherence to the office policies" be a kra..
plz reply.

From India, Delhi
Dear Swati,
I am going back to my point again.
Above I have mentioned that attendance cannot talk about performace.
And performance cannot be the only one gauged to consider teh yearly hikes/ appraisal.
The office policies , rules are reuglations are things that everyone must abide by and it denotes that the company expects a certain work decorum.
Attendance or adherance to company policies cannot be a Key Responsible Area.
The "KEY" responsible area is purely related to output expected from that role.
Whereas - the policies and attendance part is expected from everyone.. .Dont mix everything in KRA. KRA is a tool that provides information about individual employee performance.
On a second note - if you are talking about "KRA" for the department, then yes in a generalized term you can mention "Department adherance to policies"

From India, Madras
Dear Deba,
In any industry discipline is very important, in another aspect which will improve the performance of the individual employee. For performance appraisal employee's attendance very mach significant criteria.
In my previous industry and current also we are adding this attendance criteria as a part of Appraisal.

From India, Madras
Yes, Attendance must be a part of performance appraisal to know the punctuality of the employee.

Think an employee whose achieved target is 80% with 80% of attendance can achieve more if motivated in a right way by putting attendance as a part of appraisal system.

It is no harm to put attendance system as 5% out of 100% as a part of Appraisal System.

This may also have some exceptions like:-
1) Leave because of critical illness or ESI Leave
2) Emergency Leave
3) Family Function / Occasion


Pankaj Chandan

From India, New delhi

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