Here are my two cents. First, the question is a general question, could it have been more specific, yes, but it was not. Second, those who need more clarification lack vision and as such are probably unqualified to answer it.

First off I want to clarify my response by letting you know that I work in Canada in a senior HR capacity and as such maybe there are cultural differences. For anyone to impress there boss it is quite simple in concept but more difficult to achieve. Here are my suggestions.
1) Think of HR as a service business. Always ask yourself, "How can I provide value to the organization?", "What can the HR department do to improve business results?"
2) Lead. That is right, never wait for your boss to tell you what to do. Understand the business and look for business challenges and opportunities where HR can make a difference. For example if recruiting is an issue. Create a plan to improve the situation and minimize the impact on the business.
3) Understand your role. Many times on this site I see comments where people say HR's main responsibility is to enforce policies and this demonstrates their lack of understanding of the role of HR. HR's role is to maximize the output of the human resources of the organization. What does this mean? It means that we need to create work environments where employees are highly productive and innovative.
4) Measure. Business runs on numbers. HR has to do a better job of setting metrics and measuring what they do. This allows HR people to talk in the same language as the business leaders.

From Canada, London
Dear members...

Thanks a lot for supporting my views and comments.


It is not abt lacking vision or clarity (I will agree on a personal level, I need to grow more - if I dont agree that, then probably I am being ignorant abt facts that exist)

Asking a question with lesser clarity, does not make any sense to the reader. I guess everyones objective here is to help each other, even if that takes some criticism. We need to accept that. And answering without being sure of wat the asker wants to know - does not make sense.

Ms. Taniya:

What is ur role? Assistant / Executive/ Manager / Head / VP???

Be clear Lady. Which area you want to impress your boss with?

If you remember, when you were selected, you were told that you were responsible for " - - - - -" a few tasks right?

Now baby, honey, sweetheart - please tell us what is that???
Only then we can tell u how to impress :-D:-D (oh God - dont tell impress - use the word "How do I perform much better than what my boss expects - impress has so many meanings)

With such lack of info from ur end - I can only go back to square 1 - do wat ur boss wants you to do.

And someone pointed out "Superiority complex". Sometimes inferiority complex lets you think that someone out there is trying to pull ur leg.

Taniyas attitude shows that, had she seen what the message intended to ask her, and wanted to help her... she would have received better answers and people helping her - would have felt that they have spent quality time in helping her.

Taniya, my previous boss was not good with excel. So when I just prepared data and filtered it using the "filter" option - he was impressed :)

(for the understanding of ppl whop may start thinking that this was a serious suggestion for Taniya to impress her boss - it was not intended for that use. It was a real incident in my previous co, and the purpose of having this message here was to let HER know that her question was incomplete)

Now - did you get my point why I told that your question was not complete?
Pls tell us what is ur role..what are u entrusted with? wht does ur boss expect you to do? Has he given you an imp task to complete?
Or are u just a person who is given tasks only when boss is there - so you are trying to the work much better?

Thank you Mr. Simhan - for having acknowledged my work
Shiv - thanks once again!! :)

From India, Madras
There are many significant and important works for HR working in a software company.
And there are many daily works which you can do to impress your boss, like telling him good morning,giving biscuits prepared by you, etc etc.
That will be to impress the easy way, but one thing I will advise you taniya, just do your work with full transparency and dedication, and always be proactive, dont wait for each and every instruction from ur boss to do ur work.
Little tanya surely did not know how to post the question carefully, hence other members got confused, dont worry little tanya surely will learn soon :-P:-P:-P

From India, Pune
Hi Taniya,
Impressing Boss is not your profession or agenda of life or career. Look at your job profile and tell your boss that HR function has its own limitations and domain. As HRM prof. you cannot venture something which is abnormal, unwarrented or unwanted.
I believe your question is indicator of your lacking confidence in your own ability but let me tell you your boss is also not perfect because no one is perfect in life everyone is experimenting with resources available at their disposal.
Therefore you are also one resource for managing HR function and boss cannot except beyond this to be punctual and perfect in your job thats enough to impress him.

From Saudi Arabia
Pl do not intimidate Taniya.
It is turning out to be a case study on 'communication skills'. On that, let me say something before I address Taniya's query. Communication is not only about sending your message across correctly, but it is also about trying to get the sender's intentions correctly. For example, when my 9 month old daughter rambles, "munn, munn, munn," I have to understand she's asking for water.

Now to understand Taniya's query. [Taniya, please correct me, if I am not echoing your intentions correctly]. She seems to be at a junior position with not much of experience in HR. She wants to understand that working in an IT company, how she can add value to her job so that her work is noticed by her seniors appreciably.

So, Taniya if I got you right, then my suggestion is:

Start with preparing various MIS, like, whatever job you do make a process flow diagram of those jobs.

Start analysing the attrition status by compiliing the joining/leaving data.

Start browsing the personnel files of employees and cross check the testimonials with a checklist and prepare a report. Ask employees to comply and then follow up.

While you browse through the files, start preparing a data about their career growth till now which may include when did they join, at what designation, at what salary, when did they get confirmed, when did they get salary increments, when and to what designation they got elevated, etc. etc.

Prepare these sort of MIS and "impress" your boss.

As HR professionals, we must learn not just to do our work but also to create work for us.

Good luck.


From India, Delhi
Dear Taniya,

The relationships that you create and manage, with both your immediate boss is critical for your work success and career progress. And, face it, whether you like it or not, you're in charge of your relationship with your boss. No one will ever share as much concern as you do that the quality of the relationship helps you achieve your goals. At the same time, your boss has information that you need to succeed. He can't do his job or accomplish his goals without your help. So, your manager shares a critical interdependence with you. If you don't accomplish your work, your manager will never shine for his or her overall responsibilities. You won't progress without the information, perspective, experience, and support of your manager.

So Taniya following are few tips which can help you in your work.

* The first step in managing up is to develop a positive relationship with your boss.

* Recognize that success at work is not all about you; put your boss's needs at the center of your universe.

* Look for and focus on the "best" parts of your boss

* Focus instead, on trying to understand your boss's work style.

* Learning how to read your boss's moods and reactions is also a helpful approach to communicate more effectively with him.

* Learn from your boss. Although some days it may not feel like it, your boss has much to teach you.

* Ask your boss for feedback. Let the boss play the role of coach and mentor.

* Value your boss's time.

* In your relationship with your boss you will sometimes disagree and occasionally experience an emotional reaction. Don't hold grudges. Don't make threats about leaving. Disagreement is fine; discord is not.

Use these tips to build a powerfully effective relationship with your boss.

From India, Calicut
Hello Bipin and Ash,
Are we not missing with some conversation here in this post? i had a very good discussion yesterday night at 11:00pm(according to Indian timings) with Simhan.
Missing with the posts.
Please clarify me.......!

From India, Bangalore
Lot many posts are not available in this discussion!! Mediator ?????? Regards Pankaj Chandan
From India, New delhi
Yes Shiva, May be the moderator may have removed it. coz it might not be relevant to the topic discussed.
From India, Calicut
I appreciate with all members who really help me by giving their suggestion instead making bad comments on me.....
Thank u Das, u understand me well....Hope u in future u will be a good boss.
I appreciate SIVA, bipin.....etc
One decent request "Those members who didn't understand my post or my post doesn't makes u any sense, Pls dont reply with unnecessary comments"
Siva, can u pls send the daily tracker again at Sub: Daily Responsibilities
My question "I am working with a software company (50 employees). The HR department is newly started by employeer. I am the only HR. I have to do all the HR works Starts from Security /housekeeping monitoring to total office operation. My boss doesn't wants to listen any complain about me. So can u pls suggest how i start from the scratch level and what will be my daily responsibilities.....
The suggestion will not only help me it will help other juniours also....

From India, Hyderabad

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