I think, your employees have problem with their salary, increments, why dont you keep one session this month in which also involve your Directors, keep this seesion on Company Orientation, Share companies goal, upcoming projects and achievements with your employees, talk about the growth of every individual in the company. Let them feel that they are at right place and be motivated for the work, this might lighten up their minds, keep some softskill training on Assertive thinking, stress managermnt.

From India, Mumbai
1) Hats off to Your Frank Acceptance of the Fact you are Getting irritation
2) Donít Feel Bad for the Same, as irritation is the output of your feeling & thoughts
3) You are unable to cope, so that has come out as Irritation
4) You have taken / implementing good initiatives for the welfare of employees
5) Thatís really Good
6) Any Effort if there no expected/fruitful output will go in VAIN
7) Do a Feedback of the Exercise on what you are doing in the Get Together
8) The following can be the criteria
a. Get together Theme for the Month
b. Location
c. Recipe
d. Activities
e. Involvement
f. Games
g. Food Presentation
9) Take a Rating 1-5, with 1 being Best & 5 Being Worst
10) Take a Thorough feedback from every employee
11) Analyse the Feedback
12) Understand the areas of improvement
13) Implement the way the employees wants it
14) Never organize any event(Outing) on Sundays/Holidays
15) Employee Needs some time for himself/Family

From India, Coimbatore
Ask them to put forward their ideas...cz u hav 2 kno wat dey need... try n create some spocs among them who initiate the process... get them going bout team work....
From India, New Delhi
Good prizes usually work. Also, there must be at least a few people who are enthusiastic. Try to get them along or try and have some representatives from the teams.
It will give you a helping hand; and since they are involved they would take an extra effort to get their team mates along.
Have you tried organizing something like antakshari, quiz, wherein teams from all the projects/ departments need to get involved? In case you have not, you can think about it.
Are there any specific leaders who are quite popular? Whom people respect a lot? would it be possible to get them involved in the activities?
One more thought.....by any chance your team is looking forward to any technical/softskills trainings rather than the fun quotient?
Will thet portray the management as their well wisher? Think over it.

From India, Mumbai
Hey Rohit,
I understand ur problem.First make your Employees feel comfortable.Try to conduct some games inside the office spend 1 or 2 hours.You can split your Employees in team wise and then ask suugestions for events.
Thanks and Regards,
Priya R

From India, Coimbatore
Badlooser Sir and some our other respected members have already given you valuable views....

In addition, you say its a firm of 70 employees....so its easy for you to communicate to them.As you are the HR try to mingle freely with your employees and find out whats really bothering them.The best,simple,easy way is to chat with them.For instance, when you find a group of employees chatting during coffee-breaks etc..join them have a casual chat about their work,current status,future plans,family etc...(trust me they will be really engaged in the chat with you since you are an HR ...and might even say out exactly whats bothering them)..this way you'll have an idea..

Ans so, you might come to knw whats the reason behind this...is it monetary,mangement,or personal, or the manager bothering them..or is the HR itself...

(just a small opinion pls dont mistake it ...as far as possible never ever arrange any event on a Sunday....even be it a strength of 5000 only a few would show up cos this is the day they concentrate on their personal work)

From India, Mumbai
Read all responses and pick up suitable answer. You either misunderstood the employees priority and finding solutions from us which may or may not be approprite.
Conduct employee opinion survey and do some analysis and present to management this is most practicle method.

From Saudi Arabia
I appreciate the ideas shared by Sourabh Deval and also second the opinion of Mr Peer Mohd. that such events should never be held on holidays. Got really enlightened by this thread. Prashant
From India, Delhi
Dear all members,
thanks for your participation and your suggestions that may be help me out.
apart from that as i told in my last post that when i asked 50 employees for suggestion for event activity then i got 50 suggestion, now in such situation what we can do?
plz keep sharing your views and suggestions.

From India, Mumbai
I understand your concern and predicament.As an hr man,you should have,by now,understood why employees behave like that showing lukewarm response.You are not sure but quote salary as reason.It may not be the case.when you concvince them that everything is for thier personal and career growth,they will respond.You may get answer the moment you answer whether you are effective and efficient in your endeavour.If you dont mistake,your posting has lot of mistakes .If you show you are the one they are looking for,well,the may respond.Even then if they dont respond, they are the loosers and not you.Further, why management dont take seriously with emoloyees?

From India

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