Hello everyone,
i am very much frustrated from my professional life.i am a mba(marketing,finance) and still lookng for the job.Everywhere i work,seniors ask me to fool the customers for the sake of their revenues,its ok for cant it be done without hurting the clients.i want to work honestly and because of this attitude now i am workless.what should i do now

From India, Srinagar
Few better things are left unsaid
Dear Harpreet,
Nice to come across some1 very true and honest...
Even am working in buusiness developement departement .
These practices are followed in every business and u ll come across most of the people following these things in life also.
It is upto you how you will handle, either try to change it or accept it and follow it, there is no use or point in just thinknking about it....
Cheating or giving false projection its the essence of coroporates and thats why they ll grow rapidly in a shaort span of time.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Harpreet,
From Your Post I Can Only Understand That You Are Not Doing Justice With Your Qualification And Job As Well..
You Frustrated By Judging The Merits Of Products On Your Assumptions And Presumptions Whereas All Products Has Place In The Market...
There Is Price And Utility Factor Which Fluctuate With Market Demand And Supply That Is Imporatant And That Utility Factor And Price Makes Marketing As One Key Strategic Approach To Fullfil The Demand Of Market...you Are Not Doing Anything Otherthan Fullfilling The Demand Of Market And Your Are Just Placing Your Product To Region Of Demand...
I Fail To Understand Your Attitude Why You Are Judging Your Product Its Not You But Market Has To Judge Your Products And Your Are Just Medium...

From Saudi Arabia
Ash Mathew

Recruitments, Training`
Hi Harpreet...

First of all relax. Nothing is wrong in ur attitude.
I must say - its frustration that lets us think of something different and new!!

When we are angry / irritated and cant take things from ppl who believe and LIVE on cheating... there is a lot of negative feelings that surrounds us - and we are forced by ourselves (from within) to act differenlty / or do things to stop this feeling to get over us.

I would suggest - convert these feelings to positive feelings and start thinking what you can do best. I am sure that the anger within u, will show u the direction. What I mean here by negative feeling is - letting urself down. And what I mean by positive is - understanding that u need to do something different and stop following the crowd. Make the crowd follow u.

I am not suprised if someone says that ur attitude is wrong.. U know why? It links to the type 1 people - following the crowd!

Take a chill pill. Dont be without working, and dont let this feeling demotivate u to work. Let me also tell u - If u can think of ways to do something different in this period (recession..financial crisis...etc) and survive it... then trust me, nothing wil stop u frm going forward.

Harpreet - I salute ur attitude and the need within u to be honest. If you chose this path - its narrow, it can put u down in between, it will make u feel the only one shouting for something, and the only one behind a cause... "But thats what makes u the way u r". and u will surely taste success.

Be patient...becos u shuld also act smartly at this point. Follow ur heart.. dont follow the world and the cruel part of it. Not all ppl believe in cheating and surviving. Try services industry if product marketing frustrates u.

At the end of this message I just want u to understand - nothing is wrong with u or ur thinking. Yes - it will take time for u to find the right job.. but from thereon there is no stopping for u. And remember, pass down these values within u to other ppl who will work under u tomorrow.

From India, Madras
Ash Mathew

Recruitments, Training`
The market is forced to believe that the corporate would only offer a good product with the right price tag.
Here harpreet being the provider knows wats happening internally. Its nt his Assumptions... they are the facts and figues wat Harpreet has abt the product. I am sure Harpreet knows that every business purpose is in profit making.. but nt at the cost of cheating people and making them believe they have gained something out of the transaction!!

From India, Madras
Few better things are left unsaid
Dear harpreet...
Better start hunting for a job, with ur qualification i think u ll get plenty of good jobs in Sales...
Try to join any service sector or u if u don want to be a part of sales team u can Ttry for Reasrch, market survey or lead generation team....
@ Ash ... Well sad Dear...........

From India, Bangalore
Hi Harpeet,
Success is not a Product of what you DO ...But a Product of what you ARE...
And what you are is what Attitude you develop. When faced with these kind of issues take it as a challenge.
You can do it if you will to do it. Be clear and Rest will follow.
Please do not cheat your customers. Its good to be honest. Continue to be Honest and it pays in the long run. Even the management will appreciate your stance.

From India, Bangalore

Compensation and Policy
Your these comments are immatured and exhibits your inexpereince in the field.
First of all employees are employed to work and not to give any charactor certificate to his masters or employers and investigate the truth of employers business.
He is paid salary to do a particular job which he finds difficult and sheltering reason blaming his company not honest. But he is also not honest to his employer and his job because the manner he performs or express his disstisfaction about product quality is not his baby at all...

From Saudi Arabia
Ash Mathew

Recruitments, Training`
Another example of following the crowd!
Employees are not machines that will start working when u press the button.. and kick it when it does not work. Do u know what it means to enhance the brand image? and corporate image? It is ALSO a strategy to attract the right employees.
Do u know wat is meant by retention strategies? It is to retain top talent by letting them know that the particluar company is the best place for them to work (YES - Here employees certify their company and decide if its gud or bad to continue ;-))]
If your product is not a good one... don expect the employees to shut their mouth and work for it. They represent the brand.
As an employee . . .why shuld one not investigate / do reserach abt his employer? That makes sense right?
How long will u say Yes Yes Yes to all corporate blunders????
Do you have the guts to say NO??
Harpreet has been kind enough in not revealing the name of the company. That shows the sincerity in what was meant in that message.

From India, Madras

Agile Solutionist
What i can understand from your post is that you need to come up with positive attitude for success in any job. When you market washing soaps, don't get in to the role of a social worker. The company is paying you to sell soaps and to sell anything first of all you need to trust it (product/service). If you are thinking that 'marketing is an act of fooling customer', quit the profession and switch to some other job.

Let's say you joined HR Executive for a company. But there also you need to work as per the corporate management strategy. There will be goals for you to achieve, negotiate salary during hiring interviews, issue relieving letters to employees after persuading them to resign on account of business loss or work realignment. Then you will start thinking that ' i am cheating employees'. So need of the hour is 'think practical'

See i am not telling that you should not have a value system. Keep your core value system unaltered and find a job where you don't require much compromise in terms of individual as well as corporate value system

From India, Bangalore

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