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What is sexual harassment? What can an organization do to prevent it?

I received one application from group of ladies for some remarks from male colleauges....also sharing some internet material which they believe is offensive but prima facie I found nothing offensive.

I have hunch that ladies employees are victmising our male employees by fixing them into some false allegations....

Please let me know first what exactly amounts to this so called sexual harrassment? Because till yesterday they were quite happy sharing lunch and going to shopping and sharing jokes suddenly whats gone wrong they start feeling offensive...


Dear Captain,
Sexual Harassment is very delicate thing to explain. For details, refer weikipedia on the net. Now, with regard to action, unless we have strong evidence it is not possible take concrete action. We cannot rely on the allegations levlled against the employee unless it is backed by cemented proof. It is not our duty to waste time enquiring into these allegations made with ulterior motive to tarnish the image of fellow staff members. We have to call them and make them understand office is the place for working and not indulging into any activites which bring disrepute to the organisation they belong. If any thing contrary is found the company will not tolerate and just the employees will be sacked. No sentiments. This point must be made to understand to all. Block the sites which carries such prohibitive materials. Do the brainstorming with the alleged employees and find out any element of truth in the allegation. Make note of the items which stands for and against the employees. Never punish unless it is proved beyond doubt and we have to give benefit of doubt when we are not sure what exactly had happened because we are relying only on the complaint given by the effected. See the track record of the alleged employee and the modus operandi as to why there is such harrasment.


Thank you very much Mr.Sreenivasan, Igot lot of strength and corruge to face this nuisance. Actually I was looking for some sort of direction how to proceed into this matter. And I found your valuable advice because I cannot unnecessarily harm ego and sentiments of anyone of our employees because we respect the dignity of all our employees...
With Kind regards



<Name of Company> is committed to providing a workplace and world class cross cultural environment that is free from harassment or bullying based upon any threatening behavior, including but not limited to, references to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, ancestry, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, or veteran status. <Name of Company> will not tolerate harassment of employees, students, volunteers or patrons by anyone. It shall be a violation of this policy for any employee of the <Name of Company> to harass or bully another employee, or visitor through conduct or communications. The use of the term “employee” also includes visitors, guests of the company who work or services subject to the control of company authorities.

This policy should be broadly interpreted to evidence <Name of Company>’s commitment to equality of opportunity, human dignity, diversity. This policy is not intended to deprive any person of his/her right to freedom of expression, but only to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe and harassment-free workplace environment for our staff. <Name of Company> recognizes the need to address situations of bullying, harassment and/or intimidation in an educational format. This format needs to include educational information for staff, guest, visitors in the areas of prevention, and intervention in discipline.

Counseling, corrective discipline, and/or referral to law enforcement will be used to change the behavior of the perpetrator. This includes appropriate intervention(s), restoration of a positive climate, and support for victims and others impacted by the violation.

<Name of Company> encouraged to engage staff in meaningful discussions about the negative aspects of bullying.


1. No employee or any person of <Name of Company> or associated with <Name of Company> shall intentionally harass, intimidate, demean, bully, or abuse a person or groups of persons (physically, verbally or by other conduct) with the purpose or effect of inflicting injury or unreasonably interfering with such person’s work or academic performance. Bullying is defined as overt, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communications transmitted; physical act committed; or any other behavior committed by an employee, vendor or any person of <Name of Company> or associated with <Name of Company> against another employee, vendor or any person on <Name of Company> or associated with <Name of Company> with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm the other student.
2. No employee or any person of <Name of Company> or associated with <Name of Company> event shall create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or academic environment in connection with any business activity, event, trip, meeting or other operation of the <Name of Company>.
3. No person shall retaliate or threaten retaliation against another person for reporting, testifying or otherwise participating in any investigation, or proceeding relating to a complaint of harassment.
4. The above rules apply when an employee, vendor or any person of <Name of Company> or associated with <Name of Company> is immediately before or during business hours, immediately after business hours or at any other time when the office is off.


1. Any employee, vendor, service provider who disrupts or threatens to disrupt normal business and/or office operations; threatens the health and safety of others; willfully causes property damage; uses offensive language; or who has established a continued pattern of unauthorized entry in the premises will be directed to leave the office premises promptly by the Office Manager.
2. Any employee, vendor, service provider who uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting and/or demeaning manner will be politely asked by the person to whom the remarks are directed or who overhears the remarks being made, to communicate in a courteous manner. If corrective action is not taken by the abusing party, the meeting or telephone conference will terminate. If the meeting occurs at company premises, the offending person will be directed to leave the premises.
3. Any employee, vendor, service provider who intentionally displays force that would give victims reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm will be instructed to leave the company premises or event and shall be immediately reported to the appropriate legal authorities.
4. If an individual refuses to leave upon request, the appropriate law enforcement officials will be notified. An Incident Report should be completed for the situations set forth in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.
5. If behavior of the type identified in paragraphs 1, 2 and/or 3 is exhibited by employees and/or vendor, service provider, discipline will be handled in accordance with the Discipline and Dismissal of Staff.


1. Any employee, vendor, service provider making an allegation that he/she has been the subject of harassment/bullying may use the complaint procedure explained below or may complain directly to his or her immediate supervisor. Filing of a complaint or otherwise reporting harassment/bullying will not reflect upon the individual’s status nor will it affect future employment, grades or work assignments.
2. Any non-employee making an allegation that he/she has been the subject of harassment/bullying may also use the complaint procedure explained below or may complain directly to a building administrator, the Superintendent or designee.
3. The right of confidentiality, both of the complainant and of the accused, will be respected consistent with the <Name of Company>’s legal obligations and the necessity to investigate allegations of misconduct and to take corrective action when this conduct has occurred. All documents related to such reports or investigations will be kept in a separate file and will not become part of any regular personnel file or student education record. However, any official disciplinary actions by the Superintendent, designee or the Board will become a part of any regular personnel file record.


All reports of harassment/bullying shall be handled in the following manner:

1. Reports must be in writing on forms supplied by the <Name of Company> unless the complainant is unable to reduce the report to writing. If the complainant is unable to reduce the report to writing, the complainant’s statement will be dictated into a recording device and then reduced to writing.
2. Reports must name the person(s) charged with the harassment/bullying and state the facts.
3. Reports must be presented to the Departmental Head unless the person making the complaint is a non-employee or the person charged with the offense is the Departmental Head or the complainant feels that the report will not adequately be addressed by that person. In those instances, the report shall be presented to the Office Manager/HR Manager. The Office Manager/HR Manager will call the concerned Departmental Head to review the situation and make an opinion.
4. The complainant shall be entitled to representation at his/her own expense and choice at any meeting concerning the complaint brought under this policy.
5. The office manager/HR Manager who receives a report shall thoroughly investigate the alleged harassment/bullying.
6. The report and results of the investigation will be reanalyzed and a recommendation, if there is a reasonable basis for the same, to the Sr Management of the company for any action deemed appropriate.
7. The management of the company may consider the report and recommendation in executive session. The Board may take any action it deems appropriate with consideration of such due process rights as may apply. The alleged victim’s name will not be released to the public unless required by law. The management of the company’s action will be considered final in this matter.


1. An individual who has reason to believe that a company employee has received a threat or is the victim of intimidation shall immediately report that information to the Office Manager/HR Manager.
2. The person receiving said report has a duty to immediately make an oral report to a local law enforcement agency, if the offence having enough severity.
3. For purposes of making a determination as to whether a threat of or actual intimidation has occurred warranting notification to a local law enforcement agency, “intimidation” is defined as follows: “A person who communicates a threat to another person, with the intent that (1) the other person engage in conduct against his will; or (2) the other person be placed in fear of retaliation for a prior lawful act.”


1. A substantiated charge against an employee shall subject such employee to disciplinary action including but not limited to reassignment, suspension or discharge and legal actions.
3. A substantiated charge against a non-employee shall subject such person to disciplinary action including but not limited being banned from coming to the company premises, activities or events, law enforcement.
4. Such disciplinary action will fit the circumstances of the incident and will be designed to cause the harassment/bullying to stop.
5. In the case of “intimidation” if the threat is communicated using property, including electronic equipment or systems, of company or other governmental entity, the individual can be charged by the local law enforcement agency.

Any person who knowingly files false charges against another in an attempt to demean, harass, abuse, or embarrass that individual shall be subject to disciplinary action as is set out above in the applicable paragraphs for Sanctions for Misconduct.


Thanks Anurag Jain, Its very much useful tool to arrest nuisance activities and targetings other employees... I am greatful to you for sharing this material. Regards Captaincook
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