Request you to tell me the formula to calculate Annual Attrition Percentage? To calculate per month attrition, we use (Total attrites/Avg Headcount)*100 and avg headcount= (opening+closing)/2. How do I calculate annual attrition percentage? Please give the details.
18th February 2009 From India, Delhi

Chanda Batra
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Shashi Sharma
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Hi Govind.
I was looking at your attrition sheet but couldn't understand it well.
Can you tell me what the following means
Good people
Managed attritions
non managed attritions.
18th May 2009 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Govind, My query is similar to that of shalini. Please let me know the same. Regards, Suparna
25th May 2009 From India, New Delhi
Attrition rate is percentage rate of people leaving the organisation, people left - and is relative to the total number of people who have worked for the organisation during the period under consideration, hence :

Attrition Rate =

number of people left/number of people worked for the organisation =

number left/opening balance+new joinees x 100

the number left could be from old employees or those who join and immediately leave in a short period

i understand those who have been asked to leave also reflects the effectiveness of the organisation in attracting and retaining the right kind of people and hence need to be included to have an overall measure of attrition in the organisation including those who retire and are not given extensions.

say, the opening balance was 100 people, joined 50 people
therefore total people worked during the period = 150

left at different points of time 30 people

therefore Attrition Rate =

30/100 + 50 = 30/150x100 = 20%

if you calculate Attrition on the closing strength ie 150-30 = 120

the rate would be 30/120 = 25% which is wrongly exaggerated

which would show the wrong flow rate, 120 is the figure after attrition

we would rather want to know the rate of attrition, how many people joining the organisation leave for a given period.

hope the above makes sense,


6th January 2010 From India, Ahmadabad
Govindi, The detailed excel sheet is excellent know-how, one which I would like to continue but my understanding is not very clear. My queries are same as Shalini, can you please clarify.
2nd September 2010 From India, Nagpur
What is non-Managed people and Managed People??
Please help with the same.
I have to submit the Attrition calculation by end of Next week. My company is small company but growing rapidly., so we have deceded to track the attrition rate.
pleasse suggest the best way to calculate it.
27th July 2013 From India
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