I am working in Company B as a contractor from Company A. In company B, I have been working for 3 years, in the last 6 months I am working on a new role (for which I do not have adequate experience to handle). Currently I am in a difficult situation where I am being held responsible by my supervisor (who is not understanding my situation and is uncooperative) for some issue for which I am not a root cause of.
I have decided to quit from my company B and my parent company are not very supportive. Even if i explain the problem,they are not ready to take me back because they don't want to lose the income. so i want to quit from my parent company itself. This issue happened last week, i am planning to submit my resignation this week, would there be any problem from my supervisor in Company B in doing so ? Will he withheld my resignation. If so how shall i get my resignation.

From India, Bangalore
firstly i would not suggest to leave the job since market is going down now a days.
first u find a good job for you then only submit the resignation.
i don't think that company B will create any type of problem in your resignation a you are not in payroll of this company and u r contract employee for them.

From India, Delhi
dear you are not employee of company B and they donot have any concern with you. as u are employee of company A and you submit your resdignation to A and get cleared youself. j s malik
From India, Delhi
I do agree with Nipuna. This is not the right time to resign a job and search for a better one. Since you are under contract basis, you must follow the guidelines for resignation given in your appointment letter by comapny A. Do not have to worry about B.
However, you try and get a job and then leave stating that as a reason to leave.
G Priya Maran

From India, Madras
I agree with the above advice. I think you should wait fr the right opp and then quit your current job. rgds, J

I don't think there won't be any issue with the company B. As our fiends told better to understand the issue, if you can address the issue it is well and good. Problems will be there every where, if it is contract or regular employment, you should also understand until and unless issues are there, there is no job, we are hired to address the same. If the CEO himself can address all related issues there is no necessity to recruit anybody. You should also understand that it will be difficult to get a job if you are idle hence better either you resolve the issues and continue or continue for some time, try vigorously find out alternative and resign.
With best wishes - kameswarao

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sir,
I dont think this is the right time to quit you job now, Try to explain the correct situation to your boss. If this doesn't work then its better to quit and try for something in which you have experience and interest too.

From India, Hyderabad
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