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Dear All
These are common things happening in each office
Experience says following may work, try it
-1- Listen with empathy and let the complainant know you have
understood the problem and ask for time (may be one hour)
-2- Send the Complainant mail describing the complaint and ask
him/her to confirm whether your understanding is correct to proceed
with further action
-3- Upon confirmation, politely bring to his/her attention that this
is against service manual and company policy.
-4- If matter gets serious, drop copies to your Boss as well as complainants Boss
-5- Be careful with verbal complaints. People have lot of domestic
problems and they create nuisance in workplace.
-6- Basic rule in such cases is CYOA. Hope you know the meaning.
-7- Also see my earlier posting on Mobile theft in office which is same
as cash stolen.
+91 98338 90250

Please be note that this case is theft and it meantly that the people involved in this issue is voluntarily doing this case.
So i think we should address the team members regarding the theft as an formal meeting and try to impose them regarding the trust worthy that the company had to all their members from the upper management to low individuals and make them to understand the individual loss and inner feelings of that lossed one.
This makes the guy involved in this business to realize their mistake and wont do in his life time, in every case there will be an solution only we enter and make them to understand our believes on them as we are dealing with human resources we can shape them as we want.

Dear HR_India,

Well, the first thing I would have told that employee is that her situation reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller where every day one doll was removed and the next day a person wa murdered.

You lose money in the first day and then you donot take precaution and you lose money again and complain. It is like if it starts raining you go out without an umbrella and complain that you are getting wet.

I have told earlier in the post by Sujata regarding Mobile Loss, that thses type of issues should be nipped in the bud. You have a locker, you don't lock it, lose money and blame it on Office and the official punch bag(which is HR in most cases). Tell her, it is not an issue which HR should be bothered about and neither are they employed to look after employees' belonging. If there is a Security Officer, he/she can be approached but they too are kept not to look into these matters. If the person behaves well assist her otherwise tell her to get lost in a polite way.

One more thing please tell me that is it advisable not to take safety and Security precautions because there has been no incident?? Do we leave our Doors Open when we leave our House because our Houses have never been robbed??

In the end I just wish to draw you attention that why do you need to talk with the sub staff like office boys and sweepers, you are approaching them because they are poor and powerless?? Why dont you ask everyone.??

I have a hunch hat somebody is playing pranks or the employee is kleptomaniac or she is involved herself.

Have anyone ever heard about Stealing in Installment?? :P



From India, Thane
I also agree with smitha. Also to be on the safer side we should be careful in locking the draws. Keeping the draw open - is as good as giving a chance and recording is good! Best thing is to be careful so no doubts on anybody and the ultimate responsibility lies with us only.
Organisational policy shall be that the management will not be responsible for any loss.
I am also a witness of the same situation due to my carelessness. Though we have CCTV surveilance system, it was not traeable. Ultimately I was the loser.

From India, Mumbai
Hi, HR_India,
I understand that you are quite serious about finding the culprit.
We all will come to your rescue. Please select a day I can visit your office to do the investigation and inform me. My travel expenses at your cost, please.

From India, Bangalore
Hi all
It is not that simple. But still let us try these tips:
1. All who have agreed might not have paid the amount one or two might have promised to give later. Thinking that everybody has given calculating for all the persons may happen attimes by oversight. Pl check this
2. Why the missing in 100 denominations every day. What's the logic behind it?
3.Someone whom we all know must be keeping constant watch on the place where the money is stored. Nab that fellow who watches it.
4.What is wrong in letting people this problem rather than taking personal risk of putting your money
5.Coolly manage the gift for the amount exists and keep this a secret before making it a fussy situation.
Hope you liked this.

From India, Hyderabad
plz go n tell her that it is not ur problem if she took the responsibility of collecting money n then a dumb decission to leave the drawer open. n has she earlier also left money like this in open?
u don't hv to be rude like me . but put this subtly to her.

From India, Kochi
Hi All
I dint visit this site for past 2-3 days because of my hectic schedule in the office..
Thank you so much for all the mails i have received..
I would like to share what i did?
I too contributed 200 for the gift so i striked out my name from the list and told that lady to be careful in future..Some employees like to create a big scene for small incidents, she falls under that she started locking her draw..
Thanks for the correction Jaya:)

From India, Madras
I feel someone in the office is playing a prank. Otherwise, I do not see a reason for someone to pick a 100-rupee note. It is not that some money was left in a draw for the first time (because as stated, this office is in existence for the past 4 yrs or more). There could have been numerous instances wherein money would have been in the office in wallets, draws, and bags, etc. One more thing, they could as well have taken more money or the whole, why only a 100-rupee note.
But, if you still feel that someone is a culprit, I think it is better to discuss this first thing in the morning. You can call a meeting and discuss this. It all depends on how seriously you convey the message. Ask them for suggestions as to how do they deal with such a situation and what is the best solution to prevent this from happening next time.
This should solve the problem

From India, Secunderabad

good to know that its kind of sorted out. I would just suggest you one thing, keep your ears open, is there bad word going in the office about you? do you hear ppl saying, " this HR is hiding things from us, the management doesn't want to get things cleared, they don't care" etc. I know you might find this msg odd, but the nature of the incident tells there is prank involved, a prank is ok till someone wants to get even with you on personal level, but it should not reflect in your professional role.

I support your decision of not telling the employees in a haste, that just creates panic and distrust.

Eventually you can tell ppl to be more sensitive to security and not take things for granted.

Plz keep a close watch on what talking is going on about you in the company, never ever be a victim of these things

Best luck

From India, Pune

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