Dear All,
I want to start a thread where you can share the most challenging problem you faced in your job and how did you solved that problem?
This will help all of us to learn , how to tackle such situationsand if somebody have the same problem then they can share the solutions ....
Lets start sharing the problems and the solutions ....Hope you all will give your inputs to this thread.
20th September 2006 From India, Delhi

Hi Gunjun,
You have raised a very good discussion ,I think in the profession life almost everyone faces some problem or the other.Specially when you have to deal with toxic people who are everywhere also there are situations when you are facing favouratism against your counterpart.I think best way to deal with such circumstances is to face it as it is calmly and without taking it too personally things will automatically settle down about some time.That's one of the situation I faced and dealt with.I hope it might help someone
20th September 2006 From India, Bangalore
Hi Gunjan,

This is a very good topic you have started. I'm sure this will help many people. I would like to start by posting my 'problem'.

I used to work in a large Kolkata-based very traditional very conservative Marwari group. The culture is 'babu' culture, where the 'babus' are the members of the promoter family. There are 4 'babus', and each 'babu' has his own set of followers down the entire hierarchy. This I believe, is common in other Marwari businesses also -Birlas, Goenkas etc. Almost the entire company is split up into these groups, with an unspoken, hidden but quite vile sense of rivalry between the different factions. Needless to say, employee development & appraisals and almost everything else depended majorly on the proximity to the concerned babu. Also, marwari employees were preferred over others, specially in Finance & Accounts (I am in Finance, not HR).

Not being a part of any faction, also not being a marwari, I had begun to feel the strain on my growth. I worked there for 5 years after MBA, learnt as much as I could, and now I have opted out to join a BPO subsidiary promoted by this company, but totally professionally managed. Also, I took a 30% cut in salary to do so, but I do not regret it even for a minute, because its only a matter of time before I get back on track.

I think problems with individual colleagues or bosses can be sorted out, or absorbed, to a large extent. But if the culture itself is unsuitable, then there is nothing that can be done other than moving out.

Warm regards,

21st September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
Hello to all,


Keep it up...keep on sharing the problems you are facing and the solutions that you think is the best for the problem.

Devjit, even the Culture can be changed the thing that you need to change the mind of the people...I hope in the very near future the HR department of your organisation will definitely do something to change the culture... as far as I think to be competent and lead the market your organisation has to change we all know change can never be constant.

Srishti....hope now the environment in your organisation is cool and the favoritism for your counterpart has lessened... this will happen in every company the thing is that we need to show our talent and energy , ideas through our work... and learn more from such situations..then no body can stop us from growing and becoming a successful HR.

We all learn from the keep learning from every small incident of your life.

Good luck to both of you.

Guys keep sharing with all of us ....


21st September 2006 From India, Delhi
What happened :?: :roll: you guys have stopped sharing your experience with us??
Common guys this thread will help us all to solve our problems at work place.
Hope to see more posts to this threads.
Seniors please do share your experiences.
21st September 2006 From India, Delhi
Dear Gunjan,
You are absolutely right My office environment has changed as such things haven't changed only i being an HR profession took the initiative of changing my attitude and things around automatically chnaged .I become good listener and that sometimes helps a lot.
22nd September 2006 From India, Bangalore
Hi All,
In our profession life every now and than we have to face people who are difficult to deal with , both within and outside the department.And being in an HR professional you cant say anything on the face of it.Than in that case what is the best way to deal with such kind of people.
Dear all
"Please share your valuable opinion ans Share Real Professional experience if any"
22nd September 2006 From India, Bangalore

Its a very good discussion. Let me add my experience in this bundle. I am working with a small company which still to make its mark and reach national and global heights.

In my organization, our president is very rigid and believes in old values that were followed 25 years ago. His basic issue is that he is the only one intelligent present in the company and rest all are nuts.We all collegues are really disturbed with such an attitude and mostly everyone is ready to leave the organization including me. This person has established his own network in the organization with all his "Chamchas" around him. He is from Sales background and believes that sales is the only thing in an organization and rest all other departments are a waste.

My stand on this issue is that I generally keep mum coz he hardly beleives in listening to others. He is of the opininon that if he is not there in the company, the comapny will die. We all keep mum and concentrate on our work, this has made him believ that everyone is scared of him.

My stand of keeping mum most of the times and counter occassionally is a question mark. Suggest now, what needs to be done and how can we together make him realise that we are important too apart from sales and figures on a piece of paper.

But I guess, that's life where u deal with such people and still stand strong. What's your stand.........................................

22nd September 2006 From India, Delhi
Dear Prachi,
Dont know what to say...regarding your problem...
Only thing you can Do is show them your concern for company ...and keep on initiating new things in the company...
I request all of you to help prachi out of her problem ...and also share your that others can learn from your experiences also.
22nd September 2006 From India, Delhi
hello friends,
I am really sorry for not checking the posts for a long time... actually i had gone for a week's leave... so back to work...
But its really strange that no body has responded to this post.
guys ...share your experiences and help might be helpful to we can always learn from others ...
Hope to see some replies ...
4th October 2006 From India, Delhi

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