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Hi to all those who are busy praising the article posted by Mr. sahil,

As I have earlier also said in my post, I abandon the effort of saving Mr. Raju's image.
But what is more disturbing is that today's Indian Youth, most of you, well educated, well set in their respective careers, also support this effort.
We Indians are very emotional by nature. people can easily blackmail us emotionally. Soft targets to emotional appeals. Our movies, our media, ads etc. also reflect this same thing and play upon it too.
We forgive the hero of a bollywood movie for cheating the heroin by faking his identity and status just becoz the bottomline is 'He truely loves her'...

But if you closely interact with the westerners, a major big difference in the cultures is that they have the definitions of wrong and right in place. there is nothing in between. But we have a lot of grey areas. Our judiciary system also rfelects that. We fail to see things in black and white.

If we wish to progress, we must change this attitude. I don't see anybody thinking in the wide interest of the nation here. Unless we, today's Indian youth, don't start relating to the nation's good, nothing will change. stop defending Mr. raju or anyone who has exploited the system. small or big, sin is a sin and sinner has to pay the price. Its people like you who unknowingly forgive and forget things which should not be. Unknowingly we carry this attitude and LET GO EVERYTHING....This Chalta hai attitude is harmful for the progress of our nation.
It is time to stand together against every wrong, small or big, else we will never be able to become a developed nation. we will always be a developing nation.
Anything against the national interest should be abandonned together with a powerful voice.
Dont do anything wrong and dont let others do it. Dont tolerate anything wrong or unethical. We can shape our country only if we take such tough stands against people like Raju.

Satyam was the face of India to the worlds biggest and largest companies, and nations. How can one defend Raju by saying that he did all this to save company's image? Dont' other companies book losses? And why didn't he have guts to overcome those losses in coming future by honest efforts and hardwork? he hired people to create a fake identity. I would not blame the employees who are now at mercy of other companies for their jobs and careers. Of course, those who have exploited the loose company rules deserve the punishment but not all.
higher you go up the ladder, your responsibilities also become greater. You are responsible for thousand s of employees, stake holders, shareholders. What Mr.Raju did is for temporary benefit, he played with so many lives, knowingly. I dont think it is courageous when he addmitted the crime. he did not have any other way to sustain the fraud. he was completely helpless and caught in a situation. What is admitted is true or false is yet to be seen.
He has a past proven record of mal-practices in his previous businesses. And still all of you are supporting and sympathising him? If he would have operated ethically and if company would have suffered due to recession, then I would agree that every employee should have been stood by the company and help it gain ts status. But here the case is completely different.
Please understand, that nothing is greater than the nation's good. I urge you to stop supporting such things if you are really the one who wants India to see progress.

Hi Sonal! U r somewhere right. I realised that Actually we are looking towards the one side of coin.
Well, this is our India. After doing big crime we people accept it and show empathy to people.
The greatest problem in our country is Most people get fear of being disciplined.So most people here simply accept -To err is human.

Amazing mail Mr. Sahil,
Good and bold effort at the right time.
This mail is an eye opener for each and every human being.
The 54000 thousand families which enjoyed their earnings from Satyam should show their gratitude to their Ex- Director, atleast by not abusing and blaming him.

Hi Every one any after reading this article if you want to support Ramalingaraju please check this website.
Hi Sahil... Amazing Post... Got to know facts which was not covered by media.... All D Best
Shame Shame Shame..on the indian youth who still think that this man is worth a praise..
wake up guys...he is like a fake saint who wears sadhu's attire, take advantage of emotionally weak people, and robs them...
All that he did is not for your families but to keep the fraud going on...and whether he showed a non-existent money or actually ate it up (which you satyamites have earned for him...) is not known and chances are that he has really eaten up your money. he has lot of benami property. From where do you think he gave the salaries worth 12,000 Crs? He has given u back your money and not done any favour.
I am ashamed to know that people in India are supporting him.
I am sure because of people like these around, many more Mr Raju's will dare to do such crimes, and escape on mass-sympathy. he will be soon out on bail and take advantage of people's short memory and commit another sin...
Shame on you guys. You are not worth calling yourselves Indians.

I wonder how many of you would remember that a few months ago several employees were terminated when it was found that thier travel bills were cooked. How could a company which detested discrepancy of a few thousand rupees not detect several thousands of crores missing from the system. to me more then a failure of corporate governance its a lack of ethics in the organisation and this ethics can only start from the top. Raju was an unethical leader. His past record is also tainted.
Raju does not deserve any sympathy, he has betrayed the trust of several thousand of people, all the stake holders , the shareholders, employees, suppliers and vendors, the community, the government.
I also feel that the government or the banks should bail the company out. the best that can happen is that someone buys out based on actual valuation. All assets of sister companies should be siezed and used to settle debts.
Its also possible that raju could have stashed away a sizable amount overseas in benami names for future use of himself and his family. Here also the government should probe and take action making sure that he does not access any slush funds. First step all the passports of the family and the senior management team should siezed. Where is ram Mynapati, he does not seem a straight guy.
A word of advice to the satyam employees and also to all aspiring software engineers, THERE IS A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY OUT THERE.
There are other careers in sales, production, media, education etc. etc.
I would also like to add that there are several satyams waiting to happen, Is your company inflating stock ? Is your company booking sales which are not going to happen ? If yes your company has all the chances of going the satyam way.
My heart goes out to all the satyam employees, most of you would not have dreamt of this situation when you were recruited on campus or joined at other levels. Good luck to all of you. You are fortunate to be in India where there are so many other opportunities and also a support system like family and friends to fall back on.
Once again chin and face the world. leave raju to his true fate

I think your are a true Satyamites.... and wish every employer to find a employee like u :) cheers and good luck....
Dear All,

I feel that Sahil's Post on "Satyam" is the eye opener for many working people to develop EMPLOYEE LOYALTY towards the Organization and also loyalty to the founder of the Organization. Very Good! Really Appreciatable! A good employee's Point of View!

But at the same time, it should be viewed in Investors' & Public Point of View also. 'Satyam Infotech' is / was one of the big growing indian IT BUSINESS and not a charitable organization to the general public and investors. All People (whether Indian/foreigner) invest their hard earned money by believing this fact in their mind.

It's the Paramount duty of the Owner of the Organization to make true and fair disclosure of the financial Position (Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account) of the Company by complying the Laws of the Country.

The so called great auditors may escape by saying that, to the best of our knowledge and the information provided by the management we have audited the accounts. But who is the ultimate authority approving and signing the Financial Statements?

When I am having 500 Rupees cash in my hand and purposively if i say 50,000 Rupees cash is in my Possession, does it constitutes ethical, moral and legal practice? What happened to Business Ethics? Once a person puts his signature on any important legal document, is it not mandatory to see whether it is free from material defect? especially that too where public money involved.

Hereafter, how many people will rely in investing their hard earned money in Indian IT Industry and how to bring foreign investment in Indian IT Sector? What about the Credibility of Indian IT Business in the foreign market?

As some one told, the name "Satyam" got its height, mainly because of some devoted and good employees like Sahil! It sounds really good! Yes! When the Organization grows to multiple level, it's not the Sahil's name growing, it's the name of the organization, Share Value in the Market and the name of the founder of the Organization is growing.

Definitely, it must be the duty of the chief of the organization to frame, employ and monitor right policies as to hire right people for the right job. If employee fails, the chief of the Organization fails. If the army fails, the captain fails. There must be a strategy how to employ and utilize employees in an effective way, since Satyam Infotech is also basically a service oriented business industry. It's the duty and responsibility of the Chief of the Organization, atleast to monitor the same.

This is my personal point of view.

I request everyone of you just read the following somsom's Point of view also. Many Points cannot be denied even by a devoted and loyal Satyam employee.

Thanks and regards,



Satyam loss is big loss for Indian industry still after reading this mail, I am bound to

think that why Indian people suffers .This country is not full of wrong

person but also the large number of people who support them.

After reading this mail I would like to comment on this mail. May be terse but


Reply in sequence

1) Jobs to 50000-- you donít give birth to child to kill once he grows up. Moreover

it was requirement for there second grade work, they took them backlog student.

2) Numerous training centre for numerous love stories. He did not opened centre

with this point. So he should not get the credit for so called LOVE STORIES.

3) Hire non potential candidate - To manipulate account. Pay less show more.

4) Put unlimited fake medical and house rental bills - yatha raja yatha praja

5) How can we blame just one man when EACH AND EVERY person was disloyal? ---No
one blaming one person but of course captain of ship is always in limelight.

6) This is the same man whose ideas and potentials- how to swindle money that

was the idea from beginning. Search for Satyam spinning mills.

7) The most gruesome experience--agreed

8) I am not saying that ALL Satyam employees are bad- no one said this. Poor

people did not know anything until Mr.Raju send his resignation.

9) What Mr. Raju did was to keep the business of Satyam going at any cost- Sorry

dear, not satyam but to keep maytas business. He transferred money from satyam actually.

10) My last salute to this man----salute to these people only making our country

corrupt and worst.

11) I read he donated Rs 12000 Crores from his personal pocket-----First of all its a

big lie, but assuming true how did he got this Rs.12000 Crores in his personal pocket.

Last but not least distributing some money from robbery does not make you saint.
sorry guys I may have hurt some of you.

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