I have done PGDBM (personnel management & IR ) one year regular & full time course. I have 7 years' experience in HR & admin.
Now I want to add a masters degree in my CV . I heard about Symbiosis distance learning PGDBA and PGDHRM .
I want to know whether both are considered as MBA by the corporates ?
I mean are these courses equivalent to MBA? Also, which one is better?
doing PGDBA in Hr is better or PGDHRM is better ?
Please please suggest me urgently.

From India, Bangalore
For educational qualification, always remember formal education through UGC approved university is always best because all these roadside institutes are money eating business. They are informal qualifications.
If you go abroad for work or advance studies and research, this degree qualification from private institutes are not approved by overseas education system. They want formal university education degree, Even in embassy of immigration needs degree from university approved by the University Grants Commission.
All premier institutes and B-School fundas did not work overseas because they are deemed university and not approved university by the government of India.

From Saudi Arabia
First of all, both PGDHRM and PGDBA (with specialization in HR) are both Post Graduate Diplomas.....not technically a Master Degree.

Secondly, there is no point in wasting your time and energy going for PGDBA (with specialization in HR)......just go for PGDHRM as that is totally focussed upon HR....you see, if you opt for PGDBA, then besides just HR, you would also have to study subjects on Marketing, Finance etc which are not really concerned with HR.

I myself did PGDHRM and want to tell those people who call such courses/institues as 'informal' that I got my break in HR to a large extent because of PGDHRM from Symbiosis.

At the end, don't depend upon anyone: take your own decision.
Since you seem serious to pursue a career in HR, so go for some distance learning course from a reasonably good and recognized institute.

I am now pursuing Master Of Labour Management from Annamalai University.....it is a 2 year Degree course.
If you are bent upon acquiring a degree, then you could go for MBA from Annamalai with spesialization in HR.....and yes, it would be a MASTERS DEGREE IN HR.

Above all, be kool.


From India, Calcutta
This is a classic example of false advertisement.
Masters degree is masters degree. It cannot be equated with PG Diploma courses just because these B-Schools or premier institutes do not have authority to issue any degrees because they are not formal universities affiliated to the University Grants Commission. Such institutes are mushrooming everyday in every corner of India have no quality but just money making fancy college formula to spend money lavishly on education. After all what matter is quality of brain that cultivates and yields best nobel scholars. These institutes has no credibiltiy because they don't produce nobel prize nominee or winnder students in their institutes.

From Saudi Arabia
Thank you so much brandon.
Already i have done a PG Dip in Personnel mngt (regular - one year)
so now i am thinking its better to go for MBA or Master of labour management as you are doing.
if possible please tell me the fees structure and other details of MLM from annamalai .
Rajeev Dixit

From India, Bangalore
Hi Badlooser

I always say: each is entitled to his own view: if u feel that institutes like Symbiosis are not recognized and credible, then God save such institutes.Regular MBA degree is always better but not everyone is bright enough to get enrollment there. So atleast for people like me, such institutes are a blessing.

Rajiv: MLM would roughly cost you around Rs. 7000 including the exam fees; it is a 2 year Masters degree from Annamalai. You could also opt for MBA(HR) from Annamalai University but that would be too concerned with other subjects like Marketing,Finance etc and would be more demanding on you so think carefully before taking any steps.

The enrollment for this year is over; you may take admission in May 2009.

Please visit the website of Annamalai University: search on Google to get the exact link.

Above all, as I said: don'be discouraged by anyone: you seem serious and academically inclined, so all the best to you dear.


From India, Calcutta
Dear Rajeev
If you want to add a masters degree you can consider partime masters degree. It has huge value as you have experience. Doing a distance learning will add value to your business card but not to you. Though they are PG courses they are not masters degree. If you do that you will not be having a degree (you will be having a diploma)
Thanks & Regards
Sonali Wagle

From India, Thana
i find tricky question here.
This gentleman has did PG Diploma and now want to become Masters Degree. Nothing wrong is doing Masters or even PhD for that matter.....:o
What advise will technically support his objective if we say "YES or NO" ?:D
If we say "YES" which obviously the first choice and he decide "NO"
If we say "NO" and he decides "YES"
Don't we think logically something is missing in this question what is that?:icon8:
Its confidence or his uncertainty to take decision......That is from someone who already served for over 7 years in HR field in various capacity is surprising....:oops:

From Saudi Arabia
Hi Mr.Badlooser,
This is a forum where various Hr's come and discuss on various topics.
Give and take suggestions,share ideas and experiences relating to various
topics on HR/IR/PM .its a discussion forum .
Sir , If one is asking a question or a doubt here ,is he lacking confidence ?
surprise then all who are posting a querry here do not have confidence and lacks decission making capacity.
Any ways i will take it as a compliment .

From India, Bangalore

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