I think Spear is absolutly correct. Termination is not the only sollution to get rid of this kind of persons. Tomorrow if you will recruit any one at his place then what is the guatantee that you wont get the same behaviour from that person. As a leader you should try to tackle the situation and councell the person. In my opinion the more he shows his arrogency the more you show your softness, he will stop behaving in such manner sooner or later. The only thing is you have to keep patient.All the bestSubh
From India, Calcutta
i would say its other way round I find u incapable or incompetent to handle this guy. Its not his but your problem. You get irritated fast. You are responsible for his behaviour .
Hope you try to first cool down your self and then take decesion while communicating with him be calm. your the leader hence its the first job for the leader to take care of his/her team by interacting with individual member.

From India, Mumbai
You can personally talk with the employee, if it was done unintentionally then, try to find out the reasons and give the suggestions, if done with intentionally, then give verbal warning and also explain the procedure related to disciplinary action.

From India, Mumbai
Take disciplinary action against him and issue him proper formal warning, charge sheet and explanation letter, I hope this will be enough for him if not than issue him suspension and before suspension take an inquiry against the matter and select neutral inquiry officer and on the base of his inquiry report you will be able to take dismissal decision against him.
for proper disiplinary action procedure please contact me on

From Pakistan, Lahore
Dear Sir,
If your subordinate is misbehaving with you ( arguing/answering in front of everyone need not be considered as a misbehaviour ) , one has to view the reason for this behaviour in two ways. If the boss has no professional knowledge or good attitude as required - no doubt that he has to improve himself. If the subordinate is generally such a natured person that always argues with everyone without proper reason/logic, no doubt that he will spoil the entire team's morale and productivity and hence immediately the boss has to get rid of him from his team at any cause or cost.

From India, New Delhi
The first thing which I have noticed in your email is pointing out a particular person which is wrong. You cannot compare or point out somebody wrong just because he argues. being HR fertility, we should consider every individual is an individual. They have their own ideas behavior, so try to help him or understand what is the problem, I would suggest a 360 degree approach to understand the situation and act upon. Believe in this, nobody is better than anybody or nobody is worse than anybody.
Correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks and best regards,

From India, Ernakulam
frnd , every one has their own demenour , thay behave what they think right that means according to thier perception they consider themself right , that also happen with u , so if the opposite one is extreamly wrong with the unanimous perception then only n only counselling is the best option , we should diversified the concept of WE WE . that produce the result positive .
we sould make the target person realise thier good trait , narrating their positive trait help them to overcome the negetive one

From India, Muzaffarpur
If the boss made mistake he has to correct himself - if in case subordinate terminate him!
what a logic!
How he will correct himself! (BOSS)
The subordinate is also recruited by the management - we don't know how long he was contributing to the organization. His performance! etc..,
It appeares that the boss is new to the organization and he is unable to handle the situation. He may be afraid of this subordinate that he would take over him!
We can't conclude without knowing the actual scenario.

I suggest that you need to talk to him at a personal level and make him understand about his behaviour and also understand as why he is behaving that way.
You also need to take the feedback of him from other team members.
Maintaining a good team spirit and sustaining it is very important for efficient productivity.
You also need to talk to your other team members that they are not influenced by him and how all of them play an important role for him.
In case the person is not a good performer and still he continues to behave in the same manner...then you need to terminate him with prior notice.
Neelima B

Enough has been said about the topic...but I fail to understand why this Eagle guy has to type in red LARGE fonts..I think he himself was terminated for insubordination...which is why he is getting so hyper..lol.

About the topic at hand...how many people here are actually handling a team is what I would like to know; and by handling a team I mean direct reportees. It is very easy to blame the boss and say that the person is incapable of handling an arrogant or argumentative employee, but feedback sessions dont always help, and even a fresher knows that little can be achieved by arguing with your supervisors in front of everyone.

I would be surprised to know that no one here has come across an employee like that in their career who is always questioning everything, has a negative approach, feels that things can be done in a better way but doesnt know the better way themself, tries to outdo the supervisor at every opportunity...

My suggestion is that let him know about his negative attitude if not done already, tell him that U'd support him if need any, and ask him if has any suggestions for U. After that, if there is no improvement, give him a warning letter, and if he doesnt mend his ways, throw him out. He'll gradually learn after a little more experience.

From India, Pune

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