With All due respect to our large spread HR and senoir management circles, I have a few questions which are bothering me and I am sure some other memebers of society too!

1) Why is a person classified as "unstable profile" if they start their career early in life and so have worked in various roles in different industries?

2)Why having a colourful, or multi-skilled persona, makes it difficult to get a job?

3) Why does work experience abroad not count as work experience even if it was the same work one would do here? Does experience abroad have no value in our Indian market, though we can learn some really nice working habits and skills there?

4) I am a good manager, trainer, HR, events manager, customer service agent and school teacher for children with special needs! What kind of job is best for me? I have tried to get a job in various fields and companies after an 18 month stint in the UK but I cant get a job which can use my experiences and skills to the organisations benefit!

Please feel free to share your opinions. You can also email me on for any suggestion in person. I am really looking for a better job and your inputs may just help me get my best job ever!

Warm Regards,


From India, Mumbai
Hi Mayuri,

Good Subject,

Working abroad is totally different experience because we are operating in different environment and level of competence depends on the socio-economic circumstances to law and order situations different from the Indian background.
For example we in India operate in organized and unorganized sector where we encounter different risk factors. Our economics of Trade, Commerce and Industry is based on the following classifications and all trade and industry laws broadly regulated on following status.

Public sector companies – Owned by Central Government- Enterprises or Undertakings or
State Government companies including semi-government
Private Sector companies- Public Limited with either Indian or Foreign MNC.
Public Limited Private Companies with Medium Scale size
Private Limited Medium Size
Private Limited Small Scale Industries
Cottage Industries/ Cooperatives/ Agriculture or Agro based

All Public Sector and Public Limited workforce are well organized by the union activities they exploit the management and capable of protecting the rights of both class of employees whether bargainable categories and non-barganiable categories in these sector.

But the problem area where employees are being exploited is unorganized sector predominantly in private limited medium and small size companies including cottage and cooperative as well as agriculture sector in all trade, commerce and industry.

The economic potential of Indian trade, commerce and industry depends on the market monopoly, profit margins of the respective business for example in public sector they are schedule A, Schedule B and Schedule C companies according to their wealth and economic potential.

There is no comparison among private sector players or employers because of their market, size of companies, product variations and variations in the profit margins. Therefore, there is no uniformity in practices and this is the area where we have to draw the line between what and where we are placed in the market, once you understand this place their priorities of these business you will automatically come to know their modus-operandi of making profits and revenue generating sources then you can place yourself very well with your overseas experience to bring some degree of value addition etc.

There are myths and superstitious beliefs which is root cause for hindrance to most overseas experience.

After saturation in IAS jobs especially collectors and Daroga postings were reduced in late 80 and early 90’s. Then the dowry mongers targeted some institutional qualifications which could fetch more dowry and then Premier Institute and B-School concept come into existence and proliferated this was result of a very smart conspiracy hatch by dowry promoters. In 90 and new millennium these new economy Premier and B-School has mushroomed in India. Although none of these institute has credential to yield neither Nobel Prize Nominee nor any Nobel laureates in their institutes but this myth was very well taken by Indian corporate world. These touts are largely mongering such myths from time to time are jeopardizing prospects of matured talents in India.

Your overseas employment contract is one among obstacles which Indians can’t afford. I have been recruiting expatriates in Africa and Middle East organizations from Europe, Africa and Asia and following practices are prevalent which Indian companies cannot match.

- Organizations with world class global practices.
- Offer better employment conditions compare to India. For example:
* Working with western professionals from Europe, US, AUS etc makes total difference
because these overseas organizations benchmarks Europian, US norms for safety and
security or Driving License to Maintenance and Operations of entire country.
* Salary paid in US$ floating exchange rate.
* Maximum 40 working hours per week restricted to 8 hours a day and overtime is also
* Flexible working hours such as two days weekly off adjusted with weekends in conjunction
with holiday.
* Better working conditions with Safety Equipments, Good Insurance coverage, Free
Medical, Free Car/Transportation, Furnish A/c Accommodations, Compulsory Annual
Vacation to home country with return airfare to family.
* Working with global players and standard norms are very expensive cannot imagine the
cost in India because in India everything is based on your risk with bare minimum safety
and lackadaisical laws and enforcement machinery.

What is practical is not viable in India.
What is viable is not practical in India.

If you want to work in India you have to prepare for following:
* Daily average 12 hours working and 60 hours a week without extra compensation for
extra work.
* Without A/c which is only available to Very Senior level employees.
* Poor Business ethics-
* Have to think global but act in local credentials with cynical approach-E.g promote
Money saving strategies, Rather Money making strategies because accountants will
catch you for wasting company resources preserve resources and save money.
* Yield golden results in the garbage organization work culture & Bossing.

If you are multi skilled you are useless because it is strong belief of Indian corporate that one man can do only one job?
Everyone is borne specialist in one functional area.
I know the overseas Graduates; they are talented enough to perform any function. I had recruited 28 fresh Graduates in Africa for my group and surprise to see their interest and well prepared to discharge any function. They were versatile doing all functions right from HR, Logistics, Accounts, and Marketing.
In India graduates are cloned to do one specialized job and market is highly critical on multi skilled people as low skilled.

The whole Corporate is after subjective management and intangible creativity because its affordable but objective management with tangible creativity is not affordable because that requires huge investment in building capabilities and research work.

If you want to succeed talk in management jargons which no one is capable to understand so no one question what are you talking. if at all someone asked to explain express in such way he get confused so he will acknowledge soon he is convinced.

This is trick of trade..........You have to do due diligence on above facts to become compatible.



From Saudi Arabia
Thank you for your input Mr Sawant. My reading of the market and people's mentalities is similar to yours however, I have tried bending the rules by modifying my resume to emphasize on one skill at a time. However during my interviews my real capabilities do come out in the open and I have been struggling to get a job . This is the reason for my this post too as I would like to understand how the market works or how do the seniors select candidates.
Some who is capable of more than just the job on hand wont always get bored but will do more to improve his or her working styles and do better or will help other work mates with their work. This will only make a healthier work atmosphere, though it is natural that there is always another side to the happiness that spreads.
What do you think?

From India, Mumbai
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