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Hi friends,
I want to have opiniuns here : -
whether HR is really a earning field ?
Which is the sector where HR's are highly paid ?..IT/Manufacuring/retail etc etc ?
Which part of HR is in demand presently ?(IR or personnel or recruitment or else)
what is the highest salary a manager - hr can get? and why ?
expecting your valuable opiniuns friends .
Thanks in advance
Rajeev Dixit

From India, Bangalore

Hi Rajeev,
Good queries..
See my opinions as below;
1- I don;t see HR is really a earning field compare to other fields.
2- It depends upon the employer brand
3- Now the trend is all in one (HR specialist) who can handle all HR functions.
4- Also its depends upon the size of the company as well as branding. To be honestly HR Managers salary will b less than comparing other dept managers salary.

From Kuwait, Kuwait

Hi guys, so many proffessionals here and just one reply ?? expecting more opiniuns regards Rajeev Dixit
From India, Bangalore

As per your queries
1) i cannot say that HR is not a earning field. HRs are also being paid more or less par with other departments. But the problem is oppurtunities available in this field are far less. Unless and until u prove urself one cant shine in this area.
2) Every industry requires a HR where employees / labors working for any organization
3) As Nawaz rightly said now the trend is not restricting urself to any division of HR. Should be a master of all in this competitive world.
4) There is no limit in compensation for the most talented persons

From India, New Delhi

HR is an earning filed, since they are paid well as compared to others at same level...... now time is changing.... yes but they are paid bit less as compared to core software professional and marketing person who has sales incentive... however times are changing for all.

An Generalist HR is in demand....

I have seen person with 2-3 exp in position of HR Manager with salary of 2-3 Lacs pa and person with 10 yrs exp as HR Manager with salary of 10 Lac pa.... so you can decide highest salary of a manager.


From India, Ahmadabad

Though i am new in this feild, still lets try..

obviously HR can earn equal to any other employee (pls try to avoid comparison with software guys!!) but as Rajiv said opportunities are very less in this field and u need to be start ur career u need 2 years of gestation period where u just increase your no of exp year but dnt expect good salary.

Again if u get good placement from ur college u r the lucky one..bcz getting job on ur own in this field is a bit difficult.

Sector wise IT HR is good paid but u dnt have much work to do there (its a matter of debate as officially no body wants to accept it...but then IT employees think like that)

Generalist role is always better as it has broad scope of being specialist in future years of career,but starting from a specialist field (recruitment, IR, payroll etc) is something which restricts u from starting itself.

And salary of different companies depends on their salary structure as well as exp of candidate.

Hope this will help.


From India, Nagpur
Hr Field is not like a other department for Good earnings/ Money making Field. This is a part of service. The main aim of the field is to recruit Prospective Employee, Train, Motivate, Retain the Employee. Since Every people cant be a Good HR.

IT industry is a High payable in the market. This is applicable to HR Field too..
But Lot politics involved in this field. Their is no Importance for the performance or a Quality Education. Lot of Position Closed through internal references.

Specially Recruitment is Highly demand in the market, Because today we have two to three Consultancy at every nuke and corner of our street. But other part of HR like Payroll, Generalist Specially ment for Experience persons not less than 3+ Yrs of Exp or People should have references the other part of HR is not purely ment for freshers the percentage is less.

The Highest Salary of the Manager based on his Exp like. if he is 10+ Yrs Exp Person. He would be receiving around 10 - 12 lakhs.


[IMG] wuY29t[/IMG] / 09884211661.

From India, Madras

I think this information will be of some help to you. Thanks and Regards Sanjeev
From India, Mumbai
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Hi Rajeev,

Good question if I assume your a fresher who is on the verge of graduating or trying to do your B school degree after your graduation!!!

HR in terms of compensation can be good/bad depending on the organisation you are going to work in!!

Sales guys would always get more salaries than other function for obvious reasons as they are the reason the organisation is still in existence.

That apart HR is really a good paymaster if you have the right skills/attributes/experience in that field or willingness to learn intially in your career and then grow with experience.

HR can consist of specialist fields like recruitment,Training,Comp & Ben,Compliance,IR,etc.

1>I would suggest intially you get into recruitment with failry well known consulting form to get a hang of industry profiles and what different companies pay so that you can know which industry is a target for you.

Then after 2 yrs of experience get into corporate opening.

2> OR you can try getting into a corporate in a generalist role which includes recruitment, HR operations, Business HR, Comp & Ben, Training,etc...

BEst of luck for making the right choice!


From India, Mumbai
HI Friends,
I am not saying HR is not a growing Field. But the percentage is less when compared to other areas like Finance, Marketing, Developers,etc. But due to outsourcing, the process like Payroll, recruitment, Training. It may lead to booming stage in near future. Now we have 7 HR`s Person for 100 Employees. It may Even change towards the higher percentage in Future.
Friends Feel free to post your comment.. Your comments and feedback helps me to update my skills. By this way our knowledge sharing gets developed. Thanks in Advance
[IMG] wuY29t[/IMG] / 09884211661.

From India, Madras
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