Dear All,
I am working in an IT firm, Our timing is from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. One of our female employee is pregnant and has requested for a concession in her office timing. She wants to come at 11.30 am and leave by 5.30 pm so that she can avoid the rush of the peak hours.
What should we do? Can such flexibility be given ? Can we reduce her pay according to the reduced working hour ?
Please give your comments.

From India, Kalyan
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Anand S
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yaar u take decision on this,, naa,, u can give relaxation to her since shes pregnant,, n without reducing pay, coz dont think reducing pay is all, coz, if u reduce pay, ur respect will reduce..
From India, Pune

Generally concessions are given to female employees in such a situation but a few points need to be considered
1stly if the working hours are reduced . that means the individual is not completing her 8 hrs of daily work for which she was employed(as per the appt letter), in that case the company Can reduce her pay on a pro-rata basis after discussion with her . It is important to outline the reasons for reducing her pay and explaining the facts and have this agreement in writing.
2nd option could be if there is any possibility of an arrangement like WORK FROM HOME, in that case her salary need not be reduced since she will complete her assigned tasks.
From the business perspective, shortage in productive manhours will increase the cost for the company ie they may have to engage another employee for completing the tasks assigned to her which increases project cost. Hence it is important to refer to the company's policies etc in this case as well

From India, Pune
Anand S
Dear Banerjee
As Preeti says, each company has a viable policy on this matters and pro-employee policies like maternity leave policy, goes a long way in bringing goodwill to the company and helps in creating intangible benefit.
In our organisation, we have both maternity and praternity leave policy and the text of it is as follows:
Maternity / Paternity leave:
For female staff - Maternity leave up to 3 months (paid) + 3 months (unpaid)
For male staff - Paternity leave up to 30 days (paid).
In addition to the above, any other unused leave, one may have accumulated, can be used as maternity / paternity leave. The leave could be flexibly used as half-time work as well. (i.e. 2 days at half-time = 1 day’s work + 1 day leave)
You may use these as an example and frame a policy based on your requirements.
Hope this is of some use
Have a great day
anand s

From India, Bangalore
Hiiii MB, If you have company policies which follows the Maternity Leaves paid or unpaid, better you follow it. Regards, Om Prakash
From India, Vadodara
Ashok malik
Dear MB
The problem is not so simle that you give is not an isolated case but setting a preceedance.hence you must dicuss it with your Mgt being a policy matter. In this case if the intention is only to beat the trafic rush ,one can start earlyfrom home. A proper record of non working hrs may be maintained & leave can be adjusted after the delivery.
Thans & Regards
Ashok Malik

From India, New Delhi

Yes i totally agree to what Preeti had to say. Infact the concept of flexible work timings during Pregnancy is being practiced by many companies these days.
It reinforces the fact that you care for the employee so she is likely to perfrom better.
Also empathising with the employee is important. Flexible work timings and working from home are the solutions. Employee benefits may sometimes also icnlude insurances for the employee and the neonate when born.
I also know of companies who grant maternity leave for 5 months, which is a paid leave. These benifits may differ from company to company. My personal view is that its a good idea to practise these policies. It increases loyalty towards the Organization.

From India, Delhi
anisa kakroo
There at times one has to work on the basic need for the situation occured.
She has a genuine reason for asking less working hours and if she has given a chance, i am sure she will ensure that she will not waste a single minute in her actual working days.
Believe me , I am a mother of two kids (daughter 11 years old and Son 10 years old). I am able to manage home as well office only because of the luxury time i am spending in Wipro but at the same time I am very honest, dedicated towards my company.
thats the reason me and my company (wipro) are happy working together and its been more than 5 years i am servicing in this such a lovely organisation.
Give her an opportunity and you will find the difference.

From India, New Delhi
Dear All, Thank you very much for the valuable comments.Now I Have a lot of employee friendly options to choose from. Thanks for all your help. Regards, MB
From India, Kalyan

Hi MB,

Ours is software Development Company in Hyderabad.

We had come across the same problem with one of our female employees. But her problem was, she has to look after her 2yrs kid. So, she convinced our management to come at 9am & leave by 3pm.

Actually she was Project Lead in our company. For her daughter’s sake, she agreed to work as a .Net Technical Trainer (as a consultant).

Accordingly, our HR manager has prepared an offer letter with the following updates:

Designation: As a consultant for 3 months*. After the completion of 3 months, based upon our requirement we have extended her contract for 3 more months. In this period she’s not eligible for any kind of leaves
After completion of 6 months contract, her leaves:
Personal Leaves - 3 days (Pro-data)
Sick Leaves - 5days (Pro-data)
Office Timings: 9am - 3PM
Pay Package: 25K P/M (She used to get double / more to this amount)

*She is the first person, who requested our management to provide flexi office hours. So, our management has experimented on her, to check whether she will continue her service with us / not. That’s why she was appointed as a consultant on 3 months contract basis.

Thank you & Regards,
Bhagya Lakshmi.

From India, Hyderabad
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