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Hello can any one tell me how to control attritions veda
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1) Introduce employee welfare schemes like
1) Birthday Celebrations
2) Frequent outdoor trips
3) Bonus for the best performer of each project
4) Providing medical allowances & insurance
5) Sponsoring family trips.
6) By giving scholarship to the employee children for their studies
7) Career development.

There are so many but u should go into the route cause of this attrition may be by introducing employee feedback form. analysing based on exit interview. then u can take steps what is missing accordingly.
I dont think majority of your employee welfare schemes will motivate employeee to stick with org.....I dont think employee will leave because some one was not provided with out door or family trips etc.....
Employees leave our bosses but not our organisation so make sure that you have very good leadership style in org and employee is happy what he is doing .....
There could be lot of other things which helps us to retain and we should look at case by cases...
Hi, My sugesstion for attrition control would be on a periodic psychometric analysis. With Regards, Sudhir
hi kiran,
that is y i asked him to go for the reason behind the attrition through exit interview and employee feedback form..
even though if u have a good boss sometimes employee leave because of stress. that is where recreations place a major role..
take in case of my organization.. in one of our department we have a very good manager and leader but the project demands the employees to stretch their time and work late hours and inturn we had a very high attrition rate.
sometimes having a good manager alone will not help. but yes i agree with you that relationship between the manager and employee also palce a major role and it is not something we should ignore.
sharing the files ia have collected regardsing the attrion A.V.Prakash

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Dear veda, Attrition is the part of HR Challenage in the modern job market.go for exit interview and find out really problm. make objective for to solve the problm good luck Raghav
psychometric analysis.

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Hey Veda,
My suggestions...
1. Incentivize them
2. Make the work environment friendly
3. Hold Skip levels - and ensure that you work on the feedbacks that u get in these skip levels.
4. Make the employees felt being cared for - send bday / anniv / bereavement / any other occassion
5. Give them a reason to work with ur organisation...
Hope this helps.
Dear Sudhir,
Will you be more specific about Psychometric Analysis like What are the types of it, in what condition it is effective , can it be implemented in any set up , is it suitable for small firms ? Will this be ok with low profile employees ? Please guide me on these points.
With Regards,

Dear All,
This topic has becoms the AIDs for HR proffesionals.I am seeing this due to increased opportunity of the jobs availability and increased objectiveness in target achivements.Every one wants to grow as fast as they can in this material world.The solution for this also lies in the problem itself.Which we can apply and get the possitive results:
1.Employer should provide enriched job profiles so that they can enjoy their work,it should not only be routine only but beyond that,
2.The targets must be very much measurable and achivable with some stretch,
3. The policies should be boundriless so that if a person is on target then he should be given compensation against the same,
4.Since Humans have a very indefinite and unpredicted behaviour, there grievance must be addressed properly.
Thanks & Regards
Ashok kumar
Dear ,
1)no motivating scheme & exit interview can stop attrition rate, best is to go for the salary survey in same kind of industry find out the gaps & try to full fill that gaps,
2) When go for the salary increment try to go for competency based KRA system rather then EXP. and all
Every thing matters job profile, company status & Money
as soon as u understand the attrition will go slow down.
I accept with Both Kiran & Prathima.. Employees don’t leave the organisation but their Boss... Regards, Pravin.
attrition rate can be controlled mainly from many ways:
2 Learning atmosphere
3 Money
4 respect
in brief Employee satisfaction in terms of money,Exposure,carrer development, healthy working environment through this we can control,attrition rate.
Hello All!
Warm Greetings!
We are a newly launched, small Placement Company with 15 people onboard. We have mostly recruited freshers.
We cannot afford to have big bonuses and alluring incentives, at present.
Besides, there is a growing tendency in 1-2 yrs experienced people to jump job to job.
In this case, can somebody guide me as to what retention tactics I should implement as a HR official?
hello veda
in my college days i had conducted a survey on employee attrition across 10 companies, each of them belonging to different sectors and compared each of the companies with the industry benchmark retention practices.
the 3 most effective retention practices identified are:
* although people say money is not a primary motivating factor, people switch jobs even when they get a couple of thousands hike in pay
* the image of the company i.e the brand image what the products or services of the company enjoys also plays a major role in employee retention
* the title of the job postion i.e the designation what the job holder holds

Dear Veda
I think u shud go into the root-cause of having so high attrition in ur organisation.
I wud suggest u to conduct Employee Satisafaction Survey that will definitely help u & give u a clear picture of high attrition rate.
But for thi su hav eto take all the employees into confidence that their feedback will not be shared with anyone & confidentiality will be maintained.
Going thru the exit interview questionnaires is also another alternative to find the cause of attrition.
Gud Luck n go ahead!
Dear veda,
The above mentioned views are gud.
I would like to suggest you about checking and rechecking of interpersonal relationships of employees coz sometimes it happens that performance appraisal is not done fairly due to groupism.
just check that employees are loyal to the company or they are loyal to the project leader or the team leader.
sometimes it happens that if the project leader is switching the job he motivates his group also to switch that job........
check interpersonal relations and motivate employees to be loyal to the organization and not to an individual....
i hope this may help you out.....
by empowerment attrition rate can be chkd
one of the leading software co's attrition rate was 36% but due to empowerment they manage to reduce it to 15%.....
employees shd be aware of d growth perspective in conjunction with the organization....
Dear All,
I read all the comments/suggestions on this.
To summaise it all I would say
attrition is a common in every organisation. Based on the performance and growth of the organization it will increase or decrease.
Based on the various facilities given to the employee viz
1. Gift voucher issue to various occasion like marriage, children study.
2. Medical policy
Another main cause of the fact that the salary compensation, promotion policy, etc.
Hi Pal.. I’ve enclosed a file which will help you...

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File Type: doc Managing Attrition in the Indian Information Technology Industry.doc (49.5 KB, 1078 views)

Employes can be broadly classified into two- One, who are there to stay and second who are always on the lookout for greener pastures. If employers can develop the understanding of the two, it could help curb attrition(Psychometric tests may help).
For the first lot, employers should convince employees of their growth opportunities and motivate them to excel. For the second, they will not be able to do much, afterall its a democratic country!
Daisy Kurien
An employee!
Hi All,
We talk about attrition which is a great pain in the neck of all the organizations.
We think about those people who left us due to XYZ reason. No doubt it is important to know.
But have we ever thought of those people who are still with our organization?
Did we do any survey what made them stick to one organization for such a long time? May be this can help us to know what made them to stay with one organization so long?
We can come to new conclusions and ideas how to retain employees?
Attrition can be controlled by only transparent dialogue with candidate about your HR Policy and Concerned Department Working Culture
Hi All,
Although the given suggestions are good enough to control atttrition, still these steps fail to control attrition at times.
Any other creative way of retaining manpower...specially front end associates where the attrition level is very high..
Hello Friends !

When we talk about the burning problem like ATTRETION....the following points also must be considered....

 Retention of the best employees starts with your recruiting, staffing and hiring strategies, policies and procedures. When recruiting, selecting, staffing and hiring, pick the smartest person you can find. And of course, the person must have the job according to his/her personality, competency and qualities. All this assures that the selected person is going to enjoy his/her job and it will surely lead to his/her long-term ‘affair’ with the organization.

 A very innovative technique is to involve the Current Employees in Recruiting. It not only helps in establishing a modest recruitment program with positive public relations but also improves employees' perceptions of their relationship with the company. An existing employee really adds value to employee recruitment. It is true that employees have a clear operational understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of the business; they will be more likely to introduce the prospective candidates who match position requirements. Employees feel valued when a personally recommended candidate is considered. Positive public relations will manifest naturally when employees know that they can benefit from attracting others to the business. Thus the participation of the existing employees in the recruitments will certainly foster a spirit of contribution to the big picture.

 As the saying goes on, “First impression is the last impression.” Likewise an organization’s first impression also decides the turnover period of an employee. Your new employee orientation is a make 'em or break 'em experience, for a new employee. At its best, the process of new employee orientation solidifies the new employee’s relationship with the organization. It fuels their enthusiasm and guides their steps into a long term positive relationship with the company. Done poorly, the new employee orientation will leave the new employees wondering why on earth they walked through our door. The best new employee orientation:

has targeted goals and meets them,

makes the first day a celebration,

involves family as well as coworkers,

makes new hires productive on the first day,

is not boring, rushed or ineffective, and

uses feedback to continuously improve.


 Reducing employee turnover is also dependant on the total work environment we offer for employees. There are several ways for making the work environment more supportive and friendly. Opportunities should be provided for people to share their knowledge via training sessions, presentations, mentoring others and team assignments. Employees like to share what they know. People want to enjoy their work. Make work fun. Engage and employ the special talents of each individual. Involve employees in decisions that affect their jobs and the overall direction of the company whenever possible. Involve them in the discussions regarding company vision, mission, values, and goals. This strategic framework will never "live" for them or become "owned" by them if they merely read it in an email or hanging on the wall.

 Better benefits = reduced employee turnover. Offer an attractive, competitive, benefits package. It really gives us a competitive edge in attracting and keeping the best employees. At the same time, it also helps us to create a workplace in which employees are motivated, happy and more productive. These benefits may be given in many forms. Just have a look:- Performance bonus, Attendance bonus, Employee Retention bonus (for being with the company for a long period), Profit sharing, Paid hours for some exceptional work, Career planning and development, Professional association meeting, conference or seminar expense, Discount meals/ Discount Coupons, Already prepared take-home meals, Paid meals for entire family if working on weekend (to allow some family time), Gifted clothes for personal use (such as shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats), Free movies, Birthday card or personal note from executive.

 Employee recognition as well as Employee Motivation is also the tool for retaining them. While money is an important form of employee recognition, ideas for employee recognition may be limitless. The following ideas can also be of some help: Gift certificates, Cash awards, Handwritten thank you notes, A letter of appreciation in the employee file, Recognition posted on the employee bulletin board , Contribution noted in the company newsletter, Provide public praise at a staff meeting, Take the employee out to lunch, Send people to conferences and seminars, Ask people to present a summary of what they learned at a conference or seminar at a department meeting, Work out a written employee development plan, Make career development commitments and a schedule, Provide more of the kinds of work the employee likes and less of the work they do not like, Provide opportunities for empowerment and self-management, Ask the employee to represent the department at an important, external meeting, Provide opportunities for the employee to determine their own goals and direction, Participation in idea-generation and decision making, Company logo merchandise such as shirts, hats, mugs, and jackets, Framed or unframed certificates to hang on the wall or file, Provide status symbols, whatever they are in your organization and so on and so forth.

 The ability of the employee to speak his or her mind freely within the organization is another key factor in employee retention. Does your organization solicit ideas and provide an environment in which people are comfortable providing feedback? If so, employees offer ideas, feel free to criticize and commit to continuous improvement. If not, they bite their tongues or find themselves constantly "in trouble" - until they leave.

 Another very important strategy for employee retention is their career Planning. Being in Hospitality Industry, Hunger Line needs committed and high-morale employees. But for the employees to be committed, the company will have to make it very clear that it is also very committed to its employees. One very clear cut way to do is to help the employees have successful and satisfying careers. And for this, to start a career management process is the need of the hour. Or in other words, to focus on the employees future with the company. Different initiatives can be taken in this regard,

• Offer on-site or online career centers.

• Encourage role reversal

• Establish a corporate campus through partnerships with local colleges and consultants.

• Help organize “career Success Teams” where small groups of employees from same/different departments meet periodically to network and support in achieving their career goals.

• Provide ‘Career Planning Workshops’ for self-assessment, goal setting, and action planning to manage their careers with the company.

• Offer career oriented appraisals.

 And after all this, here comes ‘Exit Interviews’. In fact, formally organized exit interviews are very helpful for any organization as they really provide the ‘true feedback’ to the company for its efforts in the eyes of the employee. These interviews, in fact, prepare a base for the company to make further strategies to retain the rest of the employees who are still there with the company. Here, we also get an opportunity to find out why the talented employees you wanted to keep, left you

At last, I would say that a quality company requires quality people. In order to attract quality people – and keep them – a company must create a culture that is attractive to the best and the brightest, not just in the short-term, but in the long-term as well. They have to become “destination” companies, not just stepping stones to bigger and better jobs.

i guess that first thing ofcourse is to bring a sense of ownership in employees towards the organization. i guess that one should attempt to bring a friendly atmosphere in the organization which can help in communications either ways.
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