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Hi Friends,
i want to improve my written communication skills(grammer and sentence formation) to become a HR professional any one having any ppt or ideas please reply or send mail to
Thank you and Regards
Naveen kumar R

From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
Chief Mentor -
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mr Naveen Kumar R,

First and foremost, I must thank you that you have shown at least courage to find out your weakness. You have just not stopped at that but you wanted to remove your weakness too. This shows your learning attitude and change orientation. Both the factors will surely will take you to greater heights.

Other members not even bother to write their posts in their simple language. They prefer to mask their weakness under the pretext of informality or by writing their posts in SMS lingo which this site prefers to maintain! Good that you are not one amongst them.

No ppt or ideas can ever will improve your English. This I say with my 26 years of experience (only).

To improve English, you must read English newspaper everyday. In the newspaper please editorial and centre page essay (that is adjacent to the editorial). While reading newspaper, keep dictionary besides you and as many difficult words you get, you must refer dictionary.

Secondly, to improve English please refer grammar books frequently.

Thirdly, solve the exercises on English from competitive magazines like Competition Success Review.

Fourthly, get your drafts corrected from your superiors who are good at English.

Of the above options, each option is important in its respect. When you do the above for next 5 years (yes I mean it - 5 years) then only you can improve English.

All the Best!

Dinesh V DivekarSoft Skill and Behavioural Training Consultant

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From India, Bangalore

Dear Naveen,
I fully endorse Dinesh's point of view. It takes a long time to improve the vocabulary and correct our mistakes. For example, I used to miss out the definite and indefinite articles while writing. My 'boss', whom I requested to read my assignment draft, said, "Young man, are you that hungry that you swallow the a's and the's?" Even now, after 40 years, I may miss out an odd one, when writing in a hurry.
You could access the following site for some useful tips. <link updated to site home> found at
OWL at Purdue University which itself was found by searching the web using Google
English Grammar + ppt - Google Search=
I wonder why you did not search the web before posting your request!!!
Wish you all the best.

From United Kingdom

One of the man problems I have come across in my students (I have been training people on soft skills since 1985 and American English since 1999) is that many Indians try to understand a point in vernacular, try to translate that thought in English and finally deliver that in English.
Reading a good English language news paper, listening to news in English, and above all reading a good magazine like Reader's Digest will help you. Try conversing to all in English, but in India, we do have the practice of regional languages being used in workplace mostly.
Glad that you have come forward seeking assistance/suggestions in improving your overall personality. Please feel free to write or call in case you need further assistance.
Wishing you a successful career in HR management.

From India, Madras

Dear Padmanaban
Thanks for the advice posted. I just returned from a trip to Belgaum, where students from the rural areas were asking how to improve communication skills in "English". I told them to read "interactively" and speak in English with their classmates and friends outside the class and forget about making mistakes. I told them that I think in the language (Kannada, Tamil, English and Hindi) that I use when talking. I must admit that my knowledge of Tamil was only acquired by listening, as I do not kow how to read or write Tamil.
Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom

Try this if it helps, Pramod.
From India, Pune
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i am working in company. i want to imporve my writte communication skill. simply i say that. i am not able to replay the mail, for my clients. even though i could replay, the client does not understand clearly.
what i have to do now.?

From India

Better Written English opens up new opportunities in all jobs. Many who consider themselves good at English need to reduce verbosity and improve clarity & flow. Those who are weak need to improve their grammar and usage.
Our WriteEasy suite of courses is the only one that has web based interactive programs for both category of writers. Details at Don't let English hold you back. Free Intro course available.

From India, Mumbai

Soluto Learning has just introduced a unique e-learning course to improve written English from the privacy and convenience of your computer, tablet and/or smartphone.

Soluto Learning, a division of Innovators & Leaders, presents WriteEasy - a web based interactive learning program to improve English for two distinct segments. The version for Advanced users helps them reduce verbosity and improve clarity & flow. The one for Basic users helps them correct errors of grammar and usage. Both segments have their distinct needs which can only be met by programs with the right focus, providing anywhere, anytime, any device learning facilities.

Our WriteEasy programs, based on Soluto, a cloud-based technology platform, do just that. Soluto is a complete Learning Management System (LMS). Details are at Don't let English hold you back.

Do register for the free Intro course and learn the basics, free of cost. If you find it useful, register for the paid courses and also share it with your network.

Alok Asthana

Don't let English hold you back

From India, Mumbai
Dear friends,
I am a finance professional. I have about 9 years experience. All these years, my work was mostly on analysis and number crunching, so I didn't bother much about my language and communication. Since I have excelled in all the work I have done, I got elevated in the corporate ladder. Now my works requires lot of writing and speaking skills. Though I can speak and write, I am sure that I am making mistakes in the language. Kindly help me on how I can improve my English and from where should I start.
P.S. I did my schoolings in a Government school in a remote place in a village in Tamil nadu where there is no formal English training

From India, Madras
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