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Dear All, Can anyone help me with inputs, format, criteria of Promotion policy in an organisation. Regards
From India, Nagpur

Dear All Kindly help us to formulate the Internal promotion Policy formate Best regards Kavi
From India, Madras


Hope the below information helps





The objective of the promotion policy is to ensure that high performance levels are recognized and rewarded.





A promotion is a career opportunity for an employee that involves greater responsibilities, and may also involve an increase in salary, and a change in title. Promotions are intended to be non-interim. Promotions may occur only within the employee's unit; an employee may be promoted to a position outside his or her unit provided the employee has required skills or education prerequisite for the post.

Employee has to complete at least a minimum of 1 year prior to being eligible for any kind of Promotion.

The criteria of evaluation are as follows:

• On Bases of performance appraisal scores.

• Attendance (excluding Privilege Leave).

• Competencies

• Education

• Honesty and sincerity

Employees would be considered for promotion to a higher grade after staying in a given grade for a period of 3 years. Due weight age would be given to a good service record in terms of:

• Ability to do many tasks - Multi-tasking.

• Behavior with subordinates, colleagues, peers.

• Attendance.

• Demonstrated ability to improve quality, productivity, safety, cost and efficiency.

• Consistency in the quality of work.

• Willingness to accept tasks.

• Ability to finish tasks on time and up to the desired level of efficiency.

• Honesty and sincerity

Temporary Promotion:

Temporary promotion occurs when an employee is appointed to provide short term cover to carry out the full duties of a vacant post in a higher grade. Temporary promotion should be rarely exercised and not to be used in generic manner.

It is the HOD’s responsibility to decide whether temporary promotion is appropriate and in doing so they should give consideration to the following:

• Whether the work can be postponed until the absent employee returns or the vacancy is filled on a permanent basis

• Whether management objective require that the work must be undertaken by a specified employee or whether it may be shared amongst others as part of their standard duties.

• Whether there is an employee competent to take on the duties and responsibilities

The minimum tenure of Temporary Promotion would be 3 months; any employee who is to be promoted to particular position under Temporary Promotion Policy for tenure of 3months or lesser would not be eligible for additional pay.

But if any employee is promoted to particular position under Temporary Promotion Policy for tenure of 4 months or more would be eligible for additional pay.

During the Temporary promotion period, the temporary post holder will be paid either

The bottom of the tier to which they are temporarily promoted, or

An additional 10% of their substantive salary, whichever is the greater.

Such additional pay shall rest as discretion with the HOD and with the management.

No position shall be under any circumstance, be allowed to be occupied by any employees under the Temporary Promotion Policy for a period extending beyond 12 months.

A cover for a colleague who will be or is absent for a short period of up to four weeks is not to be assumed or calculated as Temporary promotion.

Temporary promotion can end earlier than the projected date due to lack of requirement for temporary cover, either due to the reason that operational needs are not met or being met by the Temporary promotion arrangements or where there are concerns that the full duties of the vacant post are not being performed satisfactorily.

In the event that the temporary promotion period is to be prematurely terminated for reasons other than the employee’s performance or conduct) the employee will be advised of the reasons for this decision and given at least weeks notice

HOD and Management needs to endorse the Temporary Promotion of employees being so temporarily promoted. HOD and Management needs to provide minimum of three weeks of notice to the employee how is so being temporarily promoted.

Temporary promotion is intended as a temporary arrangement and does not confer a right or privileged entitlement to permanent appointment to a higher tier/grade.

If however the employee applies for a future vacancy at a higher tier/grade, then his/her performance during the period of temporary promotion will be taken into consideration

If an employee is substantively promoted to the grade to which they have been temporarily promoted, a further increase in pay will not be due and the rate of pay in place at the Temporary Promotion period will be considered


1. Actual achievements against Key Responsibilities, Objectives (Action Plans), and measurement of performance factors leading to the overall scores of the appraisal shall be taken into account.

2. The competency at level will be weighed for the employee being considered for promotion.

3. The overall growth plan of the organization has to be taken into consideration.

4. The promotion should lead to adding on more responsibilities.

5. Education would be used as a one of the main criteria for promotion any person who wishes to be promoted to Managerial cadre and above should posses at least a Masters level degree or PG Diploma from a recognized institute.

6. Education can also be used as an instrument of judgment when there is an equal scoring among two competing employees.

7. Cordial and professional relation with both seniors and peers alike will also be a deciding factor when there is multiple contestants for a particular position/post.

8. When there is any conflict or any ambiguity in regards to the policy, then the decision of management would be final and shall not be called upon for questioning.

9. Promotion may also be caused due to transfer either from one location to another or because of transfers from one group company to another.

10. Any person who denies promotion for any reason what so ever will be eligible for fresh promotion only after a time gap of two years.

From India, Mumbai
Hello All,

I am a recent MBA-HR graduate, my role as an management trainee, requires me to research and draft a promotion policy for a company in service sector?

If anyone experienced in the drafting HR policies, can someone please share some insights?

From India, Tumk%u016Br
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