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Hai All,
Here I have attached an Excel sheet, that integrates all ESI-PF based statutory preparation month by month and Annual basis. The interesting part of the Excel Sheet is that, it needs only one point entry. Automatically it is referred in all other places, those values required. Still, I work on this to make it more automated.
Please get in touch with me for implemented version of the same.

From India, Coimbatore

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Hello Anand, Excel sheet you have prepared was good, but if the excel sheet would include only calculations of PF & ESI that would be more useful. Cheers ! Prasad
From India, Hyderabad

Please find new version of Salary Master with new Feactures..

Totally Usefriendly program.

You can enter your Company name,Address,Department,Designations

You can set Categoeries of Fixed earning-Other Earning-Fixed deduction-Other deduction in Salary Slip.

You can set limit of ESI,P.F,Income Tax Slab for Man and Woman,Surchage setting,Professional Tax.

Program is Designed on Two mode

(1) In Auto mode salary slip will be generated as per Your predefined data given in "Company Detail Sheet"

(2) In Manual mode Salary Slip will be generated as per Manual detail given by You.It will not concern with the data given by you in "Company detail sheet"

Ex: We need to generate salary for Regular Employee as per company Policy for that You may put this employees on Auto mode and it will generate Salary slip as per your predefined data (If Basic is 25% of Gross than auto calculate it)But Some Employees are Temperaroy or We don't Follow Rules as per Regular employee so that This Type of Employee Put on Manual mode and enter your Data manually(here You have manually enter Basic and other details).

Software Contains:

1-Attendance Register.

2-Payroll Register.

3-Generate Salary Slip.

4-Track Employees' Leave history.

5-Track Income Tax of All Employee.

6-Print out Leave History of Employee.

7-Overtime Monitor.

8-Master Data sheet of All Employees.

9-Leave Calculation sheet.

10-ESI Calculation(Set Your Requirements)

11-P.F Calculation

(Here there are Two Options one is if Basic<=6500 than Basic*12% otherwise 6500*12%

Second is 12% of Basic)

12-Pension Scheme (not more than 541 rs submission)

13-TDS Calculation

14-Annual Salary statement of Employee and Employer

15-Employer Monthly Salary statement

16-Income Tax Calculations

17-Generation of Form No-6 (For ESIC)

18-Generation of Form no-3A (PF)

19-Generation of Form no-6A(PF)

Limitation: You have monitor Leave of employee each month when It goes minius Red indication is glow on that cell so You have to Put it on LWP otherwise minus leave will effect on salary sllip generation.

Requied Attention: Please be vigilant about Auto and Manual mode and P.F Selection.

If You find this is useful for You than Don't miss to deop Thanks...

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Please chase the steps as per the given sequence.

First open "Company Detail Sheet"

1-Open "Company Detail Sheet"

2-Change Company name and Address.

3-Change Salary discriptions: By default I gave some categories for Fixed earning/Reimberancement/Other deductions. Change the Names of This Categories as per your reqirements.

4- As you enter detail mentions in step 3 name of the categories will appear in auto generation salary just below the Salary discription.

Enter percentage as per your company requirements to generate salary of all employees(By default I gave Basic= 25% of gross .You can change 25% and enter your %)

5-Enter % of ESI from Employee and Employer and For P.F Choose your Options.

6-For Professional tax Slab enter your criteria.

7- Enter Name of Departments/Designation of Employees of your Orgenizations.

8-Enter Tax Slab for man and Woman.

second open "Master Data Sheet"

1-Enter Employee name-gender-employee code.

2-select his/her designation-department

3-Enter Pan no-Bank A/C No-Bank name-P.F no-ESI No-DOB-DOJ-Location

4-Enter Employees Gross salary/Month

5-Here after If You choose Auto mode than Salary slip will be generated autonatically as per (%wise detail) data given by you in "Company detail sheet"(nomally for Regular Employees put Auto mode).But if You don't want to follow the rules enter by You in "Company detail sheet" put manual mode here You can Enter his/her Basic-Hra and all detail of salary manually.

6- Enter Amount of OT/Hr if Employee do OT

7- Enter leave detail,Previous Year Leave-This Year Leaves.

8-Enter Rentpaid by Employee for exemption under section 10&17

9-Enter Amount for section 80c and 80D for U/S VIA deduction.

Thrid open "Attendance sheet according to perticular Month"

1- Enter Attendance/Leave/Holiday of Employee

2- enter Overtime of The Employee.

Forth open "Payroll sheet according to perticular Month"

1- All salary detail and attendance will automatically carry forward. You have to enter only reimberance detail and other deduction detail only

2- Salry will generate as per your data.

3- Enter Salary Amount Which You have Paid.

4-Select Type of Payment.

Most of remaning sheet are monitoring or summary sheet.


From India, New Delhi
zuber shaikh

Try these excel sheet for vaious purpose
From India, Khopoli

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hi, This is priya i want to learn calculation of salary and other deduction made for an employee in the industry.Plse help me out to improve and learn more on this part Regards priyananjayyanamath
From India, Bangalore
iam rakesh,
can anyone help me where to deposit pf & esic & pt and where the challans are available and how the challans will be on whose name it should be deposited, whether it should be deposited monthly or yearly..

From India, Hyderabad

Hi Ashwini, Please find the attached file for all forms. For any clarification feel free to write or discuss. Regards, Prasenjit Mitra +91 8826726694
From India, Mumbai

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I am Vamsi,
Can anyone help me by providing easy formulas for PF, ESI & PT calculation. I know rates but i calculate salaries for around 900 employees and by checking whether PF, ESI & PT came correctly or not for each employee is becoming tough. IF condition formula or any thing easy formula for calculation and setting the conditions like if an employee was earning 16,000/- P.M then ESI should be Zero & if he was earning 15,000/- then ESI should be 1.75% on 15,000/- so i need one formula for all employees. Hope this is understandable to solve my issue

From India, Hyderabad
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