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What is emotional Intelligence?

To put it into context, I am sure that you are familiar with the term IQ or Intelligence Quotient. In the past ten years a body of research has been developed which as concentrated on why IQ alone has not been a very accurate predictor of success.

Have you ever wondered why the smartest person in your class didn't become the most successful, or why someone who was 'just average' went on to achieve great success in business?

The missing link has now been identified as Emotional Intelligence, which is responsible for as much as 80% of our success. It is a much better predictor of learned. It takes more than just a short seminar it takes a high level of motivation, determination and practice, but these competencies are able to be developed by anyone who is prepared to make the effort.

In 1990, two academics Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer, psychologists at Yale university, coined the term Emotional Intelligence to describe the set of emotional competencies which determine success. This field of study known as Emotional Intelligence was popularized by Daniel Goleman's book Emotional Intelligence which became an international bestseller. His recent articles in Harvard Business Review have been its most commonly requested reprints. Goleman's research redefined what it means to be smart by acknowledging the importance of emotions in our personal and professional lives.
The five key competencies are:
  • Self awareness
  • Managing emotions
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills
This set of competencies distinguishes how people manage feelings, interact and communicate. Goleman's research shows that people who have E.I have more success in their lives as parents, partners and workers. Emotional Intelligence training has also been shown to markedly increase company profit levels.

A simple definition of Emotional Intelligence is that it is a way of recognizing, understanding and choosing how we think, feel and act. The good news is that unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be learned. IQ doesn't change significantly throughout life. However E.I. can be improved through identifying and practicing the skills with purposeful activities and experience.

From India, Coimbatore

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Shree Prabha
good post! My experience with developing better EI,in myself and others has helped me see how important this is.It is a long process. Someone can set you on the path,but you also need trusted others to help you keep with it.
From India, Bangalore
Hi Mr. M Peer Mohamedwhenever i see ur post first i open that onlybcz u hv good collection ....n also effective .........may i knaow ur education background ............i like to take some help frm u vl u plz help me...............Actully i want to update my self n the way to update is communication vth HR ppl...........so may i mail u so that way i can directly ask to u.........my querry...........my id is x a lot for sharring so much knowledge info ............i think Mr. M Peer Mohamed's second name is "KNOWLEDGE BANK" or " Knowledge Sea"Once again thanxMayuri
From India, Vadodara
Kirti Shivakumar

Mr. Peer I am amazed at the kind of contribution you make to this forum .I wonder where you get the time , energy and will to make such useful posts .Thanks .Regards Kirti
From India, Bangalore
Vijay Pandey

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Vijay Pandey

From India, Hyderabad

As irrepresssible as ever, Mr Mohammed. What would citehr be without your comrephensive contributions?
By coincidence, my latest published article happens to be on emotional intelligence in case anybody is interested:-
Emotional Inteliigence and Life purpose My published articles/works.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Mohammed,
Thank you for the information shared by you. It is comprehensive and extensive.
Please find a link to a paper which was written from a perspective of managing emotions in the knowledge industry through applying TRIZ techniques.
Managing Emotions: Applying the Substance-field Theory This link is from an international journal on TRIZ.
Keep sharing and enjoy reading multiple perspecives.

From India, Bangalore
pankuri khunger
ThNx 4 giving me such an information regarding emotional intelligence. once again thanx alot.........:p:p:neutral::neutral:
From India, Bhiwani

Hi Mr. M Peer Mohamed
Greetings for the day
Its always delightful to navigate your posted data. I do have coined new tag for you-
Knowledge Powerhouse of Citehr.com
I guess fellow members too agree with the same. Kindly execute my Thanks in tons for your posting and data contains.

From India, Mumbai
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