I am working as an Assistant Manager - Recruitment with an MNC, Mumbai.
I am recruiting B.E. Electrical and Diploma in Electrical Engineer profiles.
I want to conduct a common psychometric test for all the candidates come for the interview.
Can somebody help me in this?

From India, Mumbai
Hi! Rupali,
you can go for Thomas / Disc Profiling the Product is good. Also it will not only help you for recruitments but also for identifying behavioral training needs for you people. will tell you if the person is under pressure. Cost you Rs. 600 for the Graph that they Prepare. and Another 600 for the Report. But you can Prep the report your self and save that 600 for your organization.
We are using the same very convenient to use.
Kaif Ahmad

From India, Bahadurgarh
The first question to ask is what are your trying to assess, aptitude, personality variables,ie, interests and inclinations or competencies?

The DISC measures 4 dimensions, as referenced in Wikipedia:

The assessments classify four aspects of behavior by testing a person's preferences in word associations (compare with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). DISC is an acronym for:
  • Dominance - relating to control, power and assertiveness
  • Influence - relating to social situations and communication
  • Steadiness (submission in Marston's time)- relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness
  • Conscientiousness (or caution, compliance in Marston's time) -
Is that what you need?

There are many tools available, and u may need some help determining what you need; getting some support from a Level A and B workplace assessor would be a useful thing.

Assessment centers definitely add in the job match, but they need competent professionals to shift through them.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Agreed that it is important to know what is your need but as its said " you can't send a duck to eagles school" which mean if one has the personality traits ( attitude that suits best to the Profile) you can teach him/her the product and the culture. Ex. If you mission is to climb a tree you can either hire a squirrel or train a horse... What would you Do???

DISC Profiling Suggest if the person has the requisite traits or not. this is even made easier by a tool provided known as the HJA or Human Job Analysis.

Assessment Centers are reliable and have an accuracy of 66-67% but then the issue is that for positions which are huge in number you will need more people and the cost goes up 1 2nd you might not have the assessment centres available all the time were as DISC is available all the time take the person 7-8 min to take and another hour for a person to prepare the report ( In case you don't do it your self in next 2 min you can have the report).
as far as accuracy is concerned it is petty good. on my personal experience I can suggest it is 60% Accurate.

Thats the cause why i'm suggesting DISC.

From India, Bahadurgarh
DISC could proove to be a very useful tool in many organisations however, one of the major drawbacks it has it that though it would tell you the Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & conscientiousness level of a person, it would not tell you the desired measurables. For eg:managers would need to be more dominant than others. These traits need to be strong for a certain designation and may not be that important for other levels.
In other words, DISC would reveal the profile of the person but the corrective action plan is open ended...

From India, New Delhi
Its not so that DISC Doesn't tell that you that what is the desired level of D I S & C but for a particular position you will need to do an HJA ( Human Job Analysis) which will tell you what is that you would like to have as the base level or idealistic graph for the particular postions......
From India, Bahadurgarh
Dear All,
I was not disputing the value of a DISC profile. I was suggesting that before you can use any test instrument you have to know what u are trying to get info on, ie what you are trying to measure or determine about the person.
For example, If I want to get an understanding of arbstracit or numerical reasoning ability, ( which might be important in engineering), the DISC will not give me insight into those things).
Any yes, while the DISC might tell a person's tendencies on those 4 scales it uses, it does require you to have an understanding of how those may relate to the position or class of jobs you are recruitiing for.
Psychometric tools ( and any assessment or evaluative methods or techniques we would use) pressupose that we have thought through what we are trying to measure or assess and why, who will use the data and how.
Im just sayiing before you any tool or test as a "panacea", you have to do some other strategic HR work

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear all,
Thanks for your suggestions.
Well, I am taking care for hiring the Electrical and Mechanical engineers who will be responsible for leading a team of Electricians and technicians Hence the mathematical and reasoning ability is not required. I need a pshycometric test to judge these kind of people in terms of their leadership quality, atttude, patience and behaviour in different situations.
So I think, Kaif Ahmed's suggestion to use DISC will be helpful for me.
Kaif, can you please help me with the DISC Quesationnaire.
Plz forward it to me at .

From India, Mumbai

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