Thank you Ravi, Its overwhelming to see so many showing their concern towards us freshers problems and giving their valuable suggestions…

Seniors… my friend Laxmi ( Dance) has a Query related to the discrimination of pay that we see... when we compare the HR salaries.... with that of the other specializations in MBA… we would be waiting to hear about this from you people…

Seniors… another query waiting for you from Asha… she is asking for your guidance… it would great to see youll help her out as soon as possible….

Hi Sanjay (monicar80)… pranath… thankyou so much guys for posting….

Hi Deep ( Naharkatia )… thank you so much for posting… it feels great to receive responses from highly experienced people like you… I am sure with so many people’s best wishes the day will be near when I achieve the role i wish for… thank you once again for your valuable suggestions and guidance…
30th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hi friends,
I am fresher MBA (HR). I am also facing the same problem.I am completely agree with Rakesh. Becoz most of the company's are looking for experienced candidates. So when the freshers will get oppiortunities.
30th May 2008 From India, Ranchi
Hi Rakesh,

Do not be heartfelted regarding ur career and i do agree with your points and qeries as a fresher. You people have been called as Technocrats (having technical back ground wtih management knowledge) and will have high demand for those people. You should not search for a job in the consultency field or some where else. You need to concentrate in your relevent field of industry. Most of the constrctions, telecommunications, electronics, mechanical etc MNC idustries would be looking for these type of profiles only.

As per my knowldege u can try this type of industries, certainly you would get an oppertunity. Having said by our seniors before, though it is difficult to get a job as a fresher in HR field because you need to be delt with the people, have to analyse the requirement of the company needs, have to have a rapport with statutory bodies etc. There would be no trailning dept. in any company on these aspects, so, the companies are preferred the expericed candidates as these activities have to deal on daily basis. It requires resposibility and accountability. so the company would prefer only experienced candidates.
30th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Rakesh,
First of all you should not loose self belief be persevere.I am saying you a fact about every company think any their prosperity point of view.You should know before geeting enrolled in any company freshers have raw skill after moving through the tough and crest situation they imbibe some lesson in particular Be hopeful,be positive....thats leads to the fath of success..
To keep up your motivation level up I am sending you a poem of Edger A guest
Dont Quit
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must – but don’t you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out
Don’t give up, though the pace seems slow
You might succeed with another blow.
Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor’s cup
And he learned too late, when the night slipped down
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is failure turned inside out-
The sliver tints of the clouds of doubt-
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.
The spirit of this project study can be summed up in the form of this abovementioned poem of Edger A Guest. The study on ‘perseverance’ reveals one of the success mantra in personal & professional life.

Believ this post will uplift your persistance.
Rakesh Ranjan
30th May 2008
Dear Rakesh,
Let me introduce myself.
I have completed post graduate (Psychology - HR) in 2007 and applied in job portal. I immediately got placed in an MNC company on contract bases.
what I personally feel is that you will not get oppurtunity to learn more in big MNC. Your work will be specified and repeatitive.
Working in a developing company will help you learn and from the bottom line.
30th May 2008
1) at the start of career learning is more important than earning
2) get into any company, u get exp. that counts
3) Sometimes you will be lucky to get into your dream company otherwise you need to struggle
4) at last talent, confidence and your knowledges counts to the max extent.
Be confident, your destination is just few meters away, dont loose hope its gonna be disastrous.
30th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Swapnil….
I guess after reading so many posts we must not be confused anymore… the only aim that we must have in our minds is to be more optimistic and look out for opportunities…. and yes don’t worry at all… just believe in yourself and keep trying… and be thoroughly prepared… because when the opportunity comes…. we cannot afford to loose out at that point of time … I am doing the same thing and I am sure we will achieve our goal….

Hi Dhanunjay and Rakesh…. Thank you so much for your posts… extremely happy to see so many people instilling confidence in us freshers and yes Rakesh this post has definitely revamped my confidence and hope… truly lucky we are to gain all you people's guidance…

Hi Preethi and Altaf… thank you so much guys for posting and contributing from your end…


30th May 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hai Yar,

I can see that you are so desperate to find an entry into HR field. Lets see this in a holistic manner. I would ideally suggest one thing. You can always try out in BPOs'. Some of my frnds would not agree to it. But i would ideally suggest this. I will tell you the reason. BPO is such a area where they would like to have people whom they can train in their process from the beginning and use them for a period of a minimum of 4 to 5 years. These BPOs' have a great opportunity to offer. I know that the next question in your mind would be "DO I NEED TO WORK IN A NIGHT SHIFT". The answer is yes. you need to work for a US or UK client. but the amount of exposure which you will gain will be more than a consultancy. My sincere advice is do not join a consultancy. you will stick on only to recruitment. As a HR, you need to know everything pertaining to employee and employment. It would be a hard task to work in a BPO. But your market value goes up in a span of 2 years. Why not practice recruitment in BPOs'.

Please let me know if you have any other queries. this is my personal view. You are the best judge.

30th May 2008 From India, Madras

This is Rashmi here.
I do agree with Syed Hassan...
I would like to add bit of my thoughts along with Syed's suggestions.

First you sit calmly in one place, write down your goals and dreams in one page... You have to follow this if your fresher.
For eg: If your goal is become HR Manager of Infosys/Google/Wipro... etc.
You first realise your strengths and weeknesses. First u think whether is it possible for you to become HR Manager of Infosys at the begining stage only...

I think so no one can become HR Manager directly without any experience.
If you want to become HR Manager follow the below steps:
* First you realise your weeknesses, try to convert ur weekness into ur strengths
* If you get opportunity to work to in corporate, then no pblm grab the opportunity and start working....
If you didn't get opprotunity to work in corporates, then you work in small companies. No matter how much salary you get.
You can learn so many things in small companies, try to stick for atleast 2 years.... After that you try for corporate. Surely u will become perfect man.

Below are the things required for freshers:
* ATTITUDE (Attitude is really required for freshers. Realy speaking Attitude is very important than knowledge)
* 100% Focus (Whatever you do, you do with 100% focus)
* Commitment
* Brush up your theoretical knowledge whatever you learnt so far..
* Update your knowledge on current affairs

I think so this will help you.............
This wil help not only for you, it will help for all kinds of freshers...

leave your comments on my suggestions to

All the very best for your bright and upcoming future...

31st May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Rakesh,
Your question is really genuine. It is not always difficult for MBA Freshers to get a job in MNC. However, majority of times it happnes through camous placements. Could you please let me know if you have any such facility from where you have done your MBA. In my company we hire fresh MBAs through campus as Management Traniees and after the successfull completion of one year they get desigantion and role as per their performance. I would advice to look for such opportunites and grab it when it comes.
Mehul Mehta
31st May 2008 From India
Hi Rakesh,
I accept absolutily with Mr.Syed because when we completed our MBA. We faced lot of struggle to get the placement in MNC .So take the suggestion given by syed and get the job.
31st May 2008 From India, Madras
Hi Rakesh,
As many of the members have replied I would like to support them but also would not like to demotivate you. Because our job is to motivate buddies.
So let me add some thing from my side. To be very frank with you. You should start up with any placement consultancy so you can have an experience of scrutinizing the resumes and later you have and idea which candidate fits the opening.......!
1-This is the basic requirement of any HR profile that is "RECRUITMENT"
2- After this basic knowledge you can enter the field of pure HR.....!
3- First you will be only treated as recruitment executive but after building your own image with your senior they will slowly pass on their work to you and their you actual learning will start....
I may be wrong but know some of the new HR junior in industry.....!
Feel to to contact me dear.
31st May 2008 From India, Mumbai
Thanks a ton everybody.ur valuable suggestions helped me a lot nw i feel a bit relif from confusion and tension.
nw i can decide what to choose n hw to start my career in feild of HR
thanks a lot :)
31st May 2008 From India, Hyderabad
hi rakesh

im sailing in the same boat too after completion of my MBA-HR and i completely understand the confusion u must be facing. Many MBA graduates are facing the same dilemma.

Its really difficult to find companies hiring freshers for HR Generalist profile, even if they do the package is very low. The present HR scenario in the market especially in Hyd is IT REecruiting for US process, which is almost looked upon as a call center job, wrapped wid a new tag as "IT-Recruiter".

I really appreciate that u hav taken time to put forward certain questions which every fresher has in mind, but dnt know who n whom to appraoch.

Neverthless, I'd like to say tht dont lose heart n wait patiently you wil definetly get the right break. I would really suggest here that dnt make a wrong career choice such as jumping to other fields other than HR, as it wil b very diffult to get back and you wil miss out many oppurtunities that await u and as well as valuable time which could have been quoted as ur experience in HR.

Just go through naukri and update ur profile regularly. I beleive u wil be placed very soon n all the best for ur interviews and dnt forget to share the news wid us.

1st June 2008 From India, Delhi
Its good that ur interested in IT Recruitments, it has a lot of scope, avenues as well as incentives. (keeping aside the usual slumps in IT)
i have few frenz friend who after workin for 2 years as a technical recruiter "in consultancies" and wid good performance background..moved into companies like Perrot, Techmahindra and Sapient.
There are many Consultancies which take freshers, though many prefer people wid bca or any IT degree, but many firms keep complete freshers as dont worry, just brush up ur knowledge abt IT and u can get it easily...u shud know well abt Languages, ERP, various IT Skills, Technologies etc. There is a wonderful presentation sum1 upload here on IT Recruitments, it will be v.v. helpful..i'll update u if i find a link..
All the Best! :icon1:
1st June 2008 From India, Delhi
what rakesh has asked is what we freshers are facing in the job market as vineeta said if we are from top Bschool and a normal B school graduate i think their is not that much difference between them and us as we both ar freshers might be we may lacking in certain skills as afresher every corporate company has to give training for the freshers either it may be a student frm top BSchool or some other
arunajyothiquote=rakesh_sharma_143;394375]hi to all seniors,
well as per the posts that i have seen under this forum... they all seem to be of a very very serious nature... but i do feel that the question that i pose can be only answered by you seniors only... as you would have faced the same...
the question is--- Is it really difficult for MBA HR Freshers to get into MNC's or companies as a first break??????
I would be thankful if any senior could suggest ways for freshers to get into good companies which would be helpful for many freshers like me...
and also would like to know as to how is the market presently for MBA HR Freshers with a B.Tech Background...
Thanks in advance...
1st June 2008 From India
hi everyone,
i too am a fresher like Rakesh and have faced similar problem, i was expecting to crack an interview with some top MNC during my campus and to start my career witha generalist profile...but unfortunately...i had very limited opportunity..MNC were looking for candidates with experience and they hardly came for campus, all we had were consultancies and industries with IR profile in offer...most of my friends settled for the consultancies but i did not want to start from there and beleive me i ahd such hard time waiting for the right kind of profile..
its only recently that i have finally bagged an offer with an organsiation ( not an MNC) for a generalsit profile..but i have still not joined so i do not know xactly what kind of work am i suppose to start with...being a fresher i do not have much choice..
Can seniors throw some light as to what a generalsit profile xactly mean . does it mean hand on experience in recruitment, HRD and PMS?? if i can make a choice what area of preference shall i choose? and is it possible to switch from a training profile to a recruitment one..or vice versa...i might not have started with a BIG name .but i defenitely want to make it much experience would i need in this organsiaion before i finaly can be considered by an MNC. what kind of attitude and focus shall i carry to my work place . i am going to join very soon..please help me with your valuable suggestions.

sameena arif
1st June 2008 From India, Calcutta
Hi All,
good to see the topic being discussed.
and yes i do feel what ha been mentioned by Rakesh I have the same question what do you look in a fresher.
and why there is no required profile for HR.
in MNC its seen they promote someone from Ops into HR no matter whats the qualifiation.
Wat would the senior suggest to us?
what shall we do a freshers in this field?
1st June 2008 From United States, Santa Monica
Hey Sameena


You should feel good that you have got a break in some company as HR Generalist.

It is a huge field; do not be concerned much that its not a big company and less salary and all that stuff.

A generalist can be made to do anything: you might be started of with simple data entry job wherein you may wonder why did you do a specialization in HR at all.....but again, be patient.

Comp & Benefit, appraisals, policies, employee engagement, R&R: these are a few of the areas of major appeal.....however, they generally fall under corporate wing so it may be a while before you get to do any 1 of these.

There are others, like induction, payroll,F&F, general Admin work, which come more under the Line HR field.

Personally, I would say if you eventually are upgraded to a role in the corporate field with responsibility related to say Comp & Benefit, policies etc, you would be well on your way to a great career.

However, HR is a tough field, where it takes not only hard work, but patience and 'smart' work to grow and excel: so being a fresher, take your time, and try to add on some relevant certifications later on.

Best Wishes!

1st June 2008 From India, Calcutta
Dear Rakesh,
As per my experience i would like to suggest you that dont look for the salary initially, as the market for freshers is always down, unless you are from Grade-A Business School.
Having a B-tech Back groud you would definitely expect higher salary even ur fresher in HR.
My suggestion is for u is don't look for the high salary initially & if u get a chance in MNC for Off Rolls also, don't ignore.
Look for the profile which ur going to handle & the exposure which you are going to get. You can also start with a good consultancies also in recruitments.
If u feel my suggestions are blunt please forgive me. Read the HR Market how it is now?
Eshwar Reddy
1st June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Rakesh,
As far as concerned the entry level HR salary , graduated form B- school or Non B-school , it is completely depending upon him how he is presenting him self and the creative ideas that he is having and try to bring up for HR dept.
Secondly some how this is not completely accepted that MNC are only taking B-School graduates, obviously there are giving some priority for that.
I would be suggest you , do not search for big name , carry on with any organization as long as you are capable to take hold of the hiked once.

2nd June 2008
Hi Rakesh
I agree with RK as he rightly said that one needs to have patience.
I am working with a manpower solutions company (For convenience - Consultancy) since 15 month. I joined the company on a very very lesser salary, worked hard, got 2 promotions, now a BDM with same company and drawing a salary 3 times that of my joining.
Its just a matter of time, as I have kept my cool to move to a generalist profile.
Lets keep our fingers crossed for an opportunity!
2nd June 2008
Hi All
Rakesh I agree with all as its hard to get a entry for a fresh MBA. as they need a high salary. For Fresh Hr they should start at a low salary. but in recruitment that is diffrent.
but as per my views there are lot of companies who hire fresh Mba HR graduates. even I know a lot of them.
you can try at any Hr outsourcing company. you can get one easyly..
2nd June 2008 From India, Bhubaneswar
hi guys and girls,
its not difficult to get into MNC's, they take u on the basis of ur candidature irrespective of experience if the opportunity needs a fresher. but if u keep interest only in high salaries and high position then they may not consider u, as u have to initially prove to them that u are the best performer.
and during our MBA we do summer projects, which gives us little experience about corporate working, so i dont' think any MNC will have any problem considering that as ur work.
all the best to all the aspirants, go and get it, if have u that power u are sure to get it.
HR personnel
2nd June 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Rakesh and all who replied...
it was indeed very encouraging to read about the reality of job market. i am also sailing in the same boat of searching for a job that offers me more than just recruitment. was on the verge of loosing hope but reading this has given me new hope !!
Thanks a lot
2nd June 2008
Hi Even I am facing problem in getting in HR Generalist or Corporate role inspite of having 3+ years of experience.
2nd June 2008 From India, New Delhi
Hi Seniors...
Thankyou so much once again for your responses.... i truly feel lucky to get so many people's valuable guidance.... i just wish and hope that these posts must be useful to all the freshers who are confused with what they want and indeed its no wonder that they are the best guidance that we could ever get....
Thank you all once again
3rd June 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Dear Rakesh,
I am not a senior member but felt like giving my view as this is the query which students bring to me a number of times.
I think that as a fresher any opportunity is good and should not be neglected. Waiting for a great break in MNC will only delay your getting a job. Instead if you start working even in a small consultancy, it gives you chance to explore and practice what you have learnt. After an experience of say a year, it becomes easier to get into an MNC. This is a fact which most students find it difficult to understand.
It is you finally who has to decide whether you prefer to wait for the big break or get going with small steps towards your dream job.
3rd June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hello Guys,

I have been seeing MBA-HR people coming for jobs....the so-called MBA adds up to
their mind, but they forget from which institution they come from. Of-course Quality differs from Insitution to Institution. That's why institutions like XLRI, IIM all have good names. The methodology differs. Most of the MBAs studied in other institutions study their course as if they are doing a normal degree course. The aim is to pass and add it to their CV. They need to go in for a market update. What is required is really application oriented education where you will have cases to solve, simulations so that you will be exposed to real experience and learn from it.

To what I have interviewed, MBA-HR, most of them are not even able to answer basic questions leave alone their subject knowledge. Some people are bookish even during the interview by stereo type answering.

As Syed mentioned above, the freshers aim at high salaries and a junior management position straight-a-way, where they do not even have an exposure to Leadership. They are not ready to work as a Trainee and learn. I would even attribute this to some of the big Multi national companies' policies. Some of the MNCs pay as high as 30-40k for HR Executives who are just doing the processing work. They just do the implementation and do not create any process or function in their work. When they look for opportunities outside, they find it difficult as they are not able to gel with local companies in terms of Salary. At the same time, they are not able to aim at the decent position to match with their salary, as they do not have exposure too.

These people should understand what they learn as theory (if at all they studied all the prescribed books / materials) is different from practice. They should learn the basics from the experienced ones and try to innovate new things using their theoretical knowledge.

Once we have change in attitude, definitely, we shall be in a position to find a job.

3rd June 2008 From India, Madras
Hi Seniors,

Ofcourse MBA HR Freshers find very difficult to get job in MNC. Just Look at this job Posting in one of the site.....


Industry: xxxxxxxxxx
Industry Type IT-Software/ Software Services
Functional Area HR / Administration, IR
Location Bengaluru/Bangalore
Post :
Send the details: Resume ,Notice period ,Current compensation,Expected Compensation

Job Designation: HR Recruiting /Generalist Roles
Level Senior Assistant
Job Location -xxxxxx
Yrs of Experience : 0 to 2 years
Qualification: Any Graduate Degree Or Post Graduate in any discipline (other than HR)

Job Description:
About xxxAcademy Programme:
xxx has joined hands with xxx(one of the most reputed MBA institutes in Asia) to launch the 'xxx and xxx HR Academy' in 2005 that grooms young talent to cater to its internal HR needs.
The xxx and xxxAcademy is a 24-month program. At the end of the program on successful completion, the participants would receive the 'xxx and xxx Certificate in Human Capital Management'

The Certification Program consists of two modules:
Module One
Module Two

Module One consists of on-the-job training including Accenture HR policies, processes and developmental training.

Module Two includes on the job training at Accenture along with classroom sessions by xxx. The core program will aim to lay the foundation of human resources concepts
Desired Profile Candidates are hired as full-time employees in Accenture during the course of the program

Please advise me, how MBA HR Candidate can get job in market. Do not think how such nusance idea is this ??



4th June 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Rakesh,

I Agree to the point what Hassan ali has said. After passing out as MBA-Fresher, You need to have Experience in your hand .You can work in consultancy firm and get the experience as for recruiter. Ther on if you get chance in small firm ,try to grab it and do not look for high salary,unless you have a 2 yrs full time experience .Once you have full time experience then you can stand in the market and ask for High Salary.

I'm also doing the samething,i was working with brand bpo which is no 1 in bpo sector and i was earning about 19k to 20 k per month ,but as i wanted to get into my field as an Hr .I had to sacrifice the salary part and get to known the in and out of HR .So if have the Experience then we can demand for high salary.

My suggestion ,try to work in small firm with low salary ,Get to Know the work profile ,get to know how the Policies are prepared ,get to know salary structures,also how to prepare the performance plan and how do handle the issues .. I'm Sure you will surely sucess one day

4th June 2008
:icon1:[ Hi friends I am facing similar problem, I have done PGDHRM and pursuing MBA-HRM-1st year. I am willing to work in HR Dept but I am not getting opportunity. Please suggest if there are firms who take appoint as a trainee HR Executive reply:


Asha Manjunath

quote=rakesh_sharma_143;397012]hi everyone,

first of all thanks for replying to the post.. seniors.... and yes as i said earlier... as to what problems we freshers actually face...

As many of the seniors say that its important to first gain experience in HR.... and then it is easy to climb the ladder thereon... is what i understood from the initial posts... but what do you people suggest when it comes to the problem my friend Simonthy is facing.... though he has a hands on experience in recruitment for a year... he would still be considered as a NO for the role of a generalist...

and as Vineeta says... Are the posts only for the top B-Schools??... but i do have a point to mention here with respect to only the cost parameter ( again with due respect to the people who passed out of the B-Schools)... as per her she says that the cost associated for training a HR is a burden to the organization... but if we look at the other side of the coin... is it not true that these students are paid 2-3 times more than a postgraduate from a not so recoginsed college... and also dont you think that there is always a fear of actually loosing them to other companies because of their expertise....

and on top of it... what do you think would happen to the people who have talent in them though not experienced.... didnt we study that performance is more important than experience!!!...

and how can it be that a person can gain experience... when he is not provided the opportunity:huh:

and though it might not be relavent to the earlier question... i actually want to broaden the horizion of our topic by asking a query

We all generally know as to what a HR round comprises of for other fields like engineering, production etc.... My question now is.... when it comes to the field of HR.... what is that a Senior HR looks in for when he is hiring a fresher candidate for HR entry level position????

the basic purpose of asking this question is to understand as to... what is expected from a HR fresher???... if incase he does get an opportunity or a call from the companies or corporates.....

I would actually urge not only the seniors... but also other freshers like me to join and post any of their queries.... all i can say is that it would immensly benifit all of us... in gaining the correct and timely guidance form our seniors....

All you freshers, I sincerely wish that we make use of the ample guidance that we can get from our seniors...

4th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
thank you so much everyboby for all you replies.. and sure enough i will definetly follow them... once again wishing you all the very very best in your life Regards Rakesh
6th June 2008 From India, Secunderabad
hai i am working as hr coordinator but i want to know that in hyderabad there are any institutes that offering the the hr generlist training
14th June 2008 From India, Hyderabad

Thank you once again everybody for giving in your valuable advices and suggesstions... and i am really happy to share one great news from my end....

The best part is that my patience has given me rewards because... I have got selected into not one but 2 equally good companies and i am actually in a position to choose one of them....

All you freshers out there dont worry at all.... as my fellow seniors and most importantly i have to address them as friends as only their suggestions helped me much....

Once again i feel indeed that having hope with determination will definetly fetch us the desired results we wish for.... SO DONT LOOSE HOPE AND WORK TOWARDS YOUR GOAL


15th June 2008 From India, Secunderabad
Hallo rakesh sir,
I m a junior member n studying MBA 1st yr. at Guwahati. First i would like to congratulate u many times for ur 2 great achievements. Next yr i m going to do specialization in HR n den hav to face da problems dat u all face in finding job as fresher . As such i would like u (if u get time) to share ur xperience - how u got through da interviews, what tricky querries dey asked, n so on........ This may b helpful to many u r nw a motivator for us.
Thank u ,
15th June 2008 From India, Guwahati
Hi Rakesh I am so happy for you.U got selected in two companies All the best for your future.i hope i too get an opportunity like u.Keep mailing me. Simontiny
15th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
I have 2 yrs of experience in HR. From the very beginning I have been working with small the scenario is I am not getting break in any huge organization. the reason behind is,I dont have exposure of working on various tools and techniques, following well defined process,though I have the concepts. Hence my experience is increasing day by day but not the exposure.

28th June 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi Friends,
A very wonderful discussion and really it is very-very informative for me as i am fresher hr. Can anyone suggest me how do i get a good job in this time of recession. What qualities the companies look for the candidates.
16th December 2008 From India
People, when you are passionate about something, don't despair and don't fret. You shall get your due, just be patient enough, and don't bow down to temptations. Stick to your grounds, and you'll be happy at the end of the day. And take up any opportunity that come's your way, in your profile.
24th February 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Rakesh..
i agree with you for the things regarding the performance is more important than experience.. its a realising fact not only for the HR profession .. but also matters for any field...
Coming to HR .. the kind of oppertunities are very less in India.. since the HR practices in India are not given prority ... as one of them has quated.. its a burden to the company...
In this regard.. i say that the career path for a HR Qualified graduate is very narrow.... and the only way to go is into Recruitment.. which some people accept it... by chance but not by choice.....
13th March 2009 From India, Bangalore
I have joined RPO of esteemed recuitment consultancy.. and now finding very difficult to move out.. all i get is openings from consultancies.. it is been an year now and I could not find a single profile in corporate..
can anybody help me in this...
15th March 2009 From India, New Delhi
Dear friends this is really helpful discussion for every body,congratulations to every body.

I have completed my MBA(HR),looked for job for 6 Months.

Had really hard time getting job,cite HR and other resources kept my spirit high.

And finally I got break ,in Small company where I work as HR generalist.

Work on Salary processing for 150 people .
Statutory compliance for the same.
Union handelling .
Policy development.
Employee wefare.ETC.

I had literally to visit to many companies,again and again.
and I finally got above profile aftere perseverance.

I have learned a lot through this profile as I had no senior or assistant in the company. all activities I had to undertake on my own.

Which gives great understanding In Human resource field and any job in general.

NOw I feel comfident . and trying for better break.

Every one of us n has a uniue story .

So I think its not going to be ready made for we HR people .

Everyone else has to find individually how we can start and grow in our profession.

All the best for every one .

I would like to end with DR babasaeb Ambedkars Quote"No body is born talented ,but with perseveance,hard work one can make wonders"

23rd November 2009 From India, Pune
Please help me out for join the post of HR in MNC because i am presently working with construction company as a HR Admin and i change my sector i have join the corporate sector in HR field.... For my better future i have 2.6 year experience in construction field ... so tall me about the good sector for me for the post of hr ....
Vimal Jain
12th October 2012 From India, Delhi
Hi everybody , I am going through the same problem . Most companies coming on my campus are consultancy firms . Can you please help me figure out in what other functions as an hr fresher should i try off-campus. What are the ideal profiles we should be looking for as a fresher.
17th February 2013 From India, Delhi
Hi all,
Could any one help me out with some good courses that will fetch a fresher with a job in MNC's and also as per your experience what are the best skills that a -MBA-HR should have to get success in their carrier.
4th May 2015 From India, Hyderabad
Job opportunity for MBA from Finance and Marketing

Assistant Manager - Direct Sales / Branch Sales / Online Sales
This is a permanent job & ON ROLLS of Kotak Securities Ltd.
This is a sales job and not branch operations job. Requires field work.
Assistant Manager - Direct Sales - will be responsible for sourcing & deepening relationships from existing customer base of Bank customers.
Will be responsible for selling Equity based investment products to this set of customer base.
Should have effective servicing skills and should be excellent in conflict management.
Will be responsible to develop business, maximize revenue generation & achieve sales targets
Will work in close coordination with the Bank team to ensure all clients acquired from the assigned area, trade actively.

Age:upto 28 years
MBA from Finance and Marketing background only scoring equal to or more than 55% pass or equivalent CGPA.
MBA with 0- 3 yrs of experience (if not 2015 passout , experience certificate and proof is must) and fresher MBA’s (2015 pass out)

Annual CTC of Rs.2.00 Lacs to Rs.2.40 Lacs (depending on experience and profile) plus performance based Incentives, PF, Gratuity, Mediclaim, and Insurance.

Location: North India

Call 1800 22 8802
SMS "ITM KOTAKS" to 58888
3rd July 2015 From India, Mumbai
Hi Rakesh,
I agree with you it is quite difficult for freshers to get into the MNCs, everyone asking for good number of experience. So u have to start your career with small concerns. of course it is a dream of every individual to start their professional life with good companies. Because i'm also going through the same situation. Surely you'll find career in a good company.
All the best.
23rd November 2015 From India, Bengaluru
You can search jobs on - No.1 Job Portal for freshers. Get all the job updates via mail and whatsapp. Also get free job notification on desktop. All jobs are 100% verified. Post your resume today!
27th December 2017 From India, Bengaluru

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