From "lakshmi admin executive" : Dear All, My office timings are 9.30 to 6.30, Plse guide me how to write circular for all employees should maintain these timings (punctuality)
14th November 2009 From India, Hyderabad

anandmech 1
Dear Lakshmi,
Please follow this format...
" This is to inform that all the employees should follow the office timings (9.30 to 6.30) strictly. Employees violating the office timings will be noted & remarked during the appraisal period. So, maintain punctuality.
Thanking you,
HR Dept..
14th November 2009 From India, Delhi
nisha.jayaraman 19
Dear Team,
Hi Lakshmi,
Below is the given format,
We are hearing a lot of complaints regarding the late coming to office.
The office timing starts exactly at 9.30 AM and everyone is instructed to come to office on time.
Any employee who comes to office after 9.45 AM will be marked half day absent, and this is strictly followed from (Date) onwards.
We need your cooperation on this and make the working environment healthy to work on.
14th November 2009 From India, Madras
prashant1314 30
Hope the attachment would help you to some extent!!!!!
14th November 2009 From India, Pune
Attached Files
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Pramod Singh 5
Hi All,

Good question, policy is of course has to be in place in for attendance, thats the primary requirement. But you still can see people reporting late to the office, if it between 5 to 15minutes is still ok, but if they are late by hours or so.. do not hesitate to deduct their amount,

But the drawback to same is employees giving their extrahours shall not co-operate going ahead, they will always say that if you deduct the amount for late coming than you shall also give overtime for staying late... Basically some amount of flexibility is required...

Further there are many ways of stopping employeess.. like mentioned below:

1) Remove the milk from the teapot and say the office boy is late the way you are...
2) Do not clean toilet early morning and say the cleaner is late the way you are..

I think one day if you do this.. things should be online.. and do not hesitate to put this to all users, saying they are one amongst late comers..

Soon you can see things moving.. trust me is tested one from here.
15th November 2009 From India, Mumbai
animesh2k6 1
Can you tell me how we can keep track for service hours for those employees who are involved in Marketing job and who has no fixed office schedule (like 9.30 to 6.30). Sometimes they need to meet client outside office for few days and sometimes they need to attend client at night also via instant messenger (if client is from US). So, there are enough scope for not availing proper working hour (Exact and Total) for Marketing person.
Can anybody help on this Regard?
15th November 2009 From India, Calcutta
karthikhr 4
Punctuality in attendance and unfailing observance of work discipline in all spheres are watchwords of an organisation for its success.
It has been observed that there is growing indiscipline among the workmen in many areas of activities of the organisation which has been causing tremendous inconvenience to customers besides tarnishing the image of the organisation.
As a manufacturing organisation, the management can ill afford to sacrifice time discipline amongst workmen.
It has, therefore been decided by the management the highest priority in toning up discipline which alone can increase productivity and to meet customer requirements.
All are expected to extend their fullest cooperation to maintain highest level of disciplinary standards.
Name - xxxxxx
Designation - xxxxxxx
16th November 2009 From India, Madras
ramnathmsw1976 6
Dear Laksmi,

Plz find the circular and kindly change as per ur organisational structure.



Ref No: Date:




The Staffs,

Corp Office,

Sub: Enforcing punctuality in attendance.

This has been observed that in recent days there is lot of irregularities and indiscipline in some of the staffs, which has caused tremendous inconvenience to the organization aswell as the related customers. As a service oriented company there will be some flexibility to some of the Employees, which is purely permitted by their consent Department heads, but not for all.

{Here onwards the Management will not bare such kind of irregularity & inconvenience. So all Employees have to be in right time and further such kind of late coming & absent from the duties, without the permission from the consent Department Heads is observed, than the Management may take necessary action.}


{Take Notice:-

Henceforth, if the management has found such kind of irregularity in the working atmosphere, which is against the “Rules & Regulation” or “certified Standing orders” of the company, which was very well explained during the induction of the employee. The management will not bare and further will take action on this behalf.}

Kindly signify your signature in the enclosed Annexure -I,

Director or Concern Head or Authorised Signatory

Enclosed: - Annexure – I
16th November 2009 From India, Bangalore
Raj Kumar Hansdah 1380
Lots of grammatical and typographical errors have crept into the draft circular. Kindly correct before actual issue, if you intend to use the circular.
16th November 2009 From India, Delhi
bhavnak 2
Dear All:
Our office starts at 8.30 am and I want all of you to be here strictly by 8.30 am.
If for any reason you are not able to reach on time please note that you need to be putting in 9 hours minimum per day including lunch break.
Your coming to office late should not have adverse effect on the targets given to you.
For those who come to office after 9.30 am it would be treated as half day leave."
17th November 2009 From India, Pune
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