From "Vyakhya" : Warm Regards To All, Well can one tell me what’s the difference between Gross Salary and Net Salary Regards Srishti
27th September 2006 From India, Bangalore

Vyakhya 11
What I think is that the Gross Salary is the total CTC and Net is what you get in hand.Am I right Seniors. Regards Srishti
27th September 2006 From India, Bangalore
rollysrivastava 7
Hi srishti
Net salary is the take home salary of the emolyee while gross salary is the figure before making statutory or other deductions.
gross salary is basic+ HRA+ trnasport+ other allowance.
Gross salary minus pf contribution, ESI contribution, professional tax contribution etc. (as per applicability ) becomes net salary.
Hope its clear...
do revert back for further querries...
27th September 2006 From India, New Delhi
swastik73 33
Dear Sristhi,
Gross Salary is the agreed/committed compensation your Organisation agrees to pay on a monthly(periodic) basis aginst your services for that period.
Net Salary is gross salary less the deductions which are made on account of statutory compliances(like PF, ESI, Income Tax, Professional Tax) and other dues (Like Loans and Advances taken) which you owe to the Company and Legal dues if any. It is something you get in hand and commonly refer to as Take Home Pay.
Your Income Tax is based on the Gross Pay.
While CTC or Cost to Company is equal to Gross pay + Benefits, Perks and Prequisites i.e., the total Cost a Company incurs in employing the person.
27th September 2006 From India, Thane
Anu_B 1
Dear All, In case of PF contribution by employer being included in CTC, how do we arrive at that element not included? Best Regards' Anu
27th September 2006 From India, Hyderabad
devjit28 1
Just a small input from me about this.
Income Tax is based on annual CTC (or Total Income) which includes all perks & perquisities.
Also, as per my understanding, Gross Salary is the total salary received on MONTHLY BASIS. This excludes the annual components like LTA, bonus etc. CTC is Gross Pay + annual components + perks/benefits/perquisites, whether in cash or kind. Net pay is the take-home pay, after all deductions.
However, some people refer to Gross pay as the total of only the CASH components. Non-cash components like driver, sweeper, company accomodation etc which the employee does not pay for are excluded. These are a part of CTC though.
Warm regards,
28th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
dheerajgoyal 2
Hi devjit
Could we have come percentage splits of each of these components in compensation structure across industries ... lets say for an IT , ITES , FMCG , Pharma , Auto , Consultancy , Financial Setup , Govt ...
28th September 2006 From India, Calcutta
devjit28 1
Hi Dheeraj, I do not have even the foggiest idea about the industry splits. If I do come across the data, I will surely share it here. Warm regards, Devjit
28th September 2006 From India, Gurgaon
govardhan 15
Let me explain with an example -
Let us say the employee earns the following per month:
Basic Salary - INR 10000
House Rent Allowance - INR 5000
Conveyance Allowance - INR 1000
Magazine Allowance - INR 500
Education Allowance - INR 250
Then, GROSS SALARY - INR 16750
Provident Fund - INR 1200
Income Tax - INR 750
Profession Tax - INR 130
Loan Deduction - INR 750
Total Deductions - INR 2830
Then, NETT SALARY - INR 13920
His Leave Travel Allowance - INR 10000 per annum
Medical Reimburement - INR 10000 per annum
Premium for mediclaim - INR 1500 per annum
PF- Management Contribn-INR 16332 per annum
Then, CTC (Cost to Co.) - INR 2,38,832 per annum.
CTC = Monthly Gross Salary X 12 + Annual benefits (INR 37832)
28th September 2006 From India, Madras
swastik73 33
Dear Devjit,
You are right. But what I meant was that Annual Gross Pay which includes other perks and benefits. Perquisities I missed out. Sorry for the slip.
One more thing we should understand that all components of CTC are not included in Taxable Income like Gratuity, PF, Medical Coverage Insurance, Accident Benefits Insurance,Industry Specific Benefits.
28th September 2006 From India, Thane
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