From "Gauroo" : Dear All: Can somebody please help me with some good One Minute fun games for top executives of an organization. Pls help as this is quite urgent. Thanks Regards Shilpa
20th July 2006 From India, Bangalore

divisha 2
Why dont you try JAM (just a minute) game where the contestants are given a topic randomly, and they have to speak about it for 1 minute without ant grammer mistake ,without any factual errors as well as without stooping in between and in case he does any mistake in between the other contestants can object and they will get 5 bonus points as well chance to speak for 1 minute (same topic) other than his chance. the topic can be anything under the sun.
20th July 2006 From India, Bangalore
archnahr 103
Treasure Hunt in one minute can be fun.
Gulab Jamun eating contest in one minute can also be another option, :wink: . Yes you can always replace Gulab jamuns with anything else as per the liking.
20th July 2006 From India, Delhi
Yes, these are good and i will use both, but i need atleast 5....Pls suggest some more games... I have thought of pictionary as one...Pls folks help out.. Thanks Shilpa
20th July 2006 From India, Bangalore
Hi Shilpa, I think ur peoblem will be soon solved if u visit, u ill get 100 of these kind of games. Visit the site and m sure u ill find it useful... TC Preeti...
20th July 2006 From India, Mumbai
Dhanjith 7
Dont know whether it can be played with the top executives of ur organisation..Anyway am posting it
Its called Chinese Whispers
Object To see how a phrase changes as it passes round a number of speakers.
Procedure The players sit in a circle, and the first player thinks of a phrase or sentence (a message, the title of a film or book, etc.) and whispers it into the ear of the next player. This second player whispers it to the third player and so on, round the circle. When it returns to the first player, that player announces what the phrase has become and how it started: the two versions are often wildly different.
Cheers :)
20th July 2006 From India, Mumbai
neethamary 2
HI all I would require few one minute games not a team activity. Some thing like shooting the balloon..y Regards Mar
4th May 2010 From India, Bangalore
salabh 10
individuals have to complete alpabet atoz who complete in min. time going to be the winner!!!!!!
with regards salabh
Can somebody please help me with some good One Minute fun games for top executives of an organization.
Pls help as this is quite urgent. Thanks
4th May 2010 From India, Haridwar
keerat 2
Mobile Phone Competition.
Give everyone your mobile phone number. First one to ring you gets a prize.
Variation get them to text you. First text message to you gets a prize.
Word color trick
Read out (at normal pace) the color of each word, not the word itself, without making a mistake.
Red Yellow Blue Green Yellow Red Green Blue Green Red Blue Yellow Yellow Green Red Blue Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow Green Red Blue Red Green Blue Green Green Yellow
Memory Game
Give 20 words to different teams say 4 with 2 people each, show them the list only for 2 minutes and ask them to write on a fresh page as many words as they remember
5th May 2010 From India, Gurgaon
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