hello friends
I am appointed as HR And Finance executive in a small IT company. At present we only 6 employees for them iam the only HR and Finance Executive. Please guide me what are all the roles i have to play to become a professional HR and Finance Executive.
I am a B com Graduate... with little knowledge of HR and Finance. My manager appointed me bcoz he trusts me and he has assigned me this job to perform.
please help me. I have persued little knowledge of hr And finance and hope i can manage it. It is a challenging job for me.
Please reply
Thanks in advance

From India, Delhi
saravana kumar

Hi Vasista,

As per my knowledge, In your company 6 employees are working there? . With that 6 employees , you can't do any HR policy or HR activity over there. Try to implement similar task like payroll system, MIS report, Attendance maintenance, recruitment and selection as per management instruction, conduct some training programs for existing staffs, recreation activity (birthday party, etc..) , whether your company has been privatized? if not, start to work on how to make company as private limited? If you want to know more about making company private limited. send me a mail : .

As of HR role, you need to learn and gather more articles , you need to develop your attitude, communication skills, etc.. Whatever information related to HR activity , you will get those details from CiteHR Friends.

Get knowledge in performance appraisal, attrition , retention, HRscore card, grievance handling, recruitment process etc...

I don't want to confuse more, start your HR work, step by step.. When you get in to this subject, you will really feels yourself bold and confident!!!

All the Best !!!!



Executive -HR

From India, Madras

As a HR and finance executive at a small finance company, your responsibilities would likely include:

Human Resources:

Recruiting and hiring new employees, including posting job listings, conducting interviews, and onboarding new hires
Developing and implementing HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations
Managing employee benefits and compensation, including negotiating and administering health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits
Providing guidance and support to employees on HR-related issues, such as performance management, conflict resolution, and personal and professional development
Conducting performance evaluations and managing performance improvement plans for employees
Developing and implementing employee training programs
Maintaining accurate employee records and information


Developing and managing the company's budget and financial plans
Overseeing the company's accounts payable and receivable, including reconciling bank statements and processing invoices
Preparing financial reports and providing regular updates on the company's financial performance to senior management
Analyzing the company's financial data and making recommendations for cost savings and revenue growth
Negotiating and managing contracts and relationships with suppliers, vendors, and customers
Overseeing the company's compliance with tax laws and regulations
Developing and implementing internal financial controls to ensure the accuracy of financial data and prevent fraud.

In a small finance company, it's important to be highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to multitask effectively. Strong communication skills are also important, as you will be working with a variety of stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors, and senior management.

From India, Surat
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