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Miss Thakur
Hi Everyone,
I've completed my MBA HR and Working in Recruitment in a Japanese Consultancy. I'm married about a year back. I'm planning for a baby. This will cause a career gap of around 6 months. I want of enhance my career. Also I want to earn good money for my family.
I've two options viz; To do Labour & Law Management Diploma (Part Time) or To learn Japanese Language & work as a Freelancer Japanese Interpreter & Translator. Japanese because, i'm working in a Japanese Company, so it will be beneficial.
Please Advice, what should do next? You can advice me any other Option also.

From India, Bangalore

In order to work as a Freelancer Japanese Interpreter & Translator you need to invest at least two-three years. Are you willing to put in that much time? You need to clear the N1 level. I hope you are aware of that!
Have you thought of taking 'work from home' in the field of recruitment? This way you can be near your child too.

From India, Delhi


Like Atul Sharma mentioned, you need to be ready to put-in the needed efforts & time to go in the direction you wish to.

However, you seem to be off-the-mark about your expectations & reality. You mention "......enhance my career. Also I want to earn good money for my family". Remember that you will be expected to take maternity rest--at least from the 8th month & further after delivery. Do you think you can spare time for any Diploma OR do any working from home to earn?

You are @ that point in life for any woman that's God-given. So pl focus on passing thru this phase without any other thoughts/responsibilities weighing your mind.

Your child needs your attention MORE THAN anything else NOW. And if you thought your attention to the child starts only AFTER delivery, pl google & you will know that it actually begins from the 5/6th month of pregnancy, if not earlier. Your mental frame of mind during this period is of utmost importance for the well-being of the child into his/her adult life.

Once you are past this phase, you can revisit/restart your career & take it from there. Many Companies are OK with taking a woman with a career gap for maternity reasons.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad

Miss Thakur

First of all, congratulations in advance for the new influence in your life...:-) . Atul and TS both have made some valid sensible points.

Enhancement of Career AND Earning good money for the family actually don't go too well with "Planning a Baby"... In realistic terms, planning a baby means not only a break in your career but also a break in your thought process as a career oriented person. Till the time you feel from the inside that now you and your baby can stay away from each other for long duration of time, till then you must not think too much about your career. This time is purely "Baby & Mom time".. so as TS said, enjoy the experience...

Incidentally, did you know that Mothers are Gods naturally created HR professionals... Think of any HR process or activity that you have learnt in your MBA and think of a similar incident in your home environment and you would have realized that your mom like a true HR person would have handled it exactly like what you learnt in your theory ( maybe on a smaller scale, but same things never the less...:-) ). So for a HR professional especially women, i think, being a mom is by default on the job training which can only help you later as you go back into the professional field.

Does that mean, you have to sit at home and do nothing... not really... you have lot of work from home options that you can utilize and get some finance into your family as you so desire... All in all, the bottom line is... you are about to take a Roller coaster ride... Enjoy the thrill and have lots of fun!!!

Cheers to your life!!!


From India, Delhi
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